Allegri not concerned about Dybala and Morata injuries ahead of Chelsea clash

by | Sep 26, 2021 14:26

Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri doesn’t seem to be too worried about Paulo Dybala and Alvaro Morata’s injuries as he says the upcoming match against Chelsea is ‘not decisive.’

The Bianconeri won their first home game of the season against Sampdoria but lost Paulo Dybala and Alvaro Morata to injuries.

The Argentinean had scored the opener with a shot from the edge of the box in the first half before leaving the pitch due to a muscular injury.

Allegri confirmed that both he and the Spaniard won’t be available for the next two games against Chelsea and Torino and hopes they will return to action after the break.

Speaking at a post-match press conference attended by Football Italia, Allegri failed to release further updates about their injuries but suggested he is not too worried ahead of the game against Chelsea.

“We’ll see how to play against Chelsea without Dybala and Morata,” he said.

“It’s not a decisive game anyway. The key games for the qualification are those against Zenit.”

Both the Serie A giants and Chelsea won their opening game in the Champions League two weeks ago.

Juventus beat Malmo 3-0 in Sweden, while the Blues snatched a 1-0 win against Zenit at Stamford Bridge.


  1. Pele

    What a dummy Allegri is and what a stupid comment to make
    ” the Chelsea game is not decisive”
    all CL games are decisive unless u have already won your group,
    To leave head 2 head qualifications with Zenit is bad coaching we know how bad Allegri is when it comes to knockout football hasn’t he learnt anything from his past CL failures

  2. tony

    Of course he is not worried. The game is to chain 11 players to the goaline and make sure the ball is passed backwards and sideways everytime just to be on the safe side against a proper team. He now has the excuse made that injuries are too blame. This club is incompetent they always have players injured far too often. Something is up with their medical team.

  3. LPG

    Allegri absolutely right….and u pelle know nothing about this

  4. Jose

    Pele, Allegri is one of the best ever in knockout rounds. Just look at his record with Juventus. The eliminations against Bayern and Madrid were close and not deserved.

    Tony, the medical team is responsible for getting players back to fitness. The fitness coaches are the ones responsible with preventing injuries.


    Can’t blame Allegri for his comment. He would not have taught that both Dybala and morata would get injured. It’s just life. Juventus just have to get a result vs Chelsea

  6. EL CID

    @LPG, I know we are free to express ourselves here. However, sometimes, some idiot write their comments here with hopes of “their works” will make them look smart. But in reality, their stupid comments made them look even more stupid. Like our friends, Pele and tony. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

  7. Reuben

    Just because you do not like someone’s comments does not mean they are not entitled to their opinion. I am not a Juve hater or fan but Tony and Pelle are correct on this, and you guys no nothing about football it seems. What games have you been watching for the last 4 years. This Juventus team plays in a panicky way and are not able to even grind out clean sheet results. It has been over 20 games and none kept. I cannot remember a time where they have played and dominated for a full 90 mins even against lesser teams. This coach is good but he is not a great one as he tactics have not evolved and he has a mindset of do not lose at any cost but do not take a gamble. Teams that win the CL tend to be on the front foot. This is why they have not won a CL in the modern era as they think seria a tactics will work in CL. Ask Mancini who ripped that all up and played a free flowing game.

  8. EL CID

    Oh no, @Reuben. We know Juve and football better than you and your friends. For example, We (real Juve fans) know that no coach in this world can stop conceding goals with Bentancur and Rabiot in midfield. To dominate the game you need world class midfielders that will make any team instantly play deadly possession football. Unfortunately, we don’t have them since super genious Marotta sold Pogba and Vidal and replace them with mediocres such as Perreyra, Lemina, Sturaro, Hernanes, etc. Did Allegri whine and complain like Conte did to Juve and Inter? No he didn’t. This guy is good and he knows his stuff better than all these football professor (Pele and Tony). So please, no need to show off your small brain here and to leave a comment with such arrogant to lecture us about how to win CL.

