Allegri explains Juventus defeat: ‘Never again’

Massimiliano Allegri believes Juventus were too ‘frenetic’ and warns his players must not concede goals the way they did against Sassuolo.

The Old Lady suffered their second home defeat this season against Sassuolo.

The Neroverdi took the lead in the first half through Davide Frattesi and took all three points with a late goal from Maxime Lopez.

“We should have been more organized, especially at the end of the match. These are games that you can’t lose if you see that you can’t win,” Allegri told DAZN.

“We must reflect on how we handle games, we can’t concede that goal on a counter-attack. We had several chances to score, but if you are not clinical, everything becomes more difficult.

“Regardless of it, we were too frantic at the end of the match and it can’t happen. It’s not a physical problem, it’s more down to mentality,” the Tuscan tactician continued.

“We didn’t suffer as much as tonight against Inter on Sunday, we were calmer, tonight we were too frenetic.

“Sassuolo have great technical skills, they play well on the counter-attack.”

Weston McKennie levelled the score in the second half and Allegri thought Juventus could win the game at that point.

“We had the momentum on our side. McKennie played a good game, Bentancur has the same characteristics,” he said.

“It’s not a problem of players, it’s a problem of mentality. Juventus never concede goals like today, it must not happen again.

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  1. Far too many excuses, chief… at this stage, every Juve fan is wondering why Allegri was brought back, when Pirlo could have done a same, if not better, job……..

  2. Far too many excuses, chief… at this stage, every Juve fan is wondering why Allegri was brought back, when Pirlo could have done a same, if not better, job. So why did we bring you back, then…..

  3. Allegri your tactic and your formation is totally bad so you must change the formation of 4.4.2 try to use 3.4.3 or 3.5.2 or .4.3.3 or If you ignore to change this stupid formation you would be fired soon you have good and talented players qnd you dont know how to use and handle the situation

  4. Juve loses so no refs bad decision and no controversy. Life’s good for everybody and what a wonderful world!

  5. I don’t give two hoots about ‘beautiful’ football, but I can’t stand an approach that shows little purpose other than ‘Let’s not concede, and then we will hope to get 1/2 opportunistic goals’. That’s what I am seeing with Allegri 2.0. Lack of purpose. Except for Dybala and Chiesa, it doesn’t seem like anyone else is capable of finding any space between the lines. Cuadrado is mostly solid. Midfielders are blocks of wood when it comes to creativity.

  6. Give Max time n he will get juve back to were they should be. Ronaldo was the wrong signing 4 years ago for how good he individually was he made a well oiled machine vulnerable

  7. It’s time to bring Zidane for Juve, second term is always bad, very few CT can bring back his glory at second term, not even Zidane after Hat-trick UCL with Madrid.

    Allegri already outdated

  8. blah lah blah. We have heard this all season long and throughout his lucky career. I could see after 25 minutes they would predictably be in trouble. Liverpool, Inter, Bayern, City and even Milan are on the front foot from the first minute trying to make something happen. This bufoon likes to play the lets see and wait approach. I am sick and trired of people saying the squad, the team, the players etc all the freaking time. Sarri and Pirlo had the same bunch of one dimensional misfits but at least they were sometimes scoring more then one goal and not leaking goals at this level. There goal ratio from attack to defence mirrors that of a club like Millwall. This clueless coach mirrors the team, scared, lazy and lets wait and see. He is a one trick pony with one special weapon the beloved Christmas tree of 2011 and that is it. Conte for the moaner that he is at least tested himself in other clubs and countries. This guy rode the wave of success laid for him. Any decent coach could have won 5 Scudetti’s as the competition was poor compared to now. At least the fans have 4 more painfully slow years upon them. Chiesa and De Ligt will be gone when they see no European football or the 3rd division of the Conference League.

  9. @^ I agree that Allegri approaches the matches wrong and his team play passively but don’t pretend that Sarri or Pirlo were better. In the last two seasons Juventus scored less and conceded more than the previous Allegri seasons. And Juventus’s football under Sarri/Pirlo was anything but offensive, creative or dominating. It was slow, clueless sideway passes hoping that somehow Ronaldo will score a goal.

  10. You can blame Allegri. But the problem belongs to Agnelli and Nedved. I never believed from the beginning that Sarri was a good fit, but he won. Then, to name a coach, Pirlo, who had never coached a game, the next year, falls on their soldiers. He got them