Max Allegri takes ‘responsibility for getting the substitutions wrong’ in the 1-1 draw with Milan, but also bitterly criticised his Juventus stars. ‘You need to be tough, determined, keep focused and bring home the result.’

Serie A | Juventus 1-1 Milan: Rebic responds to Morata

The Bianconeri had dominated the first half, taking control through an Alvaro Morata counter-attack, but the Rossoneri amid an injury crisis still grew as the game wore on and equalised through an Ante Rebic header.

Pierre Kalulu even had the chance to win it for the visitors late on, denied by a Wojciech Szczesny reaction save.

“Despite a good first half, when we created chances and allowed Milan just one opportunity, we even risked defeat at the end of a game that had been under total control,” Allegri told DAZN.

“Unfortunately, we lost that concentration, determination and focus. Just look at the corner where we conceded the goal, there was complacency. It’s not possible to give this game away after being in control. Evidently, we need to make more progress. A lot more.”

This is the first time in 60 years that Juventus have failed to win the opening four rounds of the Serie A season, and they now sit in 18th place, overtaken even by Hellas Verona.

After this dismal star, can the Bianconeri still be considered Scudetto contenders?

“This game doesn’t change anything in my view of Juventus. What we need to learn quickly is that there are games when you need to be tough, you have to be determined, to bring home the tackle, keep focused. This is part of the general growth process of some players,” continued the coach.

“I will admit that I made mistakes on the substitutions, I got it wrong. I should’ve put more defensive players on and put the 1-0 lead under lock and key, so I take responsibility for that.”

Juve have now lost seven points from leading situations this season, having broken the deadlock against Udinese, Napoli and Milan, and have not scored any Serie A goals in the second half.

Allegri had also said in yesterday’s press conference that the game was more important for Milan than Juventus, which many saw as a bluff.

“It was important to get a positive result and we did. A defeat would’ve not definitively left us behind Milan, but a big advantage, now it is easier to bridge,” he insisted.

“The problem is that winning a game is one thing, winning a league is another, and that means not conceding goals due to errors like that. We can draw games if the other team does better, not if we give it away.

“There were some positives, in other words the first half, but what makes me angry are the final 15 minutes. We should’ve suffered more, been ready to fight tooth and nail. At those moments, you can’t look at being aesthetically beautiful, you just take the result home, even if it’s ugly.”

Allegri was visibly angry and stormed off at the final whistle, still clearly tense during his post-match interview with the television stations.

“Fortunately the referee blew the final whistle, because we frankly risked defeat here. If you don’t realise that you must put all personal issues aside, work as a full-back even if you’re a striker, then you won’t bring these results home. All we’ll remember is that we threw away two points.

“I know you lot love talking about tactical systems, but when you are in front with 15 minutes to go, having practically not allowed Milan any shots on target, the system is irrelevant. You can be disorganised, but you need to be determined. If we take this attitude, it’s unlikely we can win the league.”

14 thought on “Allegri: ‘I got Juve substitutions wrong against Milan, but…’”
  1. You play 1980’s park the bus football. It would not matter if you had all the players from PSG or Man city you would tell them to pack up shop after going 1 up and then play without any intensity and fall asleep.
    They should have just stuck with Pirlo.

  2. You’re a joke of a manager Allegri. I really hope you get sacked soon enough. For all of those that support you, are you liking what you’re seeing so far? Congrats for getting your “top manager” back.

  3. I mean look at this guy he’s a ghost and look like a ghost or zombie. Why on earth went back for a zombie when you had a manager in Pirlo, with a half a season and despite COVID-19 crises he did well? This season, Pirlo and the group of the players had the right momentum to do really well, it’s a shame.

  4. All hail the Jedi master trainer Allegri, world scholar in stone age football. Having been out the game for 2 years to reflect and maybe see how football is being played across the world he brought back his zombie guide to play parkinson’s football. This team is a like renewable wind power turbine. It only blows for 5 minutes and when there is no wind there is no build up play at all. I think they need to invest in some battery chargers as they are either dead in the first half or totally gone in the second.

  5. This guy is joke
    He park the bus. And he said I should put more diffender What is wrong with this guy

  6. How many more games do we need to draw or lose before drastic action is taken?
    The whole squad needs to go back to school and take lessons how to play football.
    What i have seen in the recent games is far from calcio.
    The manager is so behind with the times it is unreal.
    I am praying for a miracle.

  7. the faster allegri plays a 4231 and utilizes the strength on the team in the wingers. then this madness will continue. if he actually lines up with a front four of chiesa-morata-dybala-cuadrado he would frighten alot of teams. why is he continuing on with rabiot and bentencur in midfield.

  8. Chillin’ out while waiting for Allegri’s fanboy. Meh, I am just a “plastic fan” according to them because I am criticizing their Lord. LOL

  9. You lot talk about football as if it’s football manager even pep with this team will not have an identity.
    Why do you think with his squad he goes out and still buy 100 million player.
    Let face reality most of the juve players are incapable of that and would make man city first eleven.
    So chill out with the coach.

  10. @Ahmed I’m sure you realize that most of Juve supporters only believe in fantasy football these days. they would go on to argue budgets and salaries, as if they’re on the top of Juve’s account, and they would admit the team is crap, then they blame the coach because he does not give them the “fun” football they want to see. don’t argue with them, they are a useless case. seriously pathetic.


  11. transition:

    I’m going to bench Chiesa

    which is fine cause at least he will be injury free and available for the national team

  12. This is what I don’t get about good old Max.

    Since the last champions league run with the 4-2-3-1, Juve went out to get wingers; Costa, Ronaldo, Chiesa, Cuadrado, Bernardeschi, Kulusevski, and then he abandons the formation.

    This team is screaming for that formation with the players available.

  13. The league has caught up with talent and good managers. THIS juve team with THAT style was good enough a few years ago but not anymore. Sorry.

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