Allegri: ‘Juventus will learn from Empoli defeat’

by | Aug 28, 2021 22:27

Max Allegri assures Juventus ‘will learn from these mistakes’ after a home defeat to Empoli, but cannot keep thinking about Cristiano Ronaldo. ‘We must play as a team, not try to resolve things as individuals.’

It was the worst possible way for the Bianconeri to begin the new post-Cristiano Ronaldo era, losing 1-0 at home to newly-promoted Empoli, and also Allegri’s first game back at the Stadium after a two-year absence.

Only Federico Chiesa really tested Guglielmo Vicario, who didn’t make a save in the second half, as Leonardo Mancuso got the only goal of the game and Juve were jeered off the pitch.

“The lads had started strong, they conceded at the first mistake playing out, then got too hasty. We must have the patience to take it calmly, play as a team and not try to resolve things as individuals,” Allegri told DAZN.

Juve have just one point from the first two Serie A rounds, having drawn 2-2 at Udinese after taking a 2-0 lead.

Serie A Juventus 0-1 Empoli: Mancuso shocks Allegri

“We need to work on our solidity, but these two slip-ups will inevitably do us good. This is a strong squad, it has values and gradually they will emerge.

“Empoli leave a lot of spaces on the wings, but the things we really did badly were technical errors, because we were frenetic. We can’t assume we will take the lead and control every game, we need the calm that a great team has, knowing we can overturn it.”

It has been suggested Juventus lack players of real character at the moment, with Giorgio Chiellini not fully fit and Cristiano Ronaldo leaving for Manchester United.

“A difficult moment helps you to grow, we must try to keep things simple, be united and there were too many players who made mistakes they don’t usually make because they were frenetic.

“We realised what we shouldn’t do in Udine and learned another valuable lesson this evening. Obviously, we dropped five points, but have to learn from these lessons and use them going forward.

“We’ve got to slowly find our balance. These players are if anything too generous, they were distraught because they had started well and wanted to win, but we have to learn from these mistakes.

“It takes time, we can’t go from 0-10 in one second. The main thing is we can’t be frenetic, we need to be patient when attacking and defending, because our haste to get the ball back can create spaces.”

With Aaron Ramsey and Arthur injured, Allegri surprisingly started Weston McKennie as a trequartista behind strikers Paulo Dybala and Federico Chiesa, then introduced Alvaro Morata for the second half.

“There are some positive elements, as Danilo did well in front of the defence and was one of the few to keep calm right to the end. Manuel Locatelli will be in better shape after the break for international duty.”

Inevitably, Allegri was asked what Cristiano Ronaldo’s exit had left in the Juventus locker room.

Cristiano spent three years at Juventus, he scored goals, which he is very good at, he’s an extraordinary player, but we cannot think about Ronaldo from now on. I have a fine squad, we simply must realise that we can’t just dominate every match. We need to come together and this will help us for the future.

“I am optimistic, always.”


  1. Dennis

    You said the same thing after Udinese draw. When will the lessons learnt be implemented. I hope this defeat affects our transfer decisions before the window shuts down. Juve lacks creativity in the midfield. Get Houssem Aouar even if it’s on loan.

  2. Yes

    Finaly we will be rish again when not need to pay money for ronaldo

  3. Yes

    Dennis we have very good goalkeeper I very like that allegri is using him everytime, he always helping us from danger 🙂

  4. martinn

    Aouar is absolutely essential, and why buy Loca if your going to play him for only 30 minutes over 2 games? what he`s doing ain`t working. ronno not a factor at all. our dna is slipping away, maybe only Conte had it?

  5. Bruno

    The buck stops with Allegri. Terribe team selection, terrible formation, played players out of position, too many changes thorughout the match. It’s little wonder the team looked so disjointed. Fagioli and Ranocchia should be given more consideration because the likes Ramsey, Bentancur, Rabiot, Bernardeschi and so on, have shown, repeatedly, that they are not good enough. Not good enough at shielding the defence, controling the midfield, carving out chances for the forwards and chipping in with goals.

  6. Pele

    “We will learn from our mistakes”
    he’s been saying this for many years,
    Won’t be the last time we hear this quote from Allegri.

  7. Nana

    Lol stupid Juve fan martinn, rosario, juventuni and others who worship allegri and that horrible dybala can eat the cake.

    Perhaps its still ronaldo’s fault? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  8. Rossoneri

    Allegri trying to look like Pioli with that bald head


    blaming ronaldo for juventus down fall. yet ronaldo always bailed juventus out with his goals. juventus cant even scored goal without him.
    losing empoli on home. what dybala did entire game?

