Allegri: ‘Juventus don’t need Paredes’

Juventus coach Max Allegri insists he ‘doesn’t need’ Leandro Paredes from PSG, but it all depends on getting rid of Arthur Melo first, as talks with Valencia continue.

The Bianconeri played their traditional pre-season friendly against the youth team, winning 2-0 with Manuel Locatelli and Leonardo Bonucci goals.

The coach spoke to Sky Sport Italia afterwards and shrugged off questions about the pursuit of Paredes.

“We have Locatelli, Rovella, many good players. I am happy like this,” was his response.

However, most believe that was just a front, because Juventus are still working hard to get Arthur off their books before going for PSG midfielder Paredes.

After Arsenal failed to agree terms, now Valencia are in advanced negotiations to take Arthur on loan, but need Juve to help shoulder at least half his salary.

Nicolò Rovella is also by no means certain of spending this season at Juventus after his move from Genoa, as he is likely to be loaned out in order to get regular Serie A playing time.

There is the uncertainty over Paul Pogba, who will not have knee surgery, but will be out for five weeks of intensive treatment and is at risk of a relapse.

8 Comments on “Allegri: ‘Juventus don’t need Paredes’”

  1. Have to agree with Allegri on this one. Why would anybody want to swap Arthur for Paredes on a deal that would also cost millions, jeopardising any future transfer deals? Daft when a LB and LWB are what the team really needs

  2. I agree with Allergi here also tbh, why not use Fagioli Miretti ect ect, the italian clubs need to stop buying players just for the sake of it, some strategy is needed here, enough of the panic buys.

  3. It’s really hard for me to say this but I agree with Max on this one too. Wow such a miracle, there is common sense being shed on his Shiny head by the Lord ( no pun instead ).
    Keep Rovella and Fagioli and they’ll do the job. Of course I don’t mind having Raspadori around, not Kostic though.

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