Ancelotti confirms Casemiro wants Man Utd move, makes Milan comparison

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti understands Casemiro’s desire to join Manchester United: ‘I experienced the same at Milan…’

The Brazil international is set to join the Red Devils on a permanent €70m deal, including add-ons.

The Italian tactician has spoken to the 30-year-old and understood that he wants a new challenge in his career.

“I didn’t try to persuade him [to stay],” Ancelotti said at a press conference today, as quoted by Marca.

“I’ve spoken a lot with him we are on good terms and he has helped us a lot. I’ve understood that he wants to move on. I don’t know what will happen in the next hours if he’ll stay or not. If he stays, I’ll be happy because he is doing very well.

“I spoke to him this morning he wants a new challenge,” Ancelotti continued.

“The club understands him for what he’s done for us and the person he is. Talks are ongoing, nothing is official, but his desire is clear.”

The Italian tactician continued explaining the midfielder’s decision and making a comparison with his personal experience at Milan.

Casemiro has understood what Madrid is. I experienced something similar when I was at Milan. I felt well, but you want to try something new at some point. I was feeling very well in a club that was like a family, it’s something personal and I understand it perfectly.”

Ancelotti spent eight years in charge of Milan before signing with Chelsea in his first stint abroad. He has then worked for PSG, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Napoli and Everton, becoming the first coach to win the domestic title in the top five European leagues.

Ancelotti has two years left in his contract with the Merengues and confirmed last week that he would retire after his spell at the club.

6 Comments on “Ancelotti confirms Casemiro wants Man Utd move, makes Milan comparison”

  1. For Man Utd, this is Pogba all over again.

    Overly inflated price tag that the selling club won’t turn down – it will mean that their fans will think he can win games on his own

    Outrageous salary – the player only making the move for money whilst taking a catastrophic step down – he will sooner rather than later realise he has settled for mediocrity and begin to stagnate

    And then when the results and individual performances don’t align, they’ll say ‘he can’t hack it in the premier league’.

  2. Rosario, who are you ?? No one cares about your individual opinion. Casemiro is quality and will fit in and make us better. So go in your box and watch

  3. @Peterpan.

    The comment section is there for people to express their opinions. Whether you agree, disagree, care or don’t care, I couldn’t give a flying f. Fitting that you mention a box. Spent plenty of time in one to be so touchy.

  4. A manager who plays a pressing game and they’ve signed another player who can’t press? Utds transfer activity is strange to say the least..

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