  10. Roy

    Having not played any of the friendlies … Locatelli should have been given atleast 15-20 mins run last week so that today he could have played most of the 2nd half if not start. Allegri is treating these matches like trials .. what’s this tactic with Danilo ❓❓🙄 Feel bad for Chiesa ☹️ Congrats Empoli .. Well Played 👏👏


    imagine blaming ronaldo for abysmal tranfer strategy the last 3 seasons. i always said marotta is the chief of juventus, when he out paraticci and nedved who replaces him is just a clown. buying ramsey, arthur, rabiot, kulusevki, even mckennie who they struggling to sell nowadays. they spending lots money with or without cristiano wages. and they buying absolutely garbages player who not fit to be juventus player. instead spending money to buy sms or pogba they wasting money buying garbages.
    if juventus wanna be top again they need to re hired marotta not allegri. there is reason why inter climbing the last 3 season and that because marrota masterclass tranfer strategy and he gives clear direction to club on football part strategy even when sunning not really good to handle football related.

  12. Non Deluded Juve Fan

    We should let youngsters with bright futures like Kulusevski, Locatelli, Chiesa, and De Ligt go for the better of their own long careers ahead because if they stick with us, they won’t win anything important. We should stick to old/finished/flop/failed players instead. And no more “stars” players like CR7. Why? Because we don’t worth their qualities and prospects, we are just a joke club who don’t have a clue how to utilize these types of players (CR7 is proof)–it’s like giving a loaded Magnum to a monkey with brain malfunction. Not with this mindset, not with this type of mentality, not with this clown coach.

    I really hope we’ll finish 7-8 this season and get completely destroyed in the UCL group. I really do. I am right about my prediction for Udinese and Empoli match. I really hope we sink below recognition this year.

  13. Darrel jupiter

    After these Scoring Failure Games,do we Need a Striker like Kean Please???? we need a Deadly Finisher and a good Creative Playmaker….

  14. Danny Coles

    Danilo was terrible! He didn’t shield the back four at all and Empoli run at our defence all night long. The substitution of Chiesa was crazy, he took off our best player! McKennie and Rabiot was terrible, McKennie was anonymous. It was a terrible performance.

  15. serie a lover

    man since when is danilo a midfielder. eveeryone is playing ot of position. it was almost like pirlo was coaching. when will allegri put his stamp on the team. bentencur was awful. mckennie as CAM since when was this done. playing chiesa as a striker when he is a winger. come on. time to go with a 4231. and please go and buy a another creative midfiedler. if danilo is playing as a midfielder you have a problem

  16. Francis

    Why not try Ranocchia,fagioli,Pellegrini instead of ineffective Bentancur,Danilo,Alex Sandro…. Alegri was confused because almost all the players were played out of position except szczesny,Bonucci,De ligt

  17. CG

    The problems are as follows : 1. Szcsezny is not a Juve level keeper. 2. Bonucci and Alex Sandro have had it. 3. The midfield is completely below par. We need a creative midfielder. 4. Dybala is not a champion. It’s also not 100% certain that bringing back Allegri (re-heating the pasta) was the right decision. But we’re stuck with him for 4 years, so best to just accept it. We just need more aggression, more creativity, which we don’t have. No one who can unlock defences.

  18. Zerol

    Get Renato Sanches pls.

  19. Luparaman

    The blame rests with Paratici and ultimately, Agnelli, for focusing on the Juventus brand image far more than the team quality. Ronaldo papered over cracks. Now Allegri has to build a solid team that has previously over-relied on miracles from one player.
    Juventus have always been about the team ethic, not just one player.
    Allegri needs time. His quality can’t be doubted…he took Juve against the odds to 2 CL finals in 4 years. This isn’t the EPL where even Ranieri can win it with a mediocre squad.

  20. Boori

    ALLEGRI: ‘JUVENTUS WILL LEARN FROM EMPOLI DEFEAT’. Didn’t he say the same thing after the first match? Be ready to hear the same thing over and over. Juve should’ve let Pirlo continued his work, he did wonderfully despite the Pandemic, no friendlies, no enough preparation, playing many games in a very short time and the list of difficulties was long.

  21. Italboy

    Old Dogs new tricks!!!

  22. Dm

    if u think Allegri is quality for taking Juve to 2 CL finals when Juve where probably at the their peak
    your disillusioned,
    Allegri has participated in the CL continuously for 11 yrs with ACM & 5 yrs with Juve when they where strolling the scudetto and with nothing else to really distract them and the best he could do is to get well beaten 2 finals in to me that makes him a flop,
    Believe it or not his quote even then after the 2 defeats was we will LEARN from our mistakes
    He’s come back & already after just 2 games he is scratching his head.
    How can the players learn from their mistakes if he hasent learn thing from his.

    Seeing Allegri back on the touchline is a VERY VERY big backward step
    I blame all the Director’s

  23. Roy

    Agree with @Bruno, @CJ

    Too much load on Chiesa and that’s why he got gassed and had to be substituted!!

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