Massimiliano Allegri insists Matthijs de Ligt will stay at Juventus ‘for many years’ despite the defender’s agent Mino Raiola claiming the Dutchman could leave in the summer.

De Ligt joined Juventus from Ajax in a €75m deal plus €10.5m add-ons in 2019.

Allegri had been sacked by the Bianconeri only a few months earlier, with Maurizio Sarri coming in as a replacement.

The 22-year-old defender is in the spotlight and seems to have lost his starting spot with his club and country.

His contract with Juventus expires in June 2024, but his agent Mino Raiola has revealed that his client could leave Juventus much earlier than that.

Raiola reveals Ibrahimovic’s future, admits De Ligt could leave Juventus

“De Ligt could leave Juve at the end of the season. That’s how the market works, there are many clubs interested in signing him,” the Italian agent told Rai Sport.

However, Allegri believes the Dutchman will stay in Turin for many years.

“There is a standard path for everybody, players and coaches. De Ligt is a young player with quality, but he still needs to improve and will stay many years at Juventus, regardless of how many games he plays,” the coach said during his pre-match press conference ahead of Juventus vs. Milan.

“De Ligt is 22 years old. He is an excellent player. He joined Juventus from Ajax when he was only 20. After he arrived here, somebody wrote: ‘He is a future Ballon d’Or winner.’

“Guys, calm is needed. He is 20, but the Juventus jersey is a heavy one. Chiellini was probably not as good as De Ligt at his age, but at 27-28, he became a great player. It takes time.”

Allegri: ‘Juve vs. Milan more important for them, Chiesa in doubt’

De Ligt scored the winner in Ajax’s 3-1 victory over Max Allegri’s Juventus in the Champions League quarter-finals in 2019.

That defeat is believed to be one of the reasons why the Serie A giants decided to sack the Italian coach despite him winning 11 trophies during his five-year spell at the Allianz Stadium.

Allegri returned to Juventus in the summer to replace Andrea Pirlo, who had missed out on a tenth consecutive Serie A title, managing a mere top-four finish.

24 thought on “Allegri hits back at Raiola over De Ligt’s future”
  1. It’s not just these agents. Star players always belong to big clubs. We are rubbish. Allegri is rubbish. De Ligt, Chiesa, Locatelli, Kulusevski all are still young and have long and bright careers ahead of them. Right now they are just wasting their time with us. Hopefully, they’ll leave sooner, especially for Italian players, they have to move to better clubs where they can grow to their actual potential because we’ll need them in the World Cup.

  2. Aside from Bonucci, the only rubbish I see is the Juventus Fans in general. Abnormally pessimistic and obsessed with UCL. They can never be satisfied with anything anymore. Allegri is the BEST, and the BEST thing that can happen to Juve in the current circumstances. 11 trophies in 5 years are not enough for you to admit he is a brilliant manager? Also, do you guys forget how Juve were feared all over Europe when Allegri was at the helm? Seriously, go to a shop and buy yourself a UCL trophy and keep it in your rooms, take photos with it, share them on all your social media accounts, share them on all forums you access, then maybe that would give you some satisfaction and bring back some optimism. FORZA ALLEGRI …. FORZA JUVE!

  3. de ligt can go for 140miliion. allegri has a three season plan, and we need to de-program for pirlos ideas noone umnderstood and the finessing from the portugeuse poser of focusing on one player. it took Real a while to get back to playing as a team. ucl is a cup, leagues are more important.

  4. I know many Juve fans are angry about Raiola’s comments, but imo his words make sense. As a Juve fan myself I am also not too happy about de Ligt leaving but… He was brought for 75 mil. (if I’m not mistaken) so at the end of the year his value on the books will be around 30 mil. (75 – 3×15)… Say someone comes with a 80 mil. offer (I think very possible)… For Juve that will mean: 50 mil. plusvalenza, 80 mil. very much needed fresh funds for transfers, and a write off of de Ligt’s huge salary. I think Juve will take it and reinvest in cheaper defenders (Romagnoli…). The downside is of course if de Ligt improves immensely after leaving, we would regret the decision. If we want to keep him, however, there is another problem… a contract extension would be needed and he earns 12 mil./y!!! Would Juve be willing to offer more than that, or would he take a paycut? I don’t think so…

  5. Uncle Zee you have to understand that some of these ‘Juve fans’ are remnants from the 2018 mass migration from Real Madrid.

