Ambrosini tells Kessie: ‘Tottenham and Man Utd not superior to Milan’

by | Dec 28, 2021 15:33

Massimo Ambrosini warns Franck Kessie he ought to reconsider leaving Milan as a free agent for Tottenham or Manchester United, because ‘these clubs aren’t of a higher level’ than the Rossoneri.

The Ivory Coast international will be a free agent in June 2022 and seems ready to walk away as a free agent.

His agent has so far failed to work out a deal for an extension, rejecting the €6m per season salary on offer and demanding at least €8m instead.

Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United seem to be the favourites for Kessie, so former Milan star and current Sky Sport Italia pundit Massimo Ambrosini had his say in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I have every respect for the professional decisions of fellow players. All I can say is that these clubs who can offer a higher salary aren’t of a higher level than Milan,” said Ambrosini.

“The chance to bring home €8m rather than €6m should not be the priority if you are happy otherwise where you already are.

“He shouldn’t think of Milan as a club of a secondary level.”

Milan are currently second in Serie A, which is also where they finished last season, and made their return to the Champions League this term for the first time in seven years.

Tottenham are now fifth in the Premier League, albeit with games in hand under new coach Antonio Conte, with Manchester United all the way down in seventh place.

Kessie is a 25-year-old who came up through the Atalanta youth academy and so far this season has scored five goals with one assist in 21 appearances between Serie A and the Champions League.

Franck Kessie


  1. Ro

    superior or not, money talks.

  2. IntMil

    Utd are a superclub, the others are not altho i think he should stay in Milan

  3. No more BORING, boring inter

    The money is; and clearly the only factor on Kesssie’s mind. Sad but true.

  4. Ro

    @IntMil. Superclub?? What on earth is a ‘superclub’?? When was the last time Man Utd won a league title? When did they last win the champions league?

  5. Vittorio

    Man U is a superclub? When did Man U become a superclub?

    This must be a new discovery as most fans who intelligently follow this sport would not have noticed that Man U has become a superclub.

  6. IntMil

    Maybe you need to watch the game from outside the Serie A bubble then ‘RO/VITTORIO’. Madrid/Utd/Bayern/Barca are the real superclubs regardless of what you or i think. All you need to do is ask people from all over the world

    Barca are in Europa, does that change their status? Milan have been pants, does that change their status? Wake up

  7. Vittorio


    1. Just for the record, I do watch Seria A and other leagues.

    2. Which is why I, like many others can state factually that Man U is NoT a superclub.

    3. Obviously Barca are a European based club. I’m sure you know that Barcelona is a Catalan city in Spain. Therefore, Barca must play in the Spanish La Liga.

    3. Would you also like to discuss the historical geopolitical tension between the Catalan regional government toward the Spanish government.

    4. Real Madrid and Bayern were NoT the clubs to which the Ambrosini made a superclu comparison. Stay on topic.

  8. Vero Rossonero

    If Man Utd is a “superclub”, then Milan is a “superclub”, therefore why move. Q.E.D.

  9. Ricardo

    I can perfectly understand why he might want to move to the premiership tbh – he’d get more exposure and higher wages, and both of these teams offer the chance to work with equally great players and coaches. No reason he has to spend his entire career in Serie A.

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