Allegri’s ex-partner ‘went to therapy’ due to Juventus coach


Italian actress Ambra Angiolini admits she ‘saw a therapist’ for a year because of her ex-partner who happens to be Juventus boss Max Allegri.

The Italian tactician and Ambra (that’s how she’s commonly known in Italy) spent four years together before splitting in 2021.

Ambra is one of the X Factor judges in Italy and was quite impressed by the performance of a contestant last night. However, his words of praise hid a message to his ex-partner Allegri.

“Hadn’t I seen a therapist for 12 months due to my last ex-partner, you’d be the next surely. But today, thanks to you, I want to tell my therapist that I have recovered.”

This is not exactly a good moment for the Bianconeri tactician, both on and off the pitch.

His Juventus side is struggling, having secured just two wins in nine games across all competitions and pressure is mounting on the 55-year-old to turn things around before the World Cup break.

Likewise, Allegri is also dealing with his ex-wife Claudia Ughi, whom he has taken to court for embezzlement and violating family obligations.

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  1. Yeah meanwhile the rest of us are needing therapy for the eye sore we are witnessing each game

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