    They are plastic & know nothing about our history.

    They will tire eventually & leave like their primadonna.

  6. @Uncle Zee even my donkey can win those titles. Those titles you’ve mentioned can be easily won by ANYONE post-Conte. If Conte stays (he has the right excuse to leave), he will win those. Juve is practically the only team with proper resources in Serie A at that period. Once other teams gearing up with a proper coach and stable tactics, it’s a different story. And feared all over Europe? Are you kidding me? Barca and Real Madrid don’t even take us seriously in 2015 and 2017. But if you count finals as an accomplishment, I can understand, given you are clearly Allegri’s fan.

    @Cypher I am not one of those plastic fans. I have supported Juve long before this club sells herself to the investors, long before Del Piero or even Baggio wears black and white. Juventus in Serie B is far better than this garbage team.

  7. @Nana I am for sure an Allegri fan and I might be the happiest person in the world because of his return. At least Juve will have a personality on the pitch now, whether its boring or not, but not running around like naked chickens during the Sarri and Pirlo tenures. In fact, I believe the biggest mistake Juve did in recent years was sacking the man, in addition to sacking Marotta and signing Ronaldo.

    About considering the 2 UCL finals as an achievement, of course I do consider them as achievements. Not because I’m an Allegri fan, it’s because every football fan should consider finals as achievements. Not happy that we lost them, but it is an achievement to reach the final. And not only the finals; do you remember the incidents of Munich? and the incidents of Madrid? So, two finals, and two unfair knockouts and you “Anti-Allegri” fans would forget all that, and only concentrate on his mistake with Ajax, and how bored you’ve become watching a solid team. To be honest, it’s a pity.

  8. @Dra, De Ligt will improve. And Romagnoli is not a hood defender if Tomori is keeping him on the bench.

    @Nana, you must be deluded to think Allegri’s achievements were easy. Asides from Conte’s first season, Allegri surpassed him. Conte never made it past the UCL second round while Allegri got to two finals including the season immediately after Conte left.

    Allegri will do well. Give him time.

  9. allegri comments only a bait to improving or floating de ligt pricetag on the market.
    he knows that this kid is not special.
    both chiellini and bonucci debute seasons as juve CB probably not as strong as de ligt but juve still conceded less than de ligt debuted seasons.
    no coaches that ever changed them in important matches too. that’s mean they trust chiellini and bonucci completely.
    de ligt can’t prevented udine draw and empoli lost, and those matches just a continuation of his past seasons with juve.
    allegri must be already knew that de ligt is strong defender as individual but as CB units? not so much.
    than it is better to hype up his values before selling their highest salary members.
    why would u want an expensive defensore who can’t kept your team cleansheet?
    they are not stupid, and they know that the next renewal will be very complicated and with 207M lost in the latest annual report de ligt adventures with juve must be ended.
    in EPL de ligt will be thriving.
    but in italia? his abilities and style of play is not effective.
    his 2 seasons already highlighted how paratici investment on de ligt is failure

  10. The only one that needs to leave is Allegri
    2 finals in 11 yrs is rubbish for any supposedly top manager,
    So u people who think Allegri is great your deluded ,
    Allegri took over a great Juve team and dominated seria A with no real competition
    now that he’s got the competition you’ll see how useless he really is.

