Ancelotti: ‘Italian football isn’t attractive for several reasons’

by | May 20, 2022 11:58

Carlo Ancelotti touched on where Italian football needs to improve following the World Cup qualification failure and his thoughts on the introduction of actual playing time.

A large majority of the world of Italian football, from owners and pundits to fans and coaches, have highlighted the need for serious reforms to improve of the quality of football following the second successive World Cup qualification failure. A number of ideas are now being presented and it’s clear that sweeping changes will need to be introduced in order to improve the state of things.

Speaking at the ‘Il Calcio che l’Italia si merita’ event today, Ancelotti first discussed where Italian football needs to start the improvements.

“I believe that Italian football must seek an improvement in the spectacle it offers. It is not attractive for several reasons, there is the technical aspect, in the sense that there is a lack of reference figures in a generation of footballers that has had difficulty expressing great champions after the 2006 World Cup, where there were the various Totti, Del Piero, Pirlo, Gattuso.

“Italy has struggled to find a generation of new talent, then it is true that the unhoped-for success at the European Championships arrived, but the individual quality of Italian players right now is not what it was 15 years ago.”

He gave his thoughts on how this level of quality can be increased.

“In my opinion, right now young people are struggling to find space in Serie A. Especially with the new growth decree rule, which benefits foreign players and does not allow Italians the time they need.

“In 2019 there was a youth final between Italy and Portugal, the Portuguese players included Leao and more, they now play in the top Portuguese or English leagues. If you look at that squad, the Italian players are much less active.”

The Real Madrid coach did not like the idea of having VAR on every call.

“I don’t think it is positive. VAR is positive, it has to be improved. It was born as a tool for the referee to try to avoid obvious and gross mistakes. It cannot intervene on all contacts in the area, the decision is up to the referee.”

Finally, Ancelotti gave his opinion regarding the introduction of actual playing time, a rule change aimed at combatting time wasting as well as the low number of minutes a football match is actually being played in the 90.

“I agree, I think it should be the next rule. Today there are matches with ten minutes of added time…. It would remove a lot of unnecessary time wasting, a lot of simulations. It’s time to introduce it.”


  1. Gino

    Left his country like a traitor and now shames it stfu old man

  2. O’Gabbs

    Gino tomato paste, is that you?

  3. Gel

    Instead of talking about the state of Italian football, go back to Italy and do something about it.

  4. Brandon

    Shocking news — turns out if you don’t play you can’t improve.

    Cancel this so-called “growth decree”. It has destroyed a generation of Italian footballers.

  5. Bob

    He doesn’t actually offer any concrete solutions.. just observations… views that most of us are already know.

  6. Italianstallion

    As long as Serie A keep poaching foreign players over youth Italians this problem will always exist. The league at all times should be min 50-60% Italians

  7. Italian

    Everyone coach dances around the one issue italian players in italy. It’s like they r scared to directly point it out. Ban the growth decree and u will see Italians will rule soccer again simple as that.

  8. Tony

    So true. There no talented Italian soccer players. Not like the days in 70/89/90/s and early 2000.
    There not one young Italian player right now that you can say is going be super star.
    Sad but true

  9. Brandon


    If you can’t play, then you can’t develop.

  10. cheech

    Carlo may be one of greatest italian and world coaches of all time but totally bailed on the Italy job when it was presented to him and needed him the most…least Mancini had the pallini to step up in the country’s darkest hour.

  11. Sgotto

    Ancelotti is full of B.S. If he were coaching in Italy he would be doing the same as the other coaches- benching young Italian players and playing average foreign talent over Italian.

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