Massimiliano Allegri looked irritable during his post-match press conference and repeatedly said that Juventus‘ season has not been disastrous: ‘That’s intellectual dishonesty.’

The Bianconeri suffered a 3-0 loss against Villarreal in Turin in the second leg of the Champions League Round of 16. The Serie A giants have been eliminated in the last 16 of the competition for the third successive season.

During his post-match interview with Amazon Prime Video, Allegri said that he’d not change the team’s approach in the game. Juventus did have a few good opportunities in the first half, but collapsed in the second, conceding three goals in the last 12 minutes. The Tuscan tactician looked very upset during his post-match meetings with the media, including his press conference at the end of the match, attended by Football Italia.

When asked how to save Juventus season and whether their season must be considered disastrous, he replied: “If you have intellectual dishonesty, you read it in a way, but the reality is different. Do you understand?

“I knew that people would talk about a failure in case of elimination, but that’s intellectual dishonesty. I know the value of team. We’ve been using the same players for two months, we are in the race for the top four and the Coppa Italia. I have nothing to reproach the guys. They are doing extraordinary things.

“The season is ongoing, we have targets to reach. We are disappointed and we’ll make our assessments to improve the team. We do that every year. We also need to be realists. There are ten teams in Europe superior to Juventus. It’s no shame, it’s a fact.

“I agree that we had to qualify today, but it was not easy. It’s useless to talk now, we must remain quiet, focus on the league and the Coppa Italia to see if we can take a trophy at home.”

26 thought on “Allegri’s rage at comments about Juventus’ disastrous season”
  1. It was a humiliating defeat, to be honest probably for the best we went out now as we would have been completely demolished if we went up against Bayern or Liverpool, sad but the truth

  2. Didn’t watch the match, but seeing the comments I dont understand why allegri played in slow pace against Villareal at home? They should have thrashed Villareal from the first minute. Its 6th or 7th team from Spain ffs

  3. Allegri was pwned by Emery

    Inter played better in 10 men away at Liverpool LOL

    Old Lady yet again shame of Italy, cannot beat mid-table Spanish club.

  4. Juventus the last 4 seasons in Champions League

    2018-19: Knocked out by Ajax
    2019-20: Knocked out by Lyon
    2020-21 Knocked out by Porto
    2021-22 Knocked out by Villarreal

    Ajax, Lyon, Porto and Villareal are second rated European clubs and they all put a beating on Juventus

    Yet, their fans kept walking around parading the participation trophy like they are Italy saving grace in Europe.

  5. Ajax have won more CL’s then this minnow club. Lions in Italy and kittens on the continent. Pub team plain and simple playing some type of ancient football from the 19th Century.

  6. Juventus have lost 7 CL finals ad have won 2. Worst finals record in the world. Last time they won anything in Europe, including Europa League, was in 1996. 26 years ago.

    Antonio Conte started in central midfield back then.

    Good news is Juve lost to a bigger club.

    European titles won the last 25 years: Juve 0, Villarreal 1.

  7. 80% of the comments in this section is written by what looks like a breed between trolls and retards.
    If you actually saw the match you would know that Juve dominated for 70 minutes but then had a melt down at the end with 3 avoidable goals.
    We should have won but luck wasn’t on our side. Exactly what Albiol and Emery from Villarreal said afterwards….

  8. Allergi and this joke of a team got their a_s_ses handed to them at their own game

    The reason why Jube dominated because Villarreal let them to. Villarreal pulled a Juve better than Juve itself. They sat deep, defended tightly but every time they countered, their forward tore through Juve’s defense like a hot knife through butter

    But whatever can help you sleep at night, wise guy 🤡👆🏼

  9. Need to put bullet in his ugly head and bury with rabiot and sczeczny with 25milliin euros salary in coffin

  10. everything is wrong about this team from the management to the players, you don’t smell juve DNA anymore. their is a lot of things to be done.
    1: you have to change the management
    2: fire the coach
    3: get rid of the useless players like: Daniele Rugani, Alex Sandro, Mattia De Sciglio, Adrien Rabiot, Arthur,Federico Bernardeschi, Moise Kean
    4: start to build good project depending on young players not old one, I cant imagine that juve defeated Liverpool in the youth sector in champions league and their isn’t any good player with you can take him to the first team at least they will be better than the other clowns

  11. I can see that the injury list is insane, and that would hurt ANY team and any coach. But all season it has been so dull and boring. and max is paid 9 MILLION (a huge salary) because he can supposedly do better in Europe. But now it seems he cant.

    So if the team is not a team that gets results, then we might as well change coach and get a more attacking style of play. Gasperini, Zidane, anyone! Get rid of Rabiot, Arthur, De Sciglio first, I also think Morata, Dybala and the 2 legendary centre backs are too old and injury prone now. Need to look to the future

  12. @ Many wise guys I totally agree with you. I’m surprised people are mad at them getting humiliated and say that they should be demolishing Villareal. Yet people fail to realise for that to happen they must be demolishing lower sides in the league but what Juve been depending upon luck to get crucial points in those matches. Then in a match that they don’t have that luck and try to attack they end up losing 3-0 in a crucial match. This result just confirm to Allegri that he needs to play defensively to have any chance of finishing in the top 4 and luck must be on his side because any silly goal conceded would be a disaster.

  13. No one cares about serie A unless its Juventus talk. The rest of the world dont care or know about Inter or Ac Milan says:

    Juventus played terrible. But honesty if it wasn’t for Juventus the last10 years Italian football would be forgotten as Inter & Ac Milan are 2 dead clubs with rubbish squads and the rest of the world only care about Juventus. Milan haven’t even won a Serie A in a decade & Inter win a couple Serie A’s every decade two and are clearly a load of dogs crap as clubs

  14. What a stupid comment obviosly know nothing about football the reason for Juventus dominance in the last 10 years is because for one they have their own stadium, 2nd qualification for CL, and all the prize money they made from winning Serie A.

    Juve are in the same boat Milan were in 10 yeras ago where they sold all the players and didnt replace them, Juves squad is shocking all old and average players, the 2 milan clubs have rebuilt and funny how the last 2 seasons they have finished 1st and 2nd and they are 1st and 2nd this year too.

    Look at Milan in the 90s and even 2000.

    All the teams have caught Juve, Serie A will be back to its bets in the next 1-2 seasons.

  15. Typical. Juve play anonymous but somehow beat Samp 3-1. They do the same in Europe + they duly get stuffed.
    It happen’s so often that it make’s one wonder if it is all fixed?
    Villareal did beat Juve at Juve’s own game. Because Juve scored early in Spain + had no choice but to hold on.
    It’s inevitable that without Bon + Chiello that defence would crumble sooner or later. Italy used to dominate Spain + Spanish sides but they’ve made up for it last 20 years. They don’t just beat Italian teams now. They wipe the floor with ’em. I feel humiliated for Italy + I’m not even Italian. If Juve can’t compete with their own stadium, then barring Atalanta, what hope have the other clubs got?

  16. the problem is because the management never actually bought valuable players that are worthy for juventus it is really shamefull to say that a 30+ years old player like quadrado plays better than any other player at juventus. The team lost its spirit they are not playing as good as they need now they are just a group of average players that are overpayed and injured every time. As great as Bonuchi and Chieligni are they are old we need new great players not like the ones that we have. We gave away demiral and kept rugani who plays terribly, we gave away dragushin. We are sending everything that is worth away from the team and keeping the ones that are sub standard for any top 20 team. It is a shame from where we began and where we ended up.

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