Allegri: ‘Juventus have time to catch up’ after Napoli defeat

by | Sep 11, 2021 19:31

Max Allegri ‘cannot reproach my players for anything’ after Juventus’ 2-1 defeat to Napoli and assures there’s ‘plenty of time’ to turn their season around.

The Bianconeri have had a disastrous start to the campaign with one point from three rounds, drawing 2-2 with Udinese, losing to Empoli and Napoli.

“I cannot reproach my players for anything this evening. We put in a worse performance against Empoli, but today unfortunately we paid the price for errors,” Allegri told DAZN.

Serie A | Napoli 2-1 Juventus: Koulibaly completes comeback

“We weren’t as precise technically and lost the ball a few too many times in the second half. Napoli played very well, but in football when you don’t win, you can only shut up and work hard.”

Kostas Manolas was caught in possession by Alvaro Morata for Juve to take the lead, but the Bianconeri returned the favour with howlers from Wojciech Szczesny and Moise Kean to gift Matteo Politano and Kalidou Koulibaly tap-ins.

“Hopefully we can start the Champions League in a better way than the Serie A season. At this moment, we pay a heavy price for every single error, but these moments can happen in football. We should’ve been sharper, gone for the second goal when 1-0 up.

“We conceded the equaliser and then this goal on a corner. There are many positives from the lads too. If you make mistakes like that, then naturally you’re going to concede on the counter.

“I saw giant steps forward, the lads did everything they had to this evening, but there are moments during the season when the ball goes in and others when it doesn’t,” continued Allegri.

Juventus are already eight points adrift of Serie A leaders Napoli, who have a 100 per cent record after three rounds.

“It’s a long season, we need to chase the other teams down and there is plenty of time to recover. I’ve had worst moments than this. What matters now is Tuesday, putting in a good performance against Malmo, then we’ve got Milan on Sunday.

“It’s disappointing, as we had started strong tonight, but of the five goals we’ve conceded this season, quite a few of them were our own fault.”

Allegri was asked if he needs to nurture or protect Szczesny after a series of errors so far this season, for both Juventus and Poland.

“Szczesny is the first-choice goalkeeper at Juventus. He had some good games before this, the ball got away from him on the equaliser,” insisted the coach.

“I didn’t have many options off the bench to change things. It was honestly a surprise to have Ramsey available, as he only had one training session. Pellegrini hadn’t played basically in six months and had cramp.”

Max Allegri


  1. Brazilian Bianconero

    Yeah, we suck right now. Never seen such a bad Juve team in years.

  2. Martin Badger

    The Scudetto is over as far as juve are concerned and will almost certianly go back to Milan. far from catching up, Juve will fall further and further behind and it could easily be 15 points or more by the end of thr season. the quality just isn’t there. Apart from chiesa, that is about it.

  3. GIo

    This is more than the “ball not going in” and missed chances. We’ve created zero chances in these games and only scored today on a ridiculous lapse in concentration and mistake from Napoli. If not for Bonucci and Chiellini the score line could have been twice as bad.

    We need a proper goalkeeper. Allegri and Juve are acting like Szczeny wasn’t garbage last season and during the euros.

  4. RAm

    I’m already starting to miss Pirlo as at least he knew how to keep the ball and press teams. Juve just look disjointed right now. Kean should of started with Morata too. Juve have the players but don’t have a team.

  5. tony

    Bravo Juventus more stupid mistakes and clueless back and sideways football from start to finish. No hunger and no desire. No wonder Ronaldo left seeing the garbage around him. They will reward the Arsenal reject Szczeny with a new 5 year contract 8 million a year for producing howlers. When he does them the Juventus management must think they are clean sheets (none kept in the last 17 games). Since Marotta left it has all been down hill. Allegri is not a great coach he only won from the foundations Conte had left. Now he has to start a team from scratch and the results show. Not helped when you have a management team who has bought garbage for the last 4 years for free on hefty salaries. They could not even sell them in the last 3 years as why would any big club buy their trash. Chelsea will beat them 6-0 and they will soil themselves away to Malmo

  6. Joe Schmoe

    I’m confused. I thought that now that Ronaldo is gone, all was well with Juventus? It was his fault for last season and the start of this one too.

    I could have sworn that people couldn’t wait for Ronaldo to leave so Juve could start winning again. I know I saw it someplace. Hmm.

  7. Gamal

    Need to get Allegri out for any chance of saving our season.

  8. serie a lover

    allegri cant be making these type of excuses for szceszny. he cost juve 9 points last season and he has started the season in wretched form. also juve false 9 with dybala has struggled i think he needs to play a 4231. got to give perin a chance. you cant win anything with a keeper so shaky and low on confidence.

