Allegri stands up for Juventus, Vlahovic and Kean

Max Allegri stands up for Dusan Vlahovic and Moise Kean after Juventus fumbled a lead to lose 2-1 at Genoa in stoppages. ‘We didn’t have anyone slowing the moves down.’

Paulo Dybala had scored a splendid strike with his weaker right foot and also hit the woodwork with his left, but Albert Gudmundsson equalised before Domenico Criscito converted a last-gasp penalty.

“More than angry, I am disappointed not to win a game that was on the right track. We should’ve scored a second goal and didn’t,” Allegri told Sky Sport Italia.

“The thing we really need to work on, although admittedly the characteristics of the players aren’t suited to it, is that once we had to take off Arthur, Minetti and Dybala, we didn’t have any player who could dictate the tempo and slow the moves down. We only had counter-attacking players and it was end-to-end stuff. When you waste so many chances, you are going to be punished.”

Serie A | Genoa 2-1 Juventus: Criscito revives the Grifone

Juve had to rotate the squad and take some of their star names off early to rest them ahead of Wednesday’s Coppa Italia Final against Inter.

“I am sad to lose, but in terms of the table, at least it didn’t make much difference. Now we have the Coppa Italia and absolutely cannot make the same mistakes there.

Arthur had been out for a while, Cuadrado was just coming back and had an hour in his legs, so we had to try to balance the playing time and reach Wednesday in the best condition.”

Vlahovic seemed very irritable on the bench in the final stages, having forced a couple of saves but again failed to find the net.

“This was one of Vlahovic’s best games on a technical level. I am very pleased with the way he played with his technique. I tried to explain it before, but I was attacked as if I was the one ruining Vlahovic. He hasn’t played that many Serie A games and we need to find a balance here. Maybe he didn’t realise it was a good performance, I think next season we will see a definite improvement in terms of how he balances out the tempo of his performance, learning that he hasn’t failed if he doesn’t score a goal, there’s more to it.”

Kean missed a couple of absolute sitters at Marassi this evening, so what is his next step?

“Kean is a player who usually scores with half a chance, tonight he had five or six and didn’t score, so that’s football for you. He has more experience, despite being very young, but he too needs to play it simple and not use up so much energy in these individual duels that aren’t really helping.”

Considering the drama of Domenico Criscito’s tears after his penalty was saved against Sampdoria last week, what did Allegri think when he saw the veteran step up again?

“Football can give you opportunities that come round and round again. I felt he would score tonight, because at the 95th minute again and at the same end, he was unlikely to get it wrong a second time.

“This is the sport, if you don’t take your chances, you can be punished, so Genoa deserved it.”

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  1. But but but the PhD Max pantyhose fan girls have been telling me that he is better then Klopp, Lippi, Tuchel, Pep, Conte and many others as he reached 2 CL finals, got whooped, never learnt from the first defeat and still insisted on setting up the team to perform Ancient Ball.

  2. happy for Genoa. Kean is not a football player. He can only dance and celebrate. After that incident in the Italy NT, why is he even considered a professional?

  3. I can’t stand watching this team,they get outplayed by every team.and mad max will always give excuses for his errors.i pity valhovic cause allegri can’t improve him.i think next season will be worst even with chisea mark my words.

  4. It is not even Genoa that is the issue. Last week and like all weeks this team under this manager always limps, struggles and barely gets the job done. We can blame players all day until the cows come home, but they are better then this. Not world beaters but surely good enough to do better against lesser teams. Great coaches are not just ones who have the best players but how to manage them and get the most out of their talents.

  5. Honestly believe Vlahovic has taken a step backwards in his own ability since joining us. But surely that can only be his own fault and no fault of the manager right who loves defending a 1 goal lead. Genoa deserved the win.

  6. I can’t take this guy’s excuses anymore. He has an excuse for everything. Juventus never plays badly – EVER – according to him. It’s always ‘luck’ or this or that excuse. Enough already. I am depressed I’m going to have to hear this garbage for at least another season.

    And if the mercato means a clean out and new folks in – next season he’s going to have a whole new menu of excuses all over again.

  7. I really wonder how many fans Juve lost since Allegri took over. I have been a Juventus fan since 1994 trying never to miss a match. I watched only two games for them this season. And both times I got really annoyed and disgusted by their style of plan. Now I would rather watch the premiere league games. I still would like Juve to return to old glory, but really can’t cheer on such a terrible team with such a terrible style of football.

