Allegri: ‘I prefer winning Juventus that is less pretty. It’s a matter of taste’

Max Allegri admits Adrien Rabiot made a ‘decisive error’ and the second leg will be ‘like a final’ after drawing 1-1 with Villarreal, but insists he’d ‘rather see a winning Juventus, but less pretty. It’s a matter of taste.’

The Bianconeri had the ideal start at La Ceramica when Dusan Vlahovic scored within 32 seconds of his Champions League debut.

However, Adrien Rabiot lost Dani Parejo for the equaliser, then was fortunate not to get a straight red card moments later for raking his studs down Samu Chukwueze’s knee.

The coach had warned Rabiot about that precise type of run just before the goal was scored.

Champions League | Villarreal 1-1 Juventus: Vlahovic not enough at La Ceramica

“It was a decisive error, because we were coming off a situation where Vlahovic was half-fouled, we sort of stopped, they sort of stopped, Parejo was left totally alone in the box,” Allegri told Mediaset.

“They had no centre-forward, so couldn’t do long balls, and we knew that we had to be wary of these situations. It was six against one, Rabiot didn’t follow him and we stayed still. We should’ve done better.

“Overall, I’d say the team played well, we risked conceding in the first half, then had chances to score and were caught offside too easily, they had a very high line.

“There was a really good opportunity late on, their goalkeeper made a good save.”

It remains open going into the second leg in Turin, especially as the away goals rule has been revoked, so if the teams are level on aggregate after 180 minutes, they go to extra time.

“Now the away goals rule has been abolished, it’s basically a final. We have to win, there’s no other option!”

Vlahovic could not have asked for a better debut, scoring within 32 seconds, but in the end Juventus were rather hanging on under pressure.

“I am happy he played well, as it is not easy against Raul Albiol. This is a Champions League Round of 16, Villarreal have experience, technique and are in good shape, so we couldn’t think of coming here and winning 3-0. We have to take things slowly, one step at a time.”

When questioned on how Allegri can make Juventus play more attractive football, his response made intentions very clear.

“It was a game we had to play this way, trying to spread the play, as they brought it into the centre. Unfortunately, we tried to be a bit too pretty and then lost our determination.

“I would prefer to see a Juve that is winning, but less pretty. It’s a matter of taste.”

The coach was asked if he has some tactical adjustment up his sleeve for the rest of this season.

“It’s not about making a definitive step. We need to get to know each other better, we have some players out injured. Arthur is good at passing, but doesn’t protect the defence. We need to find a way for the team to get results.

“We must keep working and focus on the next game with Empoli.”

Weston McKennie seemed to sprain his ankle and had to be carried off by medical staff.

“He is going for an X-Ray to his foot, we hope it is nothing serious.”

32 Comments on “Allegri: ‘I prefer winning Juventus that is less pretty. It’s a matter of taste’”

  1. “Unfortunately, we tried to be a bit too pretty and then lost our determination”. Is this guy something or what? What a loser…

  2. He Should have subbed locateli , de sciglio and rabiot way sooner . what a coward
    They were clearly super tired and allegri is godamn clueless. it’s such a pain to see players suffer under allegri. he could have easily won the game with correct subs . such a shame

  3. Hahahaha honestly allegri is losing himself. Juve need a foreigner. I’d go with German , they seem to know what’s up with the winning style. Right now Italian style is not the right one to compete with Europe’s bear

  4. I think allegri has nothing to offer,in the second half juv only have one shot on target.he need to change his tactics,if juv are not attacking that we put pressure on its defense.the midfielders should be able to give the strikers throw ball to create opening in opponent defense.allegri play with two strikers yet has only one shot on target in second half.even villreal with no point man has more shots on goal.

  5. broo can someone save us? did the club really give this man 4 yr contratc?? thank you for the past, but please please please every Juve fans is against him and his defensive tactic….

  6. It’s one thing winning ugly out of necessity, but how could you PREFER to win ugly??
    Also newsflash Allegri- you have Juve losing (and drawing) ugly.

  7. I didn’t think it was possible.. Allegri managed to play for a tie after 31 seconds of the game. 93 minutes of no offense. I’m tired of hearing that ties are good results!