  9. Jon

    Juventus will be playing in the Europa conference next season. I bet they could not even win that competition either. They play like a pub team. Do not blame the players. It is who has put them in and being rewarded with huge salaries that no other club will want to pick up. They have the audacity to want to create a European super league but cannot even beat teams like Empoli and at home. Cannot wait for Chelsea to hammer them. Hope they get thrashed.

  10. Dx

    Keep the “clown” Szczesny, juve gonna move to Serie B

  11. Eric

    I understand the hatred for a 6 time scudetto winning manager, who was ousted out by the current inept management team of Nedved and Agnelli 2 years ago, but Juventus need to start again from scratch with a proven manager, and you have this right now. He has been out of management for 2 years since the coup began with your inept and former European Super League chairman and owner Agnelli, so even if you got Mourinho, you’ll still not win the Champions’ League in May because you have owners who are only in it for the money and nothing else.

  12. Manni

    Juve have been poor for 2 seasons prior to this atleast, not sure allegri was the answer either way ronaldo had to go he did well for us but time was up his ego needed a change probably because of messi..juves team needed rebuilding before this and its glaringly obvious even more so from back room staff to the team it’s transition time and much needed…get rid of dead weight and start the cycle again even if it takes 2 seasons atleast

  13. Chris

    Juventus fans…. CALM DOWN! Losing Ronaldo totally messed up the start of the season (selfish git, he could have gone in July!). Kean was the ONLY replacement: that is poor work from the manager and directors and not the fault of Alegri at all. They could have easily have signed Pjanic or another medium cost Midfielder like Axel Witsel. The performances have not been terrible- should have won both the Udinese and Napoli games. Errors by the goalkeeper mainly and a howler by Kean. I am sure both players will improve a lot. Also, the game yesterday Juve were missing ALL the south american players and Chiesa. A huge loss. Just calm down, wait for the wins to come and hopefully we will get one good signing in January

  14. andy

    Poor management from the top. You cannot blame 3 managers who struggled to coach this band of one dimensional misfits. Sarri did not have the players. Pirlo no experience. Allegri been out the game too long and tactics are old and out dated. Stop making excuses even with a full team they have been playing clueless football for really the last 4 years. Like the marauding Bentancur, Alex cannot “beat a man to save his life” Sandro and go around in circles Arthur would make any difference. Heck they do not even have competition in key areas. Sandro is the only recognised left back. No competition in goal. All these issues went ignored for years. Say what you want about Moggi but the man was no fool. Marotta made one really bad decision bringing in their GK but look at how he could sell and buy at Inter. Alessio Secco’s father Cherubini did not plan and everything was left last minute or too late.

  15. Frankie

    You are right Chris. Taking into account Juve’s pre-season difficulties with Ronaldo’s selfish timing on his departure, the Italian contingent coming back from the Euros late, soft tissue injuries to Chiesa, Rabbiot, Ramsay and Jorge, I don’t think this Juve is a terrible squad. They just need to get key players back and some time to gel and for Allegri to drill what is required into them. For 60 minutes we at least saw a better organised Juve than what we saw last year. I am also encouraged to see that Juve management, with Ronaldo gone, are now focusing on quality youth going forward. As always, Juve will be back and those opposing supporters that the are crowing now, will once again shut up.

  16. FERBAN


    What?! And get who in, exactly?

    If you think Allegri is the main problem at Juve, you’re clueless. They’ve been going downhill for years.

  17. Non Delusional Juve Fan

    Scudetto is gone. There’s no doubt about it. Let’s just accept that and try our best to hopefully don’t getting embarrassing defeats and somehow qualify at least for the Europa League next season.

  18. Rully Nere


    Too many good coaches out there that Juve can probe to replace Pirlo, Zidane is one of them. And last season wasn’t a disaster, given Pirlo has NEVER coach anywhere else before. He got 2 trophies for this clown club. Mark my word, Allegri won’t able to win a single thing his season.

    You are right Allegri is not the main problem at Juventus, but by accepting the role to return to Juve, he eventually put the final nail in them.

  19. juvemania

    lord sir cesny was euro hero for polandia and his efforts at arsenol was very recognised when he single handedly safe arsenol from MU 8-2 rampaged.
    if it was not lord sir cesny arsenol probably lose with bigger number of goals maybe like 18-2.
    that match sealed lord cesny destiny into juve to replaced our legend buffon.
    lord sir cesny was top number 3 GK in the world and we must preserves him forever at juve.
    he already brought juve failed in UCL 3 times straight against softer opponents.
    that’s the testimonials of his strength and god like skills that allegri worships.

    for me? honestly i will trust pinsoglio more than lord cesny.
    juventus GK should be italian. no excuses.

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