‘Allegri treated differently from Conte and Guardiola, Juve need a miracle’

Max Allegri’s mentor Giovanni Galeone says Juventus will ‘need a miracle’ to win the title without four new signings and complains that the Old Lady’s boss is treated differently from Antonio Conte or Pep Guardiola.

The Bianconeri are on the verge of signing Filip Kostic from Eintracht Frankfurt, but Galeone believes they will need more to be credible title contenders in 2022-23.

The interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper was published this morning before Juventus reached an agreement to sign Kostic.

“This Juventus side need at least for new signings, if not, they’d need a miracle to be competitive at a high level, especially after Pogba’s injury,” Galeone, a former coach and close friend of Allegri, told the pink paper.

“Have you seen Juventus’ midfield against Koke, Saul and the others?”

The Serie A giants have sold Matthijs de Ligt to Bayern Munich, signing Gleison Bremer to replace him.

However, Galeone isn’t convinced about the Brazilian centre-back and believes the Bianconeri should have signed Kalidou Koulibaly instead.

“De Ligt was exceptional on the right but suffered a little on the left. They signed Bremer, who has never played as a left centre-back. Did you watch the game against Atletico? Morata joked with him. He had never made such a bad impression at Torino.

“The dream defence would have been Koulibaly-De Light because Bonucci is getting older and has never been at the level of the past playing without Giorgio Chiellini and Andrea Barzagli,” the former coach continued.

“It wasn’t possible [to sign Koulibaly and keep De Ligt] and I understand that, but the first Juventus of Allegri had an iron defence which is no longer there. Perhaps, Max is considering switching to a three-man defence.”

So, what do Juventus need to improve their squad?

“Surely a quality midfielder who can give order in the middle of the park. Leandro Paredes would be good because Locatelli is not a Regista. They also need a striker.

“Morata is tactically reliable, he can play as a centre forward, support striker or winger. With one signing, they’d solve three problems.

Memphis Depay and Luis Muriel are different from Morata. Alvaro helped the team, sometimes even too much. Do you see Muriel tracking back to defend? I don’t.”

Morata scored a hat-trick against his former club on Sunday and it’s unlikely to see him return to Turin.

Juventus didn’t activate their €35m option to buy in June and didn’t manage to strike a deal with Atletico for a lower fee. The Spaniard had spent two seasons on loan at the Allianz Stadium.

Galeone believes Allegri should be more demanding with club directors and insist on getting the players he needs to build a competitive team.

“Are we talking about the Juventus that wants to win the title? Because a team that wants to win and be competitive in Europe should not have problems in meeting the coach’s desires,” he said.

“I argued with Max, I told him that big coaches must pretend to get the players they need. Why do Pep Guardiola and Antonio Conte get what they want and not Allegri?”

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  1. CALMAAA!!!

    PhD Max is a 2 time CL winner of runners up positions. He will lead the mighty Bianconeri to another CL round of 16 dignified exit and secure the 4th spot tripleta.

  2. One of the most successful coaches in Italy, ever. Record breaking back to back doubles, something no-one else has done. He also won the league with Milan. But hey, Simple Jack says he sucks so must be true. Mangiate limoni, mangiate.

  3. @Lord WTF – Allegri took over practically the same team that Conte kept moaning about, and took them to 2 finals in 3 years. So keep spewing the trash that you do here. You obviously haven’t ever put on cleats on a pitch. While it’s true that Marota was great at identifying shortcomings (and filling resources to address those), you show your naivety bu talking trash about Allegri. To be clear, I don’t love Allegri, but thankfully I am not blinded by kiddish biases.

  4. Well if Allegri don’t like it tell him do us fans a favor and quit. I’m happy he can see Bonucci is a complete joke without Cheillini and Juve will concede 35-40 goals if he’s the first choice CB. Bonucci is the biggest reason our clown coach want the whole team to play infront of the goal because Bonucci is too slow and unreliable to play any kind of attacking football. Bremer will have to put in a Herculean effort this season to cover Bonucci errors. Hopefully Gatti takes his spot.

  5. I think Allegri was really effective at one point, no one denies that. I tend to think his style of football is a bit outdated though. Allegri can prove us all wrong this coming season but he seems a relic now, a nod to the past times. Even Conte has adapted from his time in the PL and Guardiola has moved on from the old tiki taka ways of Spain. In addition they sought other challenges and experience and certainly learned – something Allegri was reluctant to do.

  6. De Ligt is overrated.

    Koulibaly would have never joined Juve, so talking about that is a waste of time.

    Getting Bremer was the best thing that Juve could do. One tough match and we have negative opinions already.

  7. The main culprit of all these events is Agnelli, who is destroying the team with the help of the ignorant Allegri, who is very timid and has no knowledge of the world’s football. It is enough to highlight the match between Juventus and Real Madrid. And look at Juventus and Atlético, Juve didn’t attack even once in both games, they didn’t even have a simple ball transfer. Instead, the rival teams did whatever they wanted and with Juve, I don’t even remember a scene in the whole two games when Juve attacked once. The shot or the opponent’s penalty has reached the opponent’s back. My God, the problem of the team was Delichte, Dybala, Bernardeschi, Kulusevski, and Morata. He is a player that every team wishes to have. Dybala will prove what I said. Allegri must go, Conte must come, and Agnelli. It should go and not run, that’s it, so that we can become the old Yuntos again
    Don Damon
    from Iran

  8. @White Rabbit please spare us the essay and the usual Allegri took us to 2 CL finals. All in the past and no point looking back. Honestly as a Juve fan we all support the team no matter what but Allegri is even scared of smaller teams. I never thought I would see the day when opponents come to the Allianz and have no fear. As you like looking at the past please explain why Borussia Dortmund defeated a stronger Juve side in 1997 and a weaker Real Madrid in 1998? Allegri never takes risks and Juve are too cautious in clutch moments.

  9. @Steve I happened to watch the game In Munich in 1997 it was the only final I have ever seen. It was very heartbreaking. I remember though that Leading up to the game Lippi had the lads relaxed and he did not anticipate Dortmund’s strength. The Madrid fact. I do not understand what you trying to say. First of all we were again superior against Madrid and were very unlucky to lose the game again. Lippi lost 3 finals and won 1. Allegri lost 2 to superior teams who happen to have the worlds best players in them. I am not trying to make excuses, but why isn’t anyone criticizing Pep for his failures to bring the CL to Bayern and Man City even with an unlimited bank account?? Look at our line up against Madrid and Barcelona and Compare the attackers. And you have not mentioned Conte’s CL success with Juve, Chelsea and Inter ?? How did Madrid beat Liverpool in the final is it because they were cautious or attacking?? They were playing an Allegri style game and brought back the trophy and that’s all we will remember.

  10. Juventus make a big mistake to re-appoint Allegri as a coach. Allegri actually not a good coach. He don’t have a creative idea how to manage a team.

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