Massimiliano Allegri is happy with Juventus‘ new signings but claims the club ‘replaced the excellent players who left with other excellent players.’

The Bianconeri have signed Paul Pogba, Angel Di Maria, Filip Kostic and Gleison Bremer this summer, but Allegri isn’t sure that the team has improved compared to last season.

“I don’t know if we are stronger than last season, some excellent players left and we’ve replaced them with other excellent players,” he said at a press conference today.

“We must have the enthusiasm and be aware that we need something important to win the title. We must work. I was taught that winning games is what matters. We must work on our attitude. The lads didn’t win a challenge against Atletico and they know it. If you don’t win challenges, you hardly win games. We need to be humble and keep a low profile.”

Juventus host Sassuolo at the Allianz Stadium tomorrow in their first official game of the season in Serie A. Allegri is only focused on the pitch and was in no mood to talk about negotiations.

“It’s useless to talk about transfers now,” he said.

“We have replaced the players who left. We should only think about the pitch because tomorrow we have an important test. We should not get distracted. We have an opportunity in the next four games.”

Milan and Inter won their debut games yesterday, and the Bianconeri boss believes the Milanese sides should be considered favourites for the titles.

“It’s difficult to win; there are strong opponents. Milan and Inter signed excellent players; same for Roma, it’s a league with 4-5 contenders for the title, so we must work quietly and improve the team from every perspective,” he said.

“That’s what we are doing. The club did well replacing those who left. Now we must focus on the pitch. Tomorrow is an important game.”

Filip Kostic was announced by the Serie A giants earlier this week and could start against Sassuolo tomorrow.

“He is a great crosser and has excellent ball control,” said Allegri. “I can pick him, McKennie or Juan Cuadrado. Out of these three, two will play. Dusan Vlahovic will benefit from Kostic’s arrival.”

Luca Pellegrini has joined Eintracht Frankfurt on loan, but Juventus won’t sign a new full-back while Arthur remains on the market. Allegri said the Brazilian would not be called up due to an ankle injury and transfer speculations.

“Arthur has an ankle problem and for this reason, he didn’t join us in the USA. There are also transfer rumours so he is not available,” the Bianconeri boss admitted.

“We have four full-backs, Danilo, Alex Sandro, Cuadrado and Mattia De Sciglio. I am grateful to Pellegrini for what he did last season, he played 21 games and did well. He had this chance, and he left.”

In the end, Allegri explained the club’s strategy for their young players.

“Some will stay and others will leave to get more playing time. One thing is certain, the youths we have are very good. They are working well, I am happy with them. We must pick the right path for them.”

8 thought on “Allegri gives honest opinion on Juventus’ transfers”
  1. it has improved significantly, 0 excuse slowlegri. what a disgrace, blaming the players for failure already. The players will get us top 4 despite his tactics, and lack of coaching

  2. Yeah Prof. Martinn maybe you should consider coaching them yourself. You seem like a person who understand football.


  3. You guys are too simple to realise he’s being diplomatic. Why would you say that your exiting players are lame when you’re in the middle of offloading Arthur and Rabiot?

  4. Give Allegri a Porsche and he will drive it at 5mph and still manage to bump it. He needs either a quality squad or for someone like Conte to build it for him. He has never improved any player that I can think of but all will be good when he guides them to 4th spot this term.

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