Allegri explains Juventus’ errors ahead of Fiorentina clash

Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri highlights the mistakes made by the Bianconeri in their Serie A clash against Bologna on Saturday and warns his players about Fiorentina: ‘It will be a different game…’

The Coppa Italia is Juventus’ last chance to win a piece of silverware this season. Tomorrow, they host Fiorentina at the Allianz Stadium after a 1-0 win in the reverse fixture in Florence last month.

“It will be a tough game, Fiorentina have had a good run of form and I believe that Vincenzo Italiano is confirming the good things he did at Spezia. Tomorrow’s game will be different from the first leg,” Allegri said at a press conference.

“Substitutions will be important tomorrow, those starting will need to keep a high pace. Fiorentina play with a high rhythm in the opening 60-70 minutes, so we must be at the same level. They have good technical skills and are in shape. Leonardo Bonucci and Mattia Perin will start, but I’ll decide the line-up after tomorrow’s training session.

Arthur isn’t available, we have two midfielders who are enough. We could see Danilo, let’s see where. We have [Fabio] Miretti, so there’s plenty of options,” he added.

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“The result of the first leg doesn’t change much. Fiorentina create a lot, they beat Napoli and Venezia away and played well with Inter. We can’t think about the first leg tomorrow. We didn’t put in a bad performance against Bologna, but we wasted a few chances. This is the decisive part of the season. We have played many games and now we need something different.”

Allegri won at least two trophies in each one of his first five seasons in charge of the Serie A giants during his first spell at the club between 2014 and 2019. How does it feel to have just one chance left to win a trophy this term?

“If you win it [the Coppa Italia], it counts nothing, if you don’t win you have missed a target,” Allegri said.

“As for Serie A, Juventus must think about finishing in the top four. We must protect our lead. It’s a balanced season. We didn’t win games were we played better [than our opponents]. We have missed that little something to win games and take a step forward. We must reflect and improve. Next year will be better, but now we must focus on this campaign.”

The Old Lady picked up a 1-1 draw against Bologna on Sunday thanks to a late goal from Dusan Vlahovic. What were Juventus’ main issues in the game and where do players need to improve?

“We watched the game against Bologna we were too passive defensively, in the first half and until we conceded the goal. Even in a bad performance, we created several goal opportunities. We are tenth for goals scored this season and we must improve. Football has evolved and there are many nice and innovative things, but one thing doesn’t change. You have to score goals and that’s where we must improve.”

Does it also concern how Juventus are providing service for Dusan Vlahovic?

“No, not at all. Vlahovic has scored seven, eight goals and games in the second part of the season are different. The ball is heavier.

“I don’t like talking, somebody else likes it more. I belive that we must be focused, criticism is good because it gives more motivation. We know how we work and what we do every day to achieve our targets. There are unexpected events sometimes and we don’t neet to change the way we work, but evaluate the performance of the team and the single footballers.”

11 Comments on “Allegri explains Juventus’ errors ahead of Fiorentina clash”

  1. Juventus errors:

    Agnelli hiring Nedved in the management
    Agnelli going against Marotta`s will to spend all budget on Ronaldo
    Agnelli letting Marotta walk away
    Agnelli hiring Paratici
    Agnelli not getting rid of Paratici sooner

    Arrivabene still has some benefit of doubt, but football is not cigarette business.

  2. Juve wasted seasons with Ronaldo in the Squad. What good is an expensive horse if you cannot feed it? Juve need to clear out 1/2 the squad at least and with no money to spend they should bring through some younger player. Just as Pirlo wanted. This season was always going to be difficult but next needs to be better.

  3. @I MISS JUVENTUS IN SERIE B …spot on…plus

    Agnelli hiring Sarri and and sacking him after one season
    Agnelli hiring Pirlo and and sacking him after one season
    Agnelli falling out with Conte

  4. Juve will come back and win the league next year.

    It is up to them when they will start winning again. Don’t see any of the others dominating the league like Juve did for 9 years.

  5. Allegri can not improve juve with his negative football ideology.dont believe in youth and keeps playing rabiot who contribute nothing to the team.with this brand of boring football they will finish 6th next season.hiring allegri is a pain which juventini must live with.

  6. Even if you give Allegri 10 years, he won’t change his approach no matter what talent he posses in his team. He will replace young talents with old players in coming years. He won years ago after inherited a successful structure and at that time most of Serie A sides are still in limbo. Today they are marching on while Juve still stuck in the past, and tomorrow would be much difficult. Juve won’t win anything with him. Mark my words.

  7. @Monty – I’ll mark them and you’ll eat them. Make sure you come back next year.
    Most of the mediocre players Allegri has to play (because of injuries or lack of choice) are down to causes outside his control. It’s OK to say he shouldn’t play Rabiot but there’s literally no one else. Agnelli and Paratici have a lot to answer for. It’s obvious that Allegri isn’t the problem because under Sarri and Pirlo, Juve declined. Ronaldo papered over cracks while the injury prone players stacked up.

  8. @Norata…have you stopped to consider maybe his training methods are the ones causing injuries (well most of them) how the hell has 90% of the first team have got injured at least once, how the hell do you let go a player like Kulusevski? There are youngsters like rovella and fagioli who could be the next Pedri and Gavi…but noo, your good coach prefers old players… Pirlo undoubtedly will finished the season with more points and two trophies with a worse team that Allegri has now, you’re mighty coach will even lucky if he even gets one

  9. My oh my how the Juve faithful have turned on the donkey. I have been saying this since Zlatan carried water for him in 2011. This guy is to be respected. Anyone unemployed for 2 straight years lying about offers from Real Madrid, Man Utd, Arsenal boys brigade, Spuds and Chelsea and to come back for £9M a season for 4 years has to be respected. PhD Max was selling slow ball and slow ball granted.

  10. The Coppa has to be at least opportunity for Soule, Miretti, Jorge, and the rest of U23 squad. Well we hardly see them participate till this semi final

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