  9. Pele

    @EL CID not sure what u are talking about,
    Juve have a quality squad and @ Reuben comment that teams that do well in the CL play on the front foot is correct,
    Thats why Allegri has never won the CL in around 9 yrs of trying with AC and a dominant Juve and never will,
    his daft comment that Chelsea game is not decisive all Allegri CL games are decisive for him because he can fumble against any teams playing in CL,

  10. Navin

    Chill guys football comes in cycles. You have to be patient and acknowledge that your team cannot even beat Ajax, Lyon and Porto with 3 different coaches and no plan. El Cid and LPG can watch Juve win CL on PS5. In real time Brentford would make them panic ha ha ha

  11. white Rabbit

    Pele and Tony you guys must have become Juve /Football fans very recently. Allegri is world class coach. No other Coach besides Lippi has brought me more joy then Allegri. He took us to the CL final in his first year and then again two years later. I honestly did not believe we could even get to the quarter finals in his first year. He brought us to the top in European football again even if we did not win the CL. We lost against two of the best assembled teams in history, those results in the finals dont do us justice. So to call Allegri a dummy is very insulting. Thats all I have to say. Look at Allegri’s Record in the last 5 managerial years and compare it to Conte or any other coach Like Pep Guardiola’s you will see that you have no case against speaking against him or his style of play. If you like getting knocked out in the first knockout round, then he is definitely not the coach you want….

  12. riz

    I agree with the rabbit to a certain extent. However nobody remembers a coach for losing finals and 2 at that. Klopp lost one but learnt. To be honest Conte is the better coach for short term immediate results as he can build squads and motivate them. The man should be respected for building back the dna of the club. He built Inter back and has worked abroad and won. Allegri has not challenged himself and when when he had the chance to move abroad he did not take it. You gotta be kidding he cannot be compared to Pep. The man has worked and won across Europe. Yes he has not won the CL since his Barca days but the man adapts his football to which country he is in. Allegri is not a team builder as Conte had laid the foundations. His football has not evolved and is a reflection of the slow tempo they play at. To those who moan about the players, did Ajax, Lyon and Porto not have less talented squads ? S

  13. keeping it real

    I think white rabbit and EL KID are those rose tinted Juve fans that can never think objectively. Allegri has always been a lucky coach. Don Silvio built him a great team at Milan with Juve in the wilderness and Inter crumbling. There was no competition. A year later Conte beats him with an average squad getting the most out his men. Allegri only won 5 Scudetti as there was no competition. Now that there is a vast array of competition in the league he has been exposed. He had the chance to go to Real twice but bottled it. They are the biggest club in the world and he knew deep down that if you play slow dead mans football in the Bernabeu you will crucified. Just ask Capello who was a much better coach.

  14. white Rabbit

    @riz yes i do agree that no one remembers the loosing coach or a loosing team, but we did not have a team at the same level as Madrid and Barca had. They had a team full of star players in their respectable positions. I did not compare Allegri’s total success to Pep’s, but if you look at Pep and the teams he has managed, he was also backed very kindly financially. His clubs spend big to get him the players he wants and he still has not won the CL with any club except Barca. Yes he plays beautiful football, but he was brought in to win the CL and he still hasn’t. It’s a fact that can not be overlooked.

  15. white Rabbit

    @ Keeping it real I dont think its luck to be in the finals 2 times. Looking back against the Mardid and Bayern games he was actually very unlucky. If we would have beaten Madrid in that game where we went 3 up just to concede a penalty at the end we would have probably won the CL that year. Its not worth talking about the past all I know is that this team has been regressing for the last 3 years and thats all due to the weak midfield, something Allegri was pointing out in the last season of his first stint. You cant expect him to win the CL with this current squad, but I think he definitely deserves a chance to rebuild this team. Time will tell. All I know is that the past two seasons were disastrous, Especially in the CL. So i like all of you want us to be a team that can challenge the big teams of Europe and not Folding against Lyon and Porto.

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