  8. Allegri is a topic for the end of the season.

    Juve did create chances in the second half.

    But Kean… missed so many chances to seal the result. He clearly puts more thought into his hair and celebrations than anything else.

    And don’t get me started on Allegri’s pet De Sciglio.

  9. Very surprising that pantyhose PhD Medieval Max boot lickers such as Debbie the circus clown, NOrata and Fiat alla Fino always hide when a game is lost. But these clowns are the first to jump on and think Juve are back even with a struggling win against Venezia. Next season excuses will be carefully crafted and they will blame climate change just watch. Anything to cover the dunce coach of world football.

  10. Usually don’t comment as every Juve fan here makes a valid point. Staying optimistic about seeing our bianconeri back on top is always welcoming. However, it’s becoming more noticeable the management has no definite idea of what they want to build. The strong Juve teams during the winning history have always had a strong defense and a strong midfield… this current team has neither. Reverting back to Allegri was a desperate step backwards. This team is hurting for fullbacks, wingers and more creative midfielders. Allegri and management go on and invest in a upcoming striker without no capable players of getting or creating opportunities. I hope they recognize the f up letting Pirlo and Marotta go.

  11. You can give Allegri the benefit of the doubt and wait for next season..
    But the truth is, we have not seen one promising sign of improvement since he came
    And now Vlahovic frustration and lack of goals are becoming sort of a situation already.

  12. Well, why did he take Vlahovic ?!
    Seriously why. to see Kean finish disastrously ?!
    yes u ruined Vlahovic max
    and u say those words to cover up for your terrible decision

  13. To be fair it’s Allegris fault Kean is in this form, he gets garbage minutes at the end of each game usually when we are in full defense mode, his confidence is ripped to shreds through bad coaching.

  14. Just look at his photo above he looks just like Jack Nicholson in the film one flow over the cuckoo’s nest this man is insane,

  15. I still don’t understand what he desires to see on the field of play if it was a Rugby match, or American football, or basketball or still karate! Because clearly he seems to not understand that football is both an art( entertainment) and science ( following rules and instructions)… This guy called Allegri clearly have no iota of idea even though I’m not a juventus fan.. but I have to see the most achieving Italian team on the national stage to be this poor in all its departments… Oh this man has insulted Juve for far too long

  16. I fear for Juve! Without DYBALA for next season, this team will struggle badly….might not make qualifying for the champions league….Juve may have made the biggest mistakes of their lives by hiring Allegri and firing Dybala…

  17. If you train your players well, then you dont need to stand up and defend them. This is just more BS from MAX…

    I am not byuing this nonsesne. The blame is faiirly on his shoulders for being such a poor coach.

  18. Nothing to add. I’ve been saying all season that these players need to be sold and fast. Lord, you were a Kean fan boy not long ago and since you obviously didn’t watch the game, have nothing to say about the 5 chances (one against an empty net) that he missed. Allegri’s mistake was trusting him. But I’m also not so bothered because the difference between 3rd and 4th place is meaningless. Let’s see what happens in the Coppa final and then we’ll talk.

  19. The last 4 màtches should be treated well as to develop youngsters. Why not Soule over Dybala ? Ake over Cuadrado ? And Miretti he was subbed the moment he made a couple of awesome touches, really confusing substitution. Kean wasted too many, however he was better in terms of positioning

  20. Agree Ringo. I think they’re trying to get their money’s worth out of Dybala but he’d have to play for free for the next 6 seasons. Soule has great potential. Ake was on a bit late. I think Miretti was being rested for the final as was Vlahovic. Kean just needs to leave. Those are basics that no attacker should mess up repeatedly.

  21. NOrata thanks for calling me out with your nonsense. Never said I was a fan of Kean so thanks for making things up. Flip floppers like you have no credit as you change with the wind. The only admission I will make regarding Moise can only be attributed to one thing and perhaps being infected with PhD Max Syndrome. Like a cancer it effects the everyday functionality and maybe that is why he cannot find the net. Dusan is suffering the same illness and do not use the excuse of injured players and lack of them. It was Genoa and last week was limping over the line at home to Venezia. If it were prime Barca, Liverpool or any other big team then fine but Genoa and Venezia should be cannon fodder.

  22. Juve haven’t really improved much this year but allegri definetly deserves a 2nd season for all he’s achieved at juve. Remember it took a while for klopp and guardiola to put their mark on their teams. Allegri reminds me of Mourinho. Not flashy but a winner nonetheless.

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