    All of you Dybala haters, further proof that the only guy on this team who can link the midfield to the forwards, is Dybala.

    Rabiot is horrible. Send him anywhere!

  8. Now is clear that allegri is a joker and clown. even with valhovic this team still plays defensive football. Pls allegri out shud be d hashtag now,I can’t believe this guy talking about taste when he is playing a boring and uninspiring type of football.we the fans want more attacking and purposeful football not some kick and follow football.he won’t change but surely he is clueless not d players.cant watch this team it’s useless watching them under this joker of a coach.

  9. Allegri get out now !! Score a goal and then sit back for the rest of the match …its the same old style game after game. Sooo defensive..i hate it. Is people at the club blind not seiing this ???

  10. Funny how the fans are only starting to see what I have been witnessing from years ago. Even during his first spell, the last 2 seasons were awful by Juventus standards. They only won 7 and 8 as the competition was not there and both Milan clubs were in a transition. The slow ball was always there to be seen and the riding off Conte has well and truly ended. If this is how he build a team then better get used to it as the genius management gave him 4 long years.

  11. This wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t a win. If alegri wins games 1-0 and it is ugly, fair enough. But he cant even do that. And 1-0 against Villareal will mean a quarter final– can you imagine playing like that against PSG, City or Liverpool? I just feel sorry for De Ligt and Vlahovic who are great players but have this awful team around them

  12. @LORD ALLEGRI Bro we are not starting to see this right now, every Juve fans has the doubt at the start of the season with Allegri, and this time around is when enough is enough!!

  13. Oh wow, I’m loving it !! Everyone hates Allegri finally!! The man is a joke and has always been a joke, even when he was winning. I totally agree with @Blop

  14. Sending Fagioli away to a serie B team and playing Rabiot is truly idiotic from Allegri. Mandragora would also have done better. Xavi of barcelona is already better than Alegri

  15. How was that pretty Allegri?!? I’m tired of watching this horrible football against inferior teams every year at this stage of champions League.

  16. Juve is a mediocre team…..under Sarri they were better and Ronaldo camouflaged lots of problems…..teams like Hellas play better football its a shame having invested so much they should look a how Napoli run their business

  17. Too many fans seem to have forgotten the sarri and pirlo years. Juve just don’t have the players to play attacking football. Winning is all thar counts. Just ask atletico.

  18. This is catastrophy from juve managemenent to bring him back. 4 years Perche???!! Perche no Pirlo 4 years?

    Max declines every attacking player. Imagine If we had Pirlo or Italiano as a coach. mamma mia!

  19. @juvenasia, your MILAN obsession is out of this world. A club that have twice more champions league trophy than your team, and far more followed outside Italy than juve. Give them the respect they deserve. Doing what they are doing for two seasons running now can’t be a fluke. Or are you afraid of their come back?

  20. The sad thing is that Villareal was there for the taking. Another goal and the tie would have been over, yet the coward shut up shop after 36 seconds of play. Now we have to win in Turin when a draw or even a 0-1 loss would have been enough. Any of the top 5 European sides would have beaten Villareal by 2-3 goals tonight, but a 1-1 is enough for Allegri.

  21. Juve are mediocre in Europe at best, yet they dominate in Italy where other teams flourish in Europe.

  22. To Juve management, did you all of this comment? please change the coach, we are tired to see amazing player going waste.

  23. All of you go back to playing PES and FIFA because in the real world, it’s clear you know very little about the game and have insanely short memories. There were articles on here about Dusan being wasted at Juve after playing 4 games. And then he scores in record time. This shows hysteria. Juve draw away from home against a very in form Villareal and you complain. What’s the disrespect towards Villareal for? Do you think they don’t know how to play between the lines if Juve just ran at them 100mph? Allegri knows what he’s doing with what he has available. If you’re forced to play people like Rabiot, you can’t risk all out attack because then you’re completely exposed for counterattack. It’ll be a different story at home. So all haters… Go ahead and make a prediction. Mine is Juve will go further than Inter in CL…even with this work in progress team.

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