Max Allegri believes Fiorentina are the main challengers to Juventus for fourth place and wants revenge on Inter in the Coppa Italia Final, assuring he will remain ‘for the next three years.’



The Bianconeri already won the first leg 1-0 with a Lorenzo Venuti own goal and finished the job in Turin thanks to Federico Bernardeschi making the most of a Bartlomiej Dragowski howler and the last-gasp Danilo strike on Juan Cuadrado’s assist.

Juventus, who won the Coppa Italia last season, will defend their trophy against Inter at the Stadio Olimpico on May 11.

This is Juve’s 21st Coppa Italia Final, their seventh in the last eight seasons, but Mattia De Sciglio will be suspended for that match.

Coppa Italia Semi-Final | Juventus 2-0 Fiorentina (3-0 agg): Bernardeschi books Final

“The midfielders did an excellent job, Adrien Rabiot is definitely doing better at finding forward runs and had a great chance with the disallowed goal,” Allegri told Mediaset.

“We should congratulate the lads, as reaching the Final against Inter was an objective for the season. It had been a tough few days after the draw with Bologna, when we failed to make the most of many chances.

“Fiorentina are dangerous with their passing and pace if you give them a chance to run at you, but we did well to create those spaces in attack and defend well.

“We should’ve scored a second goal earlier, as we misplaced the passes on the counter-attack.”

It was a return to form for Juventus, having been held to a 1-1 draw by Bologna and slipped down the Serie A standings.

“This is football, we suffered and won. Those who came off the bench all did really well, we had a team spirit to reach this Final.

“Now we must prepare for the next game in Serie A and try to recover some players. At one stage, I turned and asked someone to get warmed up, I’d forgotten he was injured and only realised when I saw he was dressed in normal clothes.

“I could not ask for more from these lads, as for the last four months it’s been practically the same players all the time, they’re throwing their hearts out there. We did well defensively this evening, which had gone awry lately.”

Juventus are also looking over their shoulder to defend fourth place and it’s not just from Jose Mourinho’s Roma.

“Looking at the fixture list, I’d say Fiorentina are the main challengers for fourth place,” insisted Allegri.

It has been said many times this is a transitional season for Juventus, but still people are calling for his dismissal. The coach was asked if we will see him on this bench next year?

“For the next three! Having said that, Juventus must always challenge to win. The thing that most disappoints me is losing the head-to-head with Inter, because that is the result that decided the league.

“It’s amusing anyway. Lapo is one of the top Juventus fans, it’s only natural that when we don’t win, we are disappointed. Being five games from the end and not being in the Scudetto race does annoy me. It can be motivation for next season, we can learn from that experience and also realise that in football and life you can’t always win.”

Allegri was questioned on the performance of Dusan Vlahovic, who again failed to make his mark against his old club.

“It’s only natural his fitness levels are dipping now, as he was not accustomed to playing every three days and threw himself into it. I keep saying, this lad is 22 years old, he lacks experience and needs that mental balance to deal with setbacks and not get upset with himself when things go wrong.

“It makes me laugh, as I’d like to get everything you say, because from one day to the next it all changes.”

17 thought on “Allegri: ‘Staying at Juventus for another three years, bring on Inter’”
  1. Great news all bow down to PhD Max, Architect of Ancient Ball, where the round object moves slower then Earth’s orbit. Only back, back, down, down Sideways Sandro gets it and should be groomed to take over in 3 years. Good news and my name can continue for the next 3 years with tranquility. Now watch the flip floppers hail him just because Cafu scored to make it 2-0. When they toil away in Emilia-Romagna this Monday the same flip floppers will go into reverse mode.

  2. If this win becomes the reason Allegri would stay for another 3 years, then I would have preferred they lost 9-0.

  3. Juve outplayed inter in the last game. They just didn’t take their chances. I think the coppa is a great chance for revenge. Time for Dybala to leave on a high

  4. Andy- Juventus are 10th when it comes to penalties awarded, in fact I challenge you to find a season where Juventus have been awarded the most penalties, Since the 2005 scandal Juventus have been getting raped by the officials and I think if you look into it that VAR has probably given us more bad calls that correct ones.

  5. Good. Juve need continuity which they’ve lacked by the turnover of managers. Everyone in the club needs to shoulder responsibility. It was never Juve’s style to sack managers even when we didn’t like them… They’d leave when contracts ended. That stopped with Ranieri.

    In a final anything can happen so may the best team (Inter or Juve and not the refeering team) win.

  6. If he’s there for another 3 years, he’ll have to be far more adventurous than he is.

    If he keeps them playing like he has this season, he’ll be sacked long before 3 years are up.

  7. Nothing frightens an interista more than Juve. They just cannot keep talking about them because they’re afraid. If they beat Juve, they’ll talk about it forever because it’s a peak of their success. For Juve, beating an inter team shouldn’t be a big deal in the scheme of things…just another win. That’s how it used to be and that’s how it should remain.

  8. Oh Yes! 3 more years of Allegri´s boring slow outdated ancient style of football, the queue for tv rights outside Italy really didn´t grow with this news! But maybe if there is an option to fast forward the game every time a juve player touch the ball for the broadcasters to attract viewers. Allegri´s primary target all this season was to get to a final in the coppa italia because that is the only place on earth where his ancient tactics with 9 players defending actually work. But in the real world the team were totally smashed both on the score sheet and tactically by a team currently 7th in the Spanish league. The man is living in the past and a group of people actually lives there with him for what he did years ago. For the sake of the whole league, the board members must get rid of this man. This should even be a primary target for the people running the whole league before it´s too late!

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