  11. @nana ,winning is never easy ask sarri n pirlo,Allegri needs time to build this team into a collective unit.Juve can Neva b real,Barca or Bayern but can compete with this teams.My problem with Allegri is his pragmatism but he is d one d club needs to stabilize this team.A club dat has won so much with little resources can’t b rubbish nor a coach dat has made this team one of d top 10 European teams

  12. Uncle Zee does not have clue about football. Every player has his price. To be fair De Ligt is young but he has been at the club for 3 years and I see no progress. He is often too clumsy, slow and gets caught out. He had a great season with Ajax in a league with no pressure. Gifting the Czech Republic at the Euros showed he is the Dutch Phil Jones. Juve were never feared in Europe as they lost both of those finals easily. 7/9 CL / European cup final defeats is the worst record out of all major clubs. Allegri is a good coach but he has been out of the game for 2 years and his methods are too pragmatic only playing for the 1-0. There is no on intensity and desire in their play which is bland and static. He won off the back of Conte’s foundations. The management is even worse making dumb transfers and taking on so called assets that cannot be sold. Who would by their GK, Ramsay and Rabiot ?

  13. @Cypher I’m not arguing that he will not improve, I also believe that he will. But, as I said, his salary presents a problem for Juve to keep him long term. He is only 22 years old, so he has at least two contract extensions in him before he is pass his prime. That means he will probably want improved salary every extension, or alternatively he will have to make sacrifices on his earnings if he is to stay. I just don’t see it happening… and at the end of the season it would be a good time for a sell because he has only two years left on the contract.

  14. @Uncle Zee great point mate. Allegri is the best thing that could have happen to Juve. When Conte left us , I thought it would be over, but he did actually even better then Conte and gave players belief that they can beat the small/big clubs in Europe(Never forget loosing to Galatasary) I doubt we will win anything this season, but I think Allegri is the right man to tune this team to where it was 4 years ago. Lot of the players are still young and we still have some building and gelling to do. He Loves the Club and knows how to win. Speaking of CL…. With him we at least made it always past the first round. So anyone who is trashing Allegri is either not a fan or just became a fan when Ronaldo arrived.

  15. Juventus will be back , It takes time & when the time comes we’ll all enjoy that winning feeling again. You just can’t expect to win every game , every year , every trophy.
    Just calm down & let it play out.
    When we win , Enjoy 😊
    Forza Italia & Forza Juventus

  16. @Nana, …I have supported Juve long before this club sells herself to the investors…

    Hahaha.. yeah right, plastic fan. Tbh, you are the most pathetic person I’ve ever seen. I mean you’re here devoting your self in every single chance to write negative words and to express your self about how you hate Juve boards and Allegri because they kicked out your love, Ronaldo. LOL

  17. Oh wait! Juve don’t kick out Ronaldo, it is Ronaldo who wanted to get out because apparently Allegri didn’t see him that special, so Allegri asked him to act better as Juve player, to play as a team player on the pitch and of course this primadona refused like a 12 years old’s behaviour.

  18. What kind of players were present when we reached two UCL finals under Allegri?..and what kind of players do we have now and how do we peform?I respect Allegri but he cant do it with average players.Juve management must find a way to keep players like De Ligt,Chiesa,Locatelli etc.The management must find a way to maintain the club’s top status regardless of the financial situation.That’s the challenge they must solve,that’s why they are there.If they sell champios and bring average players they better find another name for the club,not the name JUVENTUS.I really miss Marotta.

  19. I came here to read about Allegri “hitting back” at Raiola, thinking “about time”. Sadly it was a clickbait title.

  20. @El Cid I wouldnt call others “plastic fan” just because they have different and strong opinion against me. But I understand thats how “modern” fans mindset. The fact that you and others keep mentioning Ronaldo is weird though, you seem to have unhealthy obsession for him. Or it is because he have won more UCL than Juve?
    Anyway congrats to your idol Allegri who manages to take us down to relegation zone. Did you watch the game? I am sure you and the rest of Allegri fangirl in this comment section who still lives in the past really enjoy how we parked bus after 1-0.

    It should be a crime if you all still defend this clown coach after that horrible football. But I get you all, modern fans.

    I really really hope Spezia will surprise us. Meanwhile, enjoy relegation zone. This is a good day.

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