Juventus were not aware of Massimiliano Allegri’s ‘chat’ with Corriere della Sera journalist Mario Sconcerti and he could be fined for his comments.

The 55-year-old Italian coach did not hold back in his detailed talk with Sconcerti yesterday, trying to explain the team’s issues this season and drawing attention to their problematic injury crisis. Whilst it was suggested by Allegri that this was simply a chat with a friend and not a media interview, the club were unaware of his decision and were not impressed.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, many in the Juventus camp were unhappy with Allegri’s comments and he risks being fined for the unauthorised interview, even if it was just a ‘chat’. 

Some of the players were surprised to be named specifically in the conversation, especially in a period where many feel lost under the Italian coach.

Allegri’s position is becoming fairly untenable in Turin but it’s hard to imagine the Old Lady dismissing him just yet. He earns €9m a season at Juventus and is contracted to the club until 2025, putting them in a tough spot as firing him would not be cheap.

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