Allegri: ‘It’s time we give back to Juventus’


Max Allegri confirms he told Juventus players it was ‘time to give back’ to the club and reiterates there will be ‘ups and downs’ with a relatively young and inexperienced squad. ‘I accepted this challenge knowing it was difficult.’

The Bianconeri got back on track with a 2-0 victory away to Salernitana this evening, after defeats to Chelsea and Atalanta, with Paulo Dybala and Alvaro Morata on target.

They also received a penalty in stoppages, which Dybala ballooned over the bar after slipping on the spot.

Serie A | Salernitana 0-2 Juventus: Dybala and Morata revive Juve

“I think the lads put in a good performance tonight. It wasn’t easy against Salernitana in front of their fans and we ran a few risks in the second half with crosses into the box,” Allegri told DAZN.

Captain Giorgio Chiellini explained that he was very moved by Allegri’s pre-match team talk, which the coach confirmed.

“It hasn’t been an easy time, we lost to Atalanta and could’ve scored more goals this evening. I said Juventus have given us so much and it is time we have a sense of responsibility and give back to this club. We need to focus, because we’ve failed too many times against the smaller clubs this season.

“I told the lads, we had a lot of young players on the field today, so in these moments, they can suffer under the pressure. Fortunately, they held out well.

“We’re trailing in the league at the moment because we dropped points too many times. These players have talent, but let’s not forget that only with experience, by making mistakes and learning from them, understanding when it’s time to attack or defend, that is how they develop.

Dejan Kulusevski is only 21 years old, he can only improve with the help of the more experienced players around him. When the results go our way, that process is accelerated.

“The best thing at these moments is to simplify. We tried the passing moves in training yesterday and today I focused more on the mentality. The words Chiellini said are what I said to the team. We are the ones who now must give back to Juventus, the players, coach, the fans, everyone.”

Juventus are struggling off the field too, with the offices raided as part of an investigation into inflated transfer fees, which could prove very costly indeed. Allegri was asked if he still recognised the same club that he left two years ago?

“The President spoke, we need to do our work on the pitch and do it as well as possible. I don’t know what happened over the last two years, I just know that the President asked me to be part of Juventus again, to be part of a new project with less experience than the side I left.

“Naturally, we’re going to have ups and downs. I am still getting to know the players, they are getting to know me, and we play every three days. We achieved the first target by progressing in the Champions League, now we should have a little more time to work in training.

“Things change, people come and go, but Juventus remain and will always remain. Life goes in cycles, it has to be accepted as a challenge. I accepted this challenge knowing it was difficult, because it’s impossible to win more than nine years in a row, surely?

“Now we must have the responsibility of being at Juventus and the ambition to aim as high as possible.”

9 Comments on “Allegri: ‘It’s time we give back to Juventus’”

  1. Just need to work hard, and start the season again in January. If there arent 2 good signings, this team will finish around 6th or 7th. It is all going through Dybala, and even he isn’t playing that great. I think this game did show that Kulusevski isn’t that bad. He has technique and vision.

  2. Just stop using the manager as a scape goat, it’s getting expensive. This team is a result of past and present directors trying to build a team, especially in midfield, on the cheap. We now have useless players on high wages as a result. Sometimes it works well, such as with Barzagli and Pirlo but when the strategy doesn’t work, own it, don’t go firing competent managers.

  3. “…there will be ‘ups and downs’ with a relatively young and inexperienced squad.” This guys just loves to take the mickey doesn’t he? The squad is not inexperienced – stop making excuses and stop blaming the young players. Our worst players have been experienced players – Rabbiot, Bentancur, Ramsey, Bernadeschi, Sandro, Morata, even Tek (early on) and the team’s failings have been also down to your poor management of the team.

  4. Spot on frankie, that was pathetic tonight. I’m beginning to think Allegri is oblivious to the need for a change of system as well as personnel, particularly the ones you mentioned. Locatelli was everywhere tonight and is being wasted in this formation. He’s the one bright light. And why not give Soule 10 mins at least and what about Kaio Jorge? Why is Allegri so scared.

  5. Allegri is correct- It really is about mentality and discipline. I feel we are seeing somewhat the same thing with Mancini’s Italy. Fascinating to see how both will turn out.

  6. Lynchy, they are bottom of the league, we could easily have drawn or even lost last. Too many experienced players not up to standard. I give Kulu and Kean a free pass because the system is killing them.
    Morata comes on and scores, so what, it doesnt make up for all the crap performances. All he does is fall over, get caught offside or receive the ball on the halfway line and pass it back to a defender. Bernardeschi has great technique but rarely ever takes on his man. Bentancur has grown a second left foot, I love him, he’s fast and tries hard but…. Not even going to start on Rabiot. Alex Sandro (and Danilo) offer very little attacking threat. Bonucci is a liability and yes Dybala is not consistent enough. Baggio, Zola, Del Piero, Totti. Is he half as good as any of them? Yes pathetic for Juventus. Clear out needed. Build around Locatelli, he was everywhere last night, brilliant. He’s going to be one of the best.

  7. @JUVEwarrior A lot of what you’ve written isn’t about the game last night. I thought it was their best performance attacking wise (I also made the same comment on the match report on this site)

    Kulu is one of the few players that can link up properly with Dybala (as Higuian was) and needs to play…but more advanced and not so shackled by Allegri’s defensive set up.

    Locatelli and Bentancur need to start the majority of games together. They linked up quite well, much better than Rabiot and McKennie who are limited technically.

    Would like to see Pellegrini and Kean more as they showed flashes of good play…but not enough.

    I agree with the clear out. Sandro, Rabiot, McKennie, Szczesny (Donnarumma should have been signed), Moratta and Ramsey should be sold.

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