Massimiliano Allegri insists he doesn’t think about his future at Juventus and warns Kenan Yildiz must ‘follow a path’ before being named for the Ballon d’Or as Wojciech Szczesny predicted.

The Italian tactician faced questions from reporters during a pre-match press conference on Thursday, on the eve of an away Serie A game against Cagliari.

Journalists asked Allegri a few questions about his future. Despite a contract expiring in June 2025, multiple sources in Italy have reported that the 56-year-old coach and the Old Lady will part company in the summer.

What Allegri said about his future

“I live it normally. It’s not the first time there have been rumours about coaches and players during this period,” noted Allegri, as quoted by

“We must remain focused. I’ve told the lads that we’ve been working from July 15 for six or seven months to be in the race for all our objectives in March. It’s April, and we are still in the Coppa Italia, and we are in the top four. The aim must be clear, and now we must go for it.

“Right now, we must look at the target. That’s all I am focused on,” continued Allegri.

“We want Juventus to play in the Champions League next season and reach the Coppa Italia Final. Once we’ve reached the targets, the club will tell their strategy for the future.”

Allegri on Ballon d’Or prediction for Yildiz

Szczesny said earlier this month that he had bet his teammate Yildiz would be named for the Ballon d’Or over the next few years, but Allegri was more cautious.

“I hope Szczesny was right, especially for Yildiz, but we’ve got to be very cautious with judgments,” he said.

“Yildiz has great qualities but must follow a path like everyone else. I hope he’ll have an extraordinary career, but I don’t know if he’ll win the Ballon d’Or.”

The Turkey international has a chance to start in Cagliari on Friday and Allegri will decide today whether he or Federico Chiesa will partner with Dusan Vlahovic in attack on Friday.

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