Aurelio Andreazzoli believes there is no reason for Genoa to “set limits” after a promising start to the season.

Aurelio Andreazzoli believes there is no reason for Genoa to “set limits” after a promising start to the season.

Genoa have beaten Fiorentina 2-1 and come back from behind to draw 3-3 with Roma at the Olimpico, while they only lost to an injury-time goal against Atalanta last weekend.                                                                           

“It's a particularly complicated League and all the games, even if it seems like a trivial thing to say, should be played to the maximum, so that includes Cagliari,” Andreazzoli said at a Press conference for tomorrow’s Serie A match with Cagliari.

“No-one lets you have an off-day. It’s a risk that you’ll eventually pay for, but the pitfalls that Cagliari can pose us will be the same as those we can pose them.

"As soon as the Atalanta game ended, there was a bit of bitterness, which is normal, but if we analyse it objectively, for what I saw on the pitch, I can only be satisfied.

“We mustn’t set any limits, but rather we must try to beat any team we face, even if they’re stronger than us. That must be our spirit.”

The former Empoli Coach was then asked about several of his individuals, including Lasse Schone, Stefano Stuaro, Riccardo Saponara and Andrea Favilli.

“I believe Schone and Radovanovic complement each other well and that one benefits from the presence of the other.

“When we need to, we’ll be prepared to change formation and even switch to a back four.

“We’ll try out multiple systems in training because a team must be able to function in several ways.

“We have no new physical problems. It’s normal to make mistakes: that applies to the players, staff and even the Press.

“I don’t know when Sturaro will return, but his recovery is going well and smoothly. Saponara came across well when he first joined.

“He gave what we expected from him and I’m satisfied. He’s an extra weapon for us and I get good feelings from him.

“Favilli has the same chances as the others. He’s done his work and he’s an option available like he was before.

“We’ll make assessments, but he’s in a position to make a great contribution.”

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