Allegri’s Juventus future not tied to Coppa Italia final

Despite fans calling for his departure, Juventus have no plans to replace Massimiliano Allegri, regardless of how the Coppa Italia final goes.

It’s not been an easy season in Turin for the Italian coach, who returned last summer following Andrea Pirlo’s dismissal. He was forced to do without Cristiano Ronaldo once the season had started and star winger Federico Chiesa’s season was ended in January through injury, leaving him without top attacking threats for large parts of the campaign.

As detailed by, Juventus’ minimum goal for this season was Champions League qualification, something already achieved by Allegri’s side. The Coppa Italia is a nice bonus, but the club are planning to move ahead with the Italian coach regardless of the result.

The Bianconeri trust in Allegri’s ability to lead the team through transition and that’s why he’s contracted to the club for the next three years, giving him time to build a new project in Turin.

13 Comments on “Allegri’s Juventus future not tied to Coppa Italia final”

  1. The Mickey mouse cup is hardly relevant to either team.

    Inzaghi should be sacked regardless of the coppa result for throwing away the scudetto.

  2. you should be sacked..
    with maybe no other title on both sides the coppa final gets decisive for both of them as juve recognize their season a huge failure if they loose on wednesday.
    same counts for simone who has by the way a better pointscore than Andonio in his first season, reaching the KO-stages in UCL, reaching the coppa final and resting in the title curse until the very end despite facing a irreversible loss of substance without even complaining compared to last season.

  3. None of them will be sacked, regardless of the result.

    This is partly because directors have their fault and responsabilities as well, in building the squad and offering depth on the same level.

  4. Allegri hasn’t got the ability to build a lego block let alone build a football squad,
    The directors can’t have Juve best interest at heart if they keeping his antiquated style of play which they all know about by his bygone era.

  5. I support Allegri and anyone says other don’t know anything about football. Also why would non Juve supporters come here to comment. That’s sad!

  6. Allegri did worst than Pirlo and Sarri, so why Juventus shoukd stay with him if his statistics are worst?

    Also, Nedved should resign aswell and everyone who is behind the contruction of the team.

  7. Juve squad for another 3 years with Allegri’s philosophy, team ruin and spoiled , no project no targets except champion’s league qualification . That’s not our juve , for sorrow and regret our juve is lost between 2 big idiots Agnelli and Allegri

  8. Like ilyas says, why are you here just to troll?
    Juve started a project with Allegri which goes beyond stats in one season. So this article is just stating the absolute obvious as discussed by Agnelli before the start of this season.

  9. I agree with you about the construction of the squad. At least Marotta only forgot to check the players personality. Nedved and Co seem to forget what technical qualities a squad needs.

    Though I am not sure Nedved is the man to criticise. He seems to have a narrow focus. But don’t think he is the executive authority in the management hierarchy.

    But I do disagree with Allegri doing worse than Sarri and Pirlo. Sarri sped up the problems of having less cash post-CR by marginalising talented members of the squad. And even Allegri has been better at playing Pirlo’s style than Pirlo was.

  10. I support most things italian but in Allegri i find it very difficult to back him,
    He shouldn’t have returned to Juve it would have been better for him to advanced his career and gain more respect if he’d gone and been successful abroad,
    Not sure what juve where thinking of rehiring him
    Allegri had around 6yrs coaching juve when they had a great squad
    at its peak, he doesn’t have the experience in building one,
    I’ve a feeling that Juve will stagnate with him, the young top players dont want to play the slow defensive game anymore,

  11. Fiat alla Fino another PhD Pantyhose fan girl cheerleader and ardent defender of the back, back, down, down 0-60 mph in 60 minutes.

  12. I watched Juve from 98 – every season except when they in Serie B, since there’s no TV broadcasted the competition in my country. And this season, I watched like 4 games before dropped them for good. I knew that the season gonna be disaster right from beginning. His idea of football is just slow, uninspiring, and lack of imagination – it will not bring Juve anywhere far from mediocrity. If Juve need more cash to spend on the market – they should aim higher, both domestically & on Europe. My prediction is Juve will compete for 4th place again next season – and they will do even worse statistically.

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