Anelka: Pogba should quit Man Utd for PSG, not Juventus

Paul Pogba

Nicolas Anelka claims he has spoken to Paul Pogba and found him ‘in favour’ of a move to PSG, recommending that destination rather than Juventus or Real Madrid after Manchester United, where he is ‘unappreciated.’

The midfielder will be a free agent on July 1 when his contract with Manchester United has expired and does not seem to have any intention of renewing at Old Trafford.

There are few clubs who could afford his wage demands, among them Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid and a return to his old haunt Juventus.

“I spoke to Paul six months ago about the possibility of coming to PSG and he was in favour of it,” Anelka told RMC Sport.

“If he was to accept, he’d soon forget all the injuries he had and prove once and for all that he is a top player. I think PSG is the best option for Paul, as in my view his fitness problems are because he doesn’t feel appreciated at Manchester United, so this prevents him from playing relaxed and giving his best.”

Pogba enjoyed perhaps the best form of his career at Juventus under coach Max Allegri, who returned to Turin this summer.

The France international’s current salary is circa €15m per season net, so Juve would have to break the bank to cover it, but it could be done with the aid of sponsors.

Pogba has never made a secret of the fact he is still in contact with many of his former Bianconeri teammates and regularly visits Turin whenever he can.

5 Comments on “Anelka: Pogba should quit Man Utd for PSG, not Juventus”

  1. Perfect it it’s true.

    PSG and this clown are made for each other. Last thing Serie A needs is another epl has-been strolling around the pitch on huge wages, showing up when it suits him.

  2. Ferban and Juvenesia – you are both spot on – he is not required at Juve as there are other targets to focus on.

  3. Loved him when he was with us, but he chose to leave us as well. Best to leave the past behind and wish him luck wherever he ends up – just please not at Juventus.

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