Max Allegri examines where Juventus still need to improve after a 2-0 win away to Bologna, particularly Arthur, and reiterates he’s not expecting any new players in January.

The Bianconeri needed to get back on track after their draw at Venezia and were certainly clinical, scoring with their only two genuine opportunities against the run of play.

Alvaro Morata broke through within six minutes, then Juan Cuadrado’s strike took a big deflection off Aaron Hickey, but Bologna dominated possession in the Stadio Dall’Ara fog.

Serie A | Bologna 0-2 Juventus: Morata and Cuadrado clinical

“Everyone collaborated when defending, which is how it ought to be. Compared to Venezia, we had a better attitude from the start, but need to do more going forward,” Allegri told DAZN.

“Bologna have a lot of quality, so it’s natural they were going to have some chances. We did well here, but cannot lower our guard now, as there are many head-to-head clashes coming up in January before the Champions League resumes.”

Allegri was asked about the performance in midfield from Arthur Melo, who was substituted in the second half and did not seem pleased at the decision.

“We still need to improve our reading of the game and various moments of the match, for instance just before half-time Arthur made this vertical pass when it was the time to hold on and control the possession.

“It’s different at Barcelona, he was in a three-man midfield and not accustomed to sitting in front of the defence.

“He also is used to taking a lot more touches than we do here. I think if he plays in front of the defence with the right mentality and his technique, he can do well. His head was wobbling as he ran, so he seemed tired and I took him off.”

Juventus CEO Maurizio Arrivabene warned before kick-off that the increase in Capital does not mean they will be particularly active on the January transfer market and this is something Allegri can get behind.

“The Juventus squad is excellent and we’ll continue with them until the end of the season. These players can certainly improve in their confidence, form and desire to achieve objectives. We can improve tactically, technically and in terms of results,” continued the coach.

“It is a good result that keeps us in the running for fourth place, but we mustn’t lower our guard now. It’s a long journey, with many young and inexperienced players. We knew from the start it would not be easy to finish in the top four or challenge for the Scudetto.

“We’ve got one game left in 2021, then we look forward to these exciting clashes in January.”

13 thought on “Allegri: ‘Juventus squad will stay like this’”
  1. If there are not new signings in January , Juve wont finish 4th and will crash out of the CL. The MF cant control a game.
    Even that 2-0 win against Bologna, it was Bologna who controlled possession and had so many attacks.

  2. … His head was wobbling as he ran,

    Allegri has a sense of humor. I noticed he makes a joke at every chance he gets, good that he keeps things upward.

    I agree they will be inside the top 4.

  3. “We knew from the start it would not be easy to finish in the top four or challenge for the Scudetto.” Huh? This is Juventus. If they fall out of the top 4, then it is no CL. The clubs whole plan will be in tatters. All the best players will be sold.
    I cant believe there will be no signings in January, Simply impossible to believe Agnelli and Nedved cant see the problems.

  4. Juve need to sign players by January, otherwise will not qualify champions league .this is my word.

  5. Ive said this before and I will say this again. This squad has some quality, but majority of the players are not giving their all. They are very weak minded and loose concentration very easily. Rabiot plays always a 50/50 game so does Bentancur. Those are the players that have potential, but they keep falling short of expectations. Rabiot can do way more. They misplace to many passes. I feel like we need one more quality midfielder and we need to sell either Rabiot or Bentancur. Artur did really well with his passing, but his defending skills are horrible. He will need to improve on that. I can see that team is improving though. Allegri is doing the best with what he has at his disposal and you can see some improvements as how the team defends as a team, Something we didnt see in the past two years. We need to win the last game of this year and then start of the year with a win. If we can do that then we can start talking about leap frogging into the top 4. And to finish off I love the positivity ive seen in the comments today. Lets stay positive my fellow Bianconeri !!!

  6. Chiesa, Danilo and Dybala are our signings in 2022. If Alex Sandro, Bentancur and Arthur could find a better form as well, this will be a good season.

  7. Squad definitely needs a world class midfielder and striker in January. If they dont come its because theres no money. Allegri is working miracles right now with no Chiesa and Dybala.

  8. Chiesa, Danilo and Dybala will be our winter signings. Throw out Ramsey and the transfer season is already a success.

  9. Is Allegri mad? They have just defeated Bologna, yes let me say that again Bologna.
    Winning this match with a satisfactory performance will not change the fact this team needs January signings. The directors must wake up and smell the expresso
    before its too late. New blood is needed to revive this dying old lady.

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