Juventus coach Max Allegri reveals someone from the Inter bench ‘kicked me’ to spark the touchline brawl during the Coppa Italia Final, but congratulates them on the victory.



The Bianconeri had fought back from an early Nicolò Barella screamer with Alex Sandro and Dusan Vlahovic in the space of 120 seconds, but a contentious Hakan Calhanoglu penalty forced extra time, when Ivan Perisic’s brace proved crucial.

Just like the Supercoppa Italiana in January, Inter emerged victorious in extra time, but this also means Juventus end the season without any silverware at all for the first time since the Gigi Delneri era of 2010-11.

Allegri was furious throughout the match at the Stadio Olimpico, eventually sent off for going head-to-head with Simone Inzaghi’s assistant manager Massimiliano Farris.

“Someone from Inter walked past and kicked me. I got angry and quite rightly the referee sent me off,” he explained on Sport Mediaset.

“Finding out what happened changes nothing. We just have to congratulate Inter for winning. We do not win a single trophy this season, we have to retain that anger for next season, when we must get back to winning.

“It was a good performance, but we fell away towards the end, there were players who were not fully fit and did all they could. It’s disappointing, but we can only thank them for their efforts.”

Allegri had said in yesterday’s press conference that usually the Coppa Italia was the cherry on the cake, but this year represented the whole cake.

“We learn from these experiences. It’s a pity, because we didn’t get the win against Inter in Serie A and did not take our revenge this evening either. Incidents can go against you some days, in favour the others.”

Giorgio Chiellini said that over the course of the campaign, Inter proved they were stronger than Juventus in the head-to-head clashes.

“There’s no point talking about it now, I can only congratulate Inter, my lads and the referee for a good performance. We achieved something with a top four finish that seemed very difficult in January. Now the lads can rest over the summer, recharge and be ready to win next season.”

23 thought on “Allegri: ‘Someone from the Inter bench kicked me’”
  1. Predictable as usual. PhD Max is now blaming injuries and next will be climate change. The Grandmaster of the back, back, down, down put me to sleep after 30 seconds from kick off, is getting better with age. Next it will be the dog ate my homework excuse and he actually thinks it was a good performance. Shutting up shop, bringing on another defender and sitting deeper then deep for 30 minutes tells you everything. 5 year contract extension and a raise please.

  2. 7 shots on targetv 8, 5 off v 2. Pretty even game with attacking through most of it. Your typical narrative is boring as hell. Allegri is considerably richer than you but you can shout at his poster in your underpants and wait for your parents to give you their house. Loser of all loser.


    OF course PhD Max is wealthier then me. Tell me something new Flinstone football admirer. He deserves credit and lots of it. How the biggest team in Italy, but small team of Europe can give him a 4 year deal worth 7M a season is testament, to the art of selling put me to sleep football after 30 secs.

    Don’t worry darling you can shout at me as you got your calls all wrong. Stay more humble.

  4. @Lord Allegri and all the other haters let me put it this way. I ve been watching this juve since 1988 and we had some really bad moments and some really good moments during this time. Honestly speaking I only saw every game since 1999, but watching the games live or on tv makes a huge difference when you just see the score at the end. I think that Allegri’s Juve is a work in progress. If I would be hatting the team that I love i would not even post a comment here, but I really believe that the upper management made some bad decisions over the years, particularly when signing certain players. This loss is not is not Allegri’s fault why we have a team that just does not blend. The biggest mistake was getting rid of him in the first place. We needed a qualify midfield and we never got it. The man did miracles to bring us to 2 UCL finals with pretty average players(with exceptions to few). We Lost to the best teams in the finals. Look what Pep did with his budget… One CL final and all that money. Sometimes you just have to be realistic. Let me see an Italian team winning 5 in Serie A titles 5 years in a row now and then we can talk, You guys need to accept reality and the decline that happens to every team. I cried, lost sleep, fought with my wife over Juve, but the fact remains I still love this team and I know that we will bounce back. And we will. Forza Juve


    This guy approaches football as if it was the 1300s. Back when they played with rocks. He would make Haaland look like Kalinic!!!!!

  6. Allegri parked the blimp until his squad ran out of gas… Even with the penalties, Juve could have won, but if you make your squad imitate a hermit crab against a quality club like Internazionale that’s called playing not to lose and this is what happens.

  7. You’re a blind bunch. Juve we’re controlling the game after the second goal and allegri decided to sit back and let inter come at them. He did this many time and in many games in the champions league. There is no point talking anymore. You’re all ridiculous.

  8. I’m glad someone kicked him… It was probably someone from the juve bench. they were probably sick of his tactics.

  9. @white rabbit, thanks for the feedback. I got nothing against Juve or Inter, but I remain steadfast in my opinions about Omicron Max 2.0 Slow. Bringing up the CL finals makes my point. They had a better squad then and could have defeated both Spanish teams. Football is a one off game as it happened in 1997 remember. But repeating the same lacklustre approach or Serie a style does not work in Europe. Bringing up the past has no relevance to the present or future. Any mistake and the bigger teams in Europe can punish you. If PhD Max was that good, why did he not take the Real Madrid or Man Utd job? Do you think Conte, Mou and others would hesitate? Whether they fail is a risk worth taking. PhD Max went for second helpings as he knew deep down that he cannot survive at a bigger club such as Real Madrid. They would never tolerate this hermit approach. So shameful the respect and time allowed to be given to Inter.

  10. Allegry king of slow ball , so i am watching the game with inter leading a counter attack and am looking at Morata running back to defence like a horse , so am asking myself how this guy will have energy to lead an attack and this is an example on how allegry burn all his players. and unfortunetly he will never change his mentallity, he is still living in the 80s. and only reason Ronaldo scored goals because he never listened to him and he realized from first year that with this coach you will never achieve anything only reason he have some titles linked to his name because he just continued what conte had built and took credit for it, lets see chiesa and vlahovic this coming season and when their vaalue drop then juve mgmt will realize the sh!t hey did for this team.

  11. I am not a Juve fan but I think Juventus fans don’t appreciate their coaches or players until they lose them.. Allegri had that locked down last night and I don’t see anyone talking about the first Penalty that changed the game or the red card the ref refused to give Inter player for kicking the ball into the stands but unfortunately I guess no complaint because Juve enjoyed same favours with Marotta but still I think Allegri had a good game and bringing on a defender late in the game was a good move because he had removed one earlier for Morata and was leading before that Sham penalty. Italian refs with Var has become the worse refs in the world!

  12. I think Juve need to understand finals aren’t an achievement. Inter reached the EL final just recently but Conte made it very CLEAR that it was not an achievement at all. The very same players are winning trophies now. Juve can claim they reach as many final as they want but the fact remains the last team to win it in Italy was Inter.

  13. The subs brought in defensive call to the whole team…Bernardeschi and Dybala who were both alive and kickin being subbed confused me a lot. Max was terrible at subs at times

  14. Allegri criticism is over the top from Rubentus cave dwellers. The combined iq of Rubentus midfield is barely around that of a single normal iq person. Difficult to work with, not to mention losing their best player chiesa.

    I’d gladly change inzaghi for allegri any day. Winning the Mickey mouse cup does not absolve inzaghi for throwing away the scudetto. Allegri would surely not have thrown it away like that in the second half of the season if he had been in charge of inter.

  15. @Lord Allegri. You didn’t even watch the match or maybe you’re watching to compile your project on Allegriology as usual.

  16. Dont look around Europe for talents, Inter bench warmer Vidalwill not be extended amd should be brought in for at least a season or 2 to teach these kids to be real footballer.

  17. We Juventus fans get kicked with every minute we watch you play. Yesterday Juve scored 1 goal too many for Allegri’s liking. But you build on Max with your few hundred admirers driving that bus. Any other decent coach would have tried to kill the game with a 3rd goal but not Mad Max no no no that would be too easy. Juventus don’t have the defence to defend a 1 goal lead anymore like they used to with BBC. De Lit makes far too many mistakes and BC are too old now.

  18. @white Rabbit…I love your comments
    U just said it all, leave all this juve haters alone because apparently they know nothing about football

  19. @white rabbit
    i appreciate your comments and while i agree that the team is a work in progress, allegri does deserve some of the blame for some of the results.

    hilarious but exaggerate as usual

    @white rabbit
    you cried and argued with your wife over Juve??

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