Andreazzoli: ‘My grandson could see that penalty’

by | Oct 27, 2021 22:29

Empoli coach Aurelio Andreazzoli was furious that VAR did not intervene during the 2-0 defeat to Inter. ‘Even my four-year-old grandson could see that was a penalty.’

The incident occurred just moments before the Nerazzurri took the lead at the Stadio Castellani.

Serie A | Empoli 0-2 Inter: Castellani success

Danilo D’Ambrosio seemed to clip Nedim Bajrami’s heel in the penalty area, but the referee waved play on and VAR did not intervene, so Inter went on the counter and scored with D’Ambrosio’s header.

Samuele Ricci was then shown a straight red card for wiping out Nicolò Barella, 10-man Empoli conceding again from Federico Dimarco.

“I want to be very clear that I have never talked about referees, because I think they ought to be defended as a profession,” Andreazzoli told Sky Sport Italia.

“However, I want to know what exactly Paolo Valeri was doing this evening at the VAR desk. Either he was distracted or he popped to the bathroom or something, because how is it possible that VAR does not help the referee when it has to?

“Let’s leave aside the Inter performance, just like the red card for Ricci, which I’ll admit was basically an orange card and I accept that. I always accept decisions.

“However, if VAR see a clear and obvious error, I ask myself why do they not help the referee? That is what they are there for.

“Honestly, even my four-year-old grandson Tommaso could see that was a penalty. I saw it on a phone when I went back into the locker room at the final whistle and was shocked when I saw the replay.

“If we do not use these instruments and this technology, then we remove the objectivity of refereeing in games. The matches must be objective. The referee did a good job overall, but he didn’t see that incident, the VAR did, so help him make the right decisions.”


  1. Juve Fan

    VAR intervention is a problem if it is in favour of Juve or against Inter and Milan! Let’s not forget if it had intervened in the Sassuolo Inter match, Handanovic would have been sent off at the end of the first half when Inter was down 1-0.
    In the Juve Empoli game, it didn’t intervene when Dybala was fouled in the Empoli box.

  2. Joe sChmoe

    Just like in the Inter Sassuolo game, the theatrics was testament to how ridiculous these claims are. This is a contact sport and every nudge, shoulder to shoulder, even collision isn’t a foul let alone a penalty.

    If that play was considered a penalty then Sanchez before half time was an assault for the police to handle. This moron for Empoli doesn’t talk about it for the same reason it wasn’t brought up by F-I in their poorly written article. The narrative is that Inter don’t deserve what they earn. Everyone is thrilled to follow the Milan and Ruve catcalls.

    But sometimes, especially now with all the cameras You can’t just make up the past. You have to prove it with evidence.

  3. Yepe

    Last week match Juve Vs Inter, VAR was pushed to be used to justify the penalty gift for Juve to cancel out Inter win.

  4. Ahmed Hossam

    @juve fan

    Defrel dived even before he reached Handanovic, anyhow I don’t expect a juventino to be impartial about Inter. Focus on your overpriced team being in 7th place instead of pointing at refs, you just lost at home to Sassuolo lol

  5. Dybala

    First all this nonsense about jive were gifted a penalty …no they weren’t ….Dumfries fouled Alex Sandra blatantly. .he kicked him as was a synical foul …a foul the box …therefore a penalty ..end of discussion…the commentators are lost cases …they were like oh yeah there’s definite contact …it’s definitely a foul …but not a penalty …wtf it’s a foul in the box all the loser inter supporters shushhh


    @Dybala… it was NOT, almost all Italy experts were agree expect ignorant Juve fans. “blatantly”? I am hundred percent sure you even didn’t see the incident otherwise you wouldn’t make your self a joke here. By the way how is your day going so far?

  7. dzurjakcsopi

    let me sum up what you just wrote.
    bs…bs…c.rap…blahblah…blahbah…bs……..blahblah. Sorry if I did not use enough….

  8. Solointer

    What happened to “clear and obvious error”. If every contact is awarded a penalty then we would get that Cuadrado penalty against inter last season when he was the one who kicked Perisic. The thing about Juve fans is that they can’t argue with evidence. If the ref has a clear view and the ref makes a clear decision that’s not a penalty then how the claim of clear and obvious error be used to warranty a penalty check.

  9. Juve FAN

    Last season, almost same scene was called a penalty for Inter vs Juve (Martinez was far from the ball and De Ligt kicked his foot without knowing). It was ok and nobody talked about that, but the same scene and same call in Juve favor can’t be tolerated.

    Vs Sassuolo, Handa had a contact with Defrel and VAR even didn’t review it. It was a red card; if it had happened for Juve, everyone would have talked about that.


    @Yepe: you mean VAR did their Job right ? I mean if I was an inter fan and seeing what Inter has got away with this season you would think that they would get away with ALL the calls ! Thank you Jonathan, i mean Dumfries, sorry i shouldn’ offend Jonathan like that for your boot going one way while the ball was going the other way ! The video evidence was very clear – afterall, VAR is there to catch these errors IF they can force the referee to review it !


    @Ahmed Hossam: Inter should focus on Champions League where in the last decade inter has had more owners than round of 16 matches played! But that’s right Inter already have the record as the only Italian team to fail to pass the Champions League Group stage 3 years in a row….no italian team will ever touch that record so don’t try to extend it as the only Italian team to fail to pass the Champions League Group stage 4 years in a row !!


    @Solointer: who argues with evidence? i mean for example, take the Dumfries call vs Juve….the evidence is clear BUT who’s arguing with the evidence ?? INTERISTI ! well of course evidence means nothing to Inter – it gets overlooked anyways !! like D’Ambrosio vs Empoli or Handanovic vs Sassuolo !

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