Juventus coach Max Allegri has made it to the Italian dictionary with his phrase ‘corto muso’ used to describe winning ‘by a nose.’

The tactician returned to Turin and Serie A after a two-year Sabbatical and immediately went back to a phrase he had already used in 2019 after a defeat to SPAL.

Allegri is a man of football, but also passionate about horses and for a while owned a racehorse.

So when he had to explain Juve’s approach to games, he cast aside the calls for beautiful football and plenty of goals, focusing on the ‘corto muso’ idea of winning by a nose.

It was the same one he used in 2019 to note Juventus would still win the Scudetto, even if just by one point.

Now Allegri’s phrase has made it into the Treccani, the Italian version of the Oxford English Dictionary.

It is credited to Allegri and defined as the technical term for why ‘a large advantage is irrelevant, because it takes only a slender one to win.’

4 thought on “Allegri’s ‘corto muso’ makes it into the dictionary”
  1. “Allegri is a man of football, but also passionate about horses and for a while owned a racehorse.”

    If he would love horses, he wouldn’t race one,ever! Horse racing should be illegal! Look up the injuries they face and the treatment of them is on way too many ocasions realy bad.

  2. The great revolutionary of catenaccio 2.0 with the added back pass for the element of no surprise.

  3. Looks like Mancini’s Italy are also trying to perfect Corto Muso, hopefully they will manage tomorrow and not fail!!!

  4. Ah, celebrating mediocrity by giving it more popularity and attention.

    What is wrong with Italy these days…

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