Allegri under pressure after Juventus defeat

Max Allegri

Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri was criticised by Italian sports papers after the Old Lady’s defeat against Sassuolo: ‘He hasn’t noticed football has changed.’

Juventus have already lost three games this season, two of them at home. One against Empoli and one against Sassuolo.

The Bianconeri sit 13 points behind leaders Milan, but Napoli could catch the Rossoneri on top of the table if they beat Bologna at home tonight.

Juventus once again capitulated at home yesterday and Massimiliano Allegri is seen as the major responsible for the Bianconeri’s loss against Sassuolo.

He was rated 5 by La Gazzetta dello Sport, Tuttosport and Il Corriere dello Sport, but the judgements over his work are much harsher than the rating itself.

Juventus’ collapse ends Allegri’s title hopes?

La Gazzetta dello Sport wrote that Allegri ‘didn’t notice that football has changed.’

‘What had been working well in his previous five-year spell, now it’s not good anymore. Juventus didn’t deserve to lose against Sassuolo, but they don’t know how to win.’

Allegri said after the game that Juventus had been too frantic trying to score the winner in the final minutes of the game, and La Gazzetta dello Sport agreed with his analysis. However, most of Allegri’s tactical choices were questioned by the pink paper.

Allegri explains Juventus defeat: ‘Never again’

‘What’s the point of his weird 4-4-2 with Rabiot playing as a winger, Chiesa almost in centre midfield and Locatelli alone in front of defence? Did he want to defend against Sassuolo?

‘Juventus play casual football, they are confused and without a striker, given what Morata doesn’t do. There isn’t a clear project, but only the commitment by single players.’

Juventus’ worst three players against Sassuolo

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  1. Is it only me or everyone think this Allegeri’s picture remind you of the old guy from the Simpson, the one with long nose?

  2. I dont think he should be under pressure! The squad isn’t good enough. He asked for Pjanic and they couldn’t even do that!
    A team that finished 4th last year and sold Ronaldo- what did they expect?!
    Locatelli, he is a young prospect not a guaranteed world class player.
    The team really needs signings in January.
    Not the fault of the coach at all.
    3 wins in the CL, good work

  3. Totally agree
    Why play Rabiot, McKenna, loca
    All holding mids and can not put attack in
    Moratta seriously stricker ??
    He won’t score more than 8 goals entire season

    Bentencaur, Ramsey and omg Sandro can not run or get past a player
    Danilo shocking

    They reply on de cilo now who been given out every year

    Juve have really checked mate them selfs heavy salaries and contracts

    Please someone explain why other clubs let most of these so called world class players leave for free
    Juve is dumping ground for clubs get rid or free players as juve look and take them on

    What a shame on the board !!!

  4. Are Juve going to go the way of Milan, constantly changing managers and getting the same results? Allegri is good, even if the results so far aren’t. If they’ve got a good manager, they should commit to him, and give him time to build the team in his image. If they don’t trust Allegri or don’t like the way he plays, why hire him in the first place!

  5. Allegri is to blame to a certain extent. He admitted that this was not the project he was promised and before he was fired a few years back he knew and wanted a revolution. Until the club can get its finances in order and get directors like Tare who can spot real talent, then I cannot see improvements. I will only judge Allegri if he had a squad like Man City. Are you telling me another coach could work magic with this squad. Maybe they could get a reaction from the players but its like asking a hatchback to constantly out speed a Ferrari.

  6. @Michael He certainly has the confidence of the board, since they have given him a 4 year contract. They can’t afford to sack him.

  7. They split with this man to move in a different direction then after a few knee jerk reactions went back to him. No continuity for Sarri or Pirlo. Hardly can blame Allegri wholly when I order a veggie burger I know what it is, I cant gripe later it doesnt taste like a steak!

  8. When you always think that 1-0 is the only way to win you matches then you stand a chance to fail….. Allegri is a good coach but he needs to change his mentality

  9. Allegri has Arthur back – Play a 4-3-2-1 Loca-Arthur-mcKennie in the mid and play that quick passing soccer that you know how to each them to play !

  10. It didn’t work, with Ronaldo in terms of winning the Champions League or winning a 10th Scudetto after 3 years until this year, and it didn’t work with Sarri when he inherited an 9 time Scudetto winning team to manage and win the Champions League, and we all know what happened with Pirlo..

    Therefore I think those that talk so badly about Allegri should educate themselves with the facts and look a bit deeper into the ownership of this club, which has made some horrendous errors of judgement in signing Ronaldo and De Ligt in 2018, and then dispensing with a 7 time scudetto winning coach in 2019 in Allegri, and then employing Sarri to not achieve what he should have achieved on autopilot by 2020, with arguably the best player in the world in Ronaldo in his team.
    Ronaldo back Sarri all the way in 2019 and it failed by 2020, in comes Pirlo, and it failed even more 6 months ago, and Ronaldo leaves the club after just 1 game of this new season 2 months ago.
    Whoever decided to purchase Ronaldo made the biggest mistake of their lives. It is either Nedved, Paratici or Agnelli. I suspect its the man who tried to bring the European football into disrepute 15 months ago, or to put it bluntly, the man who fell out with the architect of his success in 2014. No prizes for guessing who that it is..

  11. After winning vs Chelsea and Roma he was an excellent coach and now he hasn’t noticed football has changed.

    You write only based on the final result regardless of the game course; both should be considered, but footballitalia isn’t as good as before.

  12. The people that defend Allegri to death need a wake up call. Please stop using the word transition to cover up the mess. The bigger issue is the mentality and lack of urgency to start, finish and try to be on the front foot. Every time I watch this team they never get an early goal or try. I only see flashes when they panic and try at the 85th minute. This panic led to the defeat in the last minute of stoppage time. A limited squad is one thing, but the coach if really good knows how to fire up the team. The better team does not always win. Chelsea were not better then Man City last year but they won the final as Tuchel knew how to get the best out of his men who are high calibre but against a more talented side.

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