Allegri: ‘I practically raised Dybala at Juventus’

Max Allegri salutes Giorgio Chiellini and Paulo Dybala for representing Juventus with ‘passion and class’ over the years, noting he ‘practically raised’ La Joya in Turin.

After the crowd had left, Dybala, Alvaro Morata and Dusan Vlahovic went back out to take pictures and chat on the turf of the Allianz Juventus Stadium.

Serie A Highlights: Juventus 2-2 Lazio

“It was a marvellous evening full of emotions, it was a night for Dybala and Chiellini,” Allegri told Sky Sport Italia.

“Chiellini is quitting, he gave Italian, European and world football so much in terms of passion and love for his job. I think everyone in youth academies should study videos of Chiellini to learn how to defend.

“On a personal level, he gave me so much. When I arrived at Juventus, it was him, Buffon, Barzagli, Bonucci and Marchisio who let me understand Juventus and helped me.

“Paulo was an important player for seven years at Juventus. He was a child when he arrived, I feel like I helped raise him. He earned his place and the fans quite rightly gave him an extraordinary tribute that he deserved. He gave a great deal to Juventus with passion and class.”

The two players reacted very differently, as while Chiellini smiled throughout and looked entirely at peace, Dybala burst into distraught tears. Was La Joya not ready to leave Juventus?

“It’s not about being ready or not ready, it’s just emotions. Perhaps Giorgio will cry when he goes home tonight, Paulo couldn’t hold it in. I felt emotional seeing them too, I was glad to experience these emotions, as I did others.”

The game with Lazio ended 2-2 in the final minute with a Sergej Milinkovic-Savic counter-attack, which inevitably infuriated Allegri on the touchline.

“We were winning, the players were doing well, but these things happen and it’s in a way emblematic of the season we’ve had. We need to get accustomed to winning again.”

The focus now moves to next season and the reported rebuilding of the midfield, with targets including Paul Pogba and Milinkovic-Savic.

“I spoke to the club, we have some clear ideas, naturally the market is unpredictable. I think we laid some good foundations, players like Vlahovic and Zakaria just arrived, they will improve next season. Fabio Miretti really impressed me with his forward passing, I love that.”

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  1. PhD Max was correct in one sentence. It is true Chiellini should teach defending but the pipe and slippers coach should not be teaching anything. Only how to lose and blow games ok. I think Marotta will be getting his son back, the one that picked him out. Free from the back, back, down, down, he will soon forget about the misery.

  2. Dottore Simone was correct in no single sentence. It is true De Vrij should teach defending but the pipe and slippers coach should not be teaching anything. Only how to lose and blow games ok. I think Abramovich will be getting his son back, the one that picked him out. Free from the back, back, down, down, he will soon forget about the misery.

  3. “PHD” MAXIMILLIAN OF 1300 AD, LIMONE INZAGHI and JOSE MORONHO – the 3 stooges bringing this once great league into the gutter. Utter trash.

  4. The first 2 seasons at Juve were his best, and overall he had a nice career at Juve.
    Props to the Juve fans for saluting him.
    Wouldn’t be surprised to see him go to Inter. The truth is, he’s probably better elsewhere anyway, he’s still 28 years old and a change of environment could revive his career.

  5. You really gotta love these Juve fans mock each other! Blame their management incompetent on other teams too, good Job!

  6. Let him go because 10 goals this season and 4 goals last season, 11 the one before, and 5 before that. These are Amauri level stats and he wants crazy money per season. Just based on the figures, he’s best trying his luck elsewhere. I love the guy but comparisons to Del Piero that I’ve read elsewhere are completely unfounded. There, the club showed disrespect at the end. Here, they should have let him go after he peaked in 2017-2018. Allegri can’t get more out of him and he’s the one who Dybala scored most under. Good luck elsewhere.

  7. When he was free from the back, back, down, down (under Sarri), he scored 4 goals as Fate says, and 11 with Pirlo. Good luck with Don Simone.

  8. @Frate and @Norata
    Dybala was injured for a long time and he didn’t get the chance to get physically back on track, with just on summer of workout with a professional physio team he could have easily gotten back on track. he’s just 28 !
    if you guys think it’s his fault that he gets injured go check the stats of Juventus injuries comparing to other clubs to undrestand that Juve medical staff are doing sth wrong . want proof ? look how they sent back chiesa on pitch to tear his acl after he got lightly injured. You guys have butcher mentality just like your idol ( Allegri ) and prefer old dudes to young talents. go have fun with di maria . are u guys really fans ?! I really dount it you are juve fans

  9. This coming from Mr. Fish and Chips calling his hero Paolo. Why not just do the English thing and call him Paul?

  10. Brian so the solution is to keep him but allow him to keep getting injured because it’s not his fault? Are you his agent?

  11. Dybala is gone, and his legacy with it if he goes you know where, but if i had a choice which one to keep and spend 7m a season on…. Look to agnelli why we are rebuilding with a dinosaur.

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