Allegri sees Juventus ‘glass half-full’ after Bologna draw

Max Allegri sees the Juventus ‘glass half-full’ after a 1-1 draw against nine-man Bologna. ‘It was a bad first half, this is the kind of match we would’ve lost at the start of the season.’

The Bianconeri scraped a point deep into stoppages against nine men, as Marko Arnautovic had given Bologna a deserved lead.

Only after that did Juve start to create genuine chances and on one of them Alvaro Morata was brought down on the edge of the box by Adama Soumaoro for a straight red card.

Serie A | Juventus 1-1 Bologna: Vlahovic and VAR decisive as Bologna see red

The decision infuriated everyone, as Juve thought the contact was inside the area, while Bologna saw Gary Medel sent off for dissent.

“We are well aware that in order to finish in the top four, we have to take it one small step at a time. Fortunately, we were able to get a point out of a situation that had become very complicated,” Allegri told DAZN.

“It was a bad first half, then after going 1-0 down we hit the woodwork and had lots of shots on goal. We always seem to concede lately, so we need to improve on that and be more relaxed.”

However, the coach insisted on seeing the bright side of the situation.

“This is the kind of match we would’ve lost at the start of this season, so let’s see the glass as half-full. We absolutely need to do better, but we mustn’t get depressed either. The sides behind us are moving fast, Fiorentina have a favourable fixture list, there’s Lazio and Roma too, we have to keep working.”

Matthijs de Ligt went off seemingly with an injury, but Allegri revealed it was simply ‘a small intestinal problem.’

“We lacked width in the first half, then I moved Juan Cuadrado wider to create one-on-one situations. I introduced fresh legs after their goal and we had a good reaction, but weren’t clear-headed enough.”

Allegri was heard on the touchline when 1-0 down shouting at his players to calm down, as there was plenty of time to turn it around.

“We must realise games are very long and there’s always time to win. We mustn’t let ourselves get frenetic or panicked. A win today doesn’t guarantee fourth place, we need to get back to defending with more calm.”

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  1. All hail PhD Max, doctorate scholar of last minute slightly quicker slow ball. A new low to not be capable of beating Bologna at home and even with 9 men. The same substitutions at the same time every week and yet he is somehow compared to Pep and Klopp. I bet Eddie Howe could do a better job with this rag tag team.

  2. Must agree with Lord on this one. There was 2 minutes left of injury time, Bologna down to 9 men, Juve stacking on the pressure going for the win and the camera cuts to Allegri… what is he doing?? yelling his standard “Calma”. The dude literally was telling them to relax for the draw.

  3. Tell me why allegri go offensive and control Inter for almost 90min. And with bologna he digs a grave so deep that players run around like confused sheep.
    Juve have players that CAN control games but lack the confidence from their coach. He’s clearly over analyzing or whatever..needs to go before next season

  4. Agree with @Dan. If I were a season ticket holder I would be infuriated with this but I am lucky to be able to just change channel. It is okay to get the 1-0 win but they cannot even manage to be Juve anymore and seeing Allegri do the “calma” is going to continue for the full 4 years.

    Also @Lord do not let the haters put you down. Even though you hate Allegri and get dumped on, your reading of the situation is always on point.

  5. Allegri put on another striker immediately so I’m not sure which game you guys were watching. Which substitutes should he throw on. The quality just isn’t there.

  6. Lord alegri or what is your name i bet if you are giving juve job by now juve will be battling with religation coz u never see any thing positive from the coach

  7. @sune Who are these players that have low confidence under Allegri? Did they also have low confidence under Sarri and Pirlo? Maybe they’re just depressed no matter who’s in charge because that whole midfield needs replacing. Give away cheap balls and can’t create anything for the front players. And those defending Dybala and begging him to stay, what did you see today? He was a ghost all game. This side needs a serious overhaul in summer.

  8. Fatecisognare what game were you watching is the better question. May I suggest bird watching as they at least move. This went the way as I expected. Juventus do nothing for 85 minutes even if they are a goal behind, home or away, no movement off the ball and the same duo every week, Kean and Berna. I understand that they are light on players with the injuries, but this is Bologna. They have even less at their disposal and still outplayed Juventus before going down to 9. Objectively watch Inter when they play them soon and they will get the job done without any fuss.

  9. @Fatecisognare read the game better. There was no need to even bring on subs as Juve should have brushed them aside with ease especially at home. If Allegri is that good he should know how to motivate players as the team is still better on paper then all barring Inter. Dybala will thrive at Inter and I think it will be the same mistake with regards to Beppe Marotta. The team are not getting any overhaul. Danilo is renewed, Morata likely to stay, the midfield has been non existent for years and the defence is too old. To make things happen money is needed but Juventus are not P$G and cannot get the best players. I cannot see Allegri using Rovella, Miretti or Fagioli as he even let the cat out of the bag and said he did not want to go with youth.

  10. It looks like we are playing to get Allegri.sacked how can these players play so badly especially at home there is no sense to our game. I know we have had injuries through the season but still we look lost with no direction.

  11. Missing McKennie, Locatelli, Chiesa. That is the whole midfield basically. Dybala seems to be out of form. Not great, and I think 4th place will go down to the final day. Lazio and Fiorentina are the last 2 matches for Juve.
    Alegri? If he cant get 4th place from here, he probably should be fired.

  12. Perhaps trailing and finally losing in both Cagliari and Bologna would might have been enough to create such pressure that he will leave with himself or else with the management decision…but now that we win and draw….it is now something hard to come by

  13. Allegri never gives youth a change. 38th rounds of football playing in serie A and its still diffucult for a coach to find space for youngsters. He clearly cant improves players he is like Ventura

  14. Allegri set the tone for a poor game before the first ball was kicked. How can you play Danilo in the middle of a 3 man midfield that contains Rabbiot and a winger in Cuadrado? Yet he had Zakaria on the bench. He then removed Pellegrini on 52 minutes who was playing well. Dybala should have been pulled earlier as he was very poor. If he does go to Inter, he certainly won’t improve them – he is simply not a trascinatore of any team he plays for, including Argentina. He should not start any games now that he is on his way out.

  15. @Frankie I agree big time. The game could have been told after 5 min. Not one bologna player could go into Juve start 11 and still they were good control and had a plan. I will not be surprised if de light is leaving in the summer. The defense is not working with the rest of the team. They stay low while va-dy-mo is pressing high and you could go on consistency in how Juve approach the games and players look frustrated.

  16. But Conte is NOT the solution.
    Why not try a foreigner with no attach to Italian /Juve history ..there a plenty of talent out there!

  17. Have never seen a coach this pragmatic,if your style is not working then change to suit the players characteristics.his philosophy of football is outdated,it will be injustice for him to remain till next sarri and pirlo at least had a style but allegri just keeps changing his tactics every game.he does not give youth a chance when his midfield needs fresh a juve supporter but if allegri continues with this team won’t waste my time watching garbage much for super league

  18. This clown said Real Madrid called him before Ancellotti. Now look at where they are. Wish that clown accepted the Real job. Now the real clown is Juve management team. With this guy at the helm, all the players will lose value. Now modern football is moving towards 90 min pressing and this guy is playing defending against even the relegation zone team.

  19. At this point hes just trolling Juve fans. Making 9 million a year at the same time is just icing on the cake.

    Stay forever

  20. Feel sorry for Vlahovic…he would have been top scorer had he not joined a team with this clown as the coach!!!

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