Allegri: ‘Juventus can’t keep wasting chances’

by | Dec 8, 2021 20:32

Max Allegri was not entirely happy with Juventus, despite beating Malmo 1-0 and winning their Champions League group. ‘We can’t keep wasting all these scoring opportunities.’

The Bianconeri did the bare minimum to squeeze past Malmo 1-0 thanks to a Moise Kean header on the Federico Bernardeschi ‘trivela’ assist off the outside of the left boot.

However, they were only able to top the group thanks to a last-gasp Zenit equaliser to hold Chelsea 3-3.

Champions League | Juventus 1-0 Malmo: Kean and Zenit give Juve group

“It was a great evening for the result, but we wasted too many scoring opportunities. We cannot think we’ll get far if we continue to waste all these chances,” Allegri told Sky Sport Italia.

“We must be more clinical, more determined when we are in front of goal. This is absolutely something we need to improve.”

Allegri rotated the squad, giving 19-year-old Koni De Winter his first start at senior level in defence.

“I wanted to see how everyone was doing and they all gave a good response. Arthur, Rodrigo Bentancur, Daniele Rugani, Mattia Perin and Koni De Winter all played with character.

“It was a difficult match and we were able to break the deadlock early, but then failed to kill off the game with 2-0 so many times. We have to improve this, because we cannot keep games in the balance like this.

“I told the lads that a much more difficult match awaits us this weekend against Venezia, because none of them have faced Venezia before. I’ve been there, it’s a beautiful city, but also a very difficult stadium to play in and we need a completely different performance to what we saw today.

“Their pitch is very narrow and they are aggressive. We must be organised and focused, above all improving our effectiveness in front of goal.”

Juventus Malmo


  1. keanale

    With Ronaldo this would have been a 6:0 at least

  2. Chris

    Need a striker so badly.
    If Juve cant get Vlahovic, try for Icardi. If they cant get him, try Mitrovic

  3. Jarod KNowles

    Allegri-you are a genius and I mean it.
    This is serious issue in Italy for decades now and we need to complain about this until we have found the solution.
    Italian strikers tend to kick the ball too hard, and at the keeper! We need to adjust the technique and it is really overdue now. Thank you so much for yelling about this. Pls have Nedved kick a few chairs to give impact to your words!

    Mancini are you listening, this is also for you!

    Plz ban fast foods, pasta, pizza – look I just had cabbage soup and man that stuff is delicious!

  4. white Rabbit

    I am so sorry to say this, but we so didnt deserve to go first in this group. Morata and Bentancur can not start anymore. Morata had 3 great opportunities and he passed the ball up on all 3 occasions. This guy needs to sit out couple of games and see a shrink in the mean time. Bentancur can not pass the ball, its the same story all the time. He can defend, but should not be allowed to pass if the distance is more them 5 feet. In the final 3rd no one has the guts to make something happen, Everyone will rather pass it up. Kean scored, but wasnt great also. I think its time for Allegri to give these youngsters more time on the pitch. Anyone is better now then what we have up front. Start Kaio or even this kid Da Graca. To me the best player today was Artur and Rabiot. Rabiot did really well, until the end when he displaced a simple pass. Artur did really well holding up the ball his short passing was perfect, but he needs to try longer passes. I honestly would start him and Locatelli in Midfield. We have a good plan going forward, but once we in the final third it becomes a embarrassment. This is Something we need to spend most time on. We got lucky for going first, but we have some major issues to fix up front. @ Chris we could definitely do with one of the strikers you mentioned. So lets see what happens in the market.

  5. frankie

    Besides the issues we have in general midfield play and lack of clinical finishing up front, another issue is the lack of goals from our midfielders. Locatelli is the only midfielder who can score a goal. Bentacur has scored 3 goals in 5 years, Arthur 1 goal in 18 months and Rabbiot 3 or 4 in 2 and a half seasons – simply not good enough.

  6. Brandon

    Nicolo Rovella will be here in 10 Months. Bring Fagioli back off loan.

    Sell Bentancur and the American.

    There is clearly a lack of creativity in the middle.

    Allegri is 100% correct but the Malmo GK made an incredible reactionary Save on Kean. 9/10’s that’s in the back of the net. Still, Allegri needs to make these comments. Happy to see some squad rotation. Absolutely no reason why Venezia isn’t taken care off.

  7. FORZA Juve

    Why you are crying that we not deserved 1st place, we got that place and now we can meet benfica sporting or salzburg, so we can be happy and not complain, there is january market awaiting, we not have good team play but we can hope for luck as much as possible and be happy for now, because in that other match they counted chelsea offside goal as good..

  8. Eric Osman

    Allegri is only clearing up the mess caused by Agnelli, Nedved, Ronaldo, Sarri and Pirlo over the last 2 years. If the transfer fraud is true, then Agnelli and Nedved will pay for it, and EXON who are the parent company of Juventus, will appoint a new chairman who will bring respect and success to Juventus again.
    Allegri should consider his position whether or not he succeeds at the club, because he deserved a better club than Juventus and did not need to manage it when it was in decline and in legal turmoil.
    There are fans who comment on here who conveniently excuse the fact that their current chairman is the sole reason why Juventus have gone into decline since 2018 to date. They only see the manager and do not understand the business of football at ownership level.
    This is why Liverpool are again the dominant force in Europe, because Fenway Sports Group who took over the club in 2010, have spent wisely and without cooking the books financially. They also chose not to buy a new stadium and have an excellent academy system, unlike any other club in Europe.

  9. Lynchy

    Again more criticism for one of Juve’s best players, Bentancur. Didn’t look that comfortable on the left side and more advanced. But last couple games with Locatelli have been great. Two all round cm’s who can attack and defend. Bentancur better slightly deeper. Bonucci needs to stop playing so many long balls over the midfield.

  10. J10B

    @Brandon There is no way we will sell Bentancur because 50% of his transfer fee goes to Boca.

  11. Brandon

    That’s right. From the Carlitos deal.

    That’s pretty stupid but eventually he will have to go. Might as well sell him for something rather than losing him for free.

    If we sell him for 6 dirty training bibs, does Boca want 3?


    @Eric Osman: Unlike some Italian Teams, Juventus is Italian Owned and Italian operated ! Agnielli 4 LIFE !!

    when your house has a leak you don’t tear it down and build a new one! You find the leak, fix it, let the water dry and assess the damage. Once the damage is assessed you can proceed with the overhaul. Same thing Juve will do. Just don’t have a summer mercato like Ausilio had with Dodo, Mvilla, Medel, Osvaldo otherwise you will make the team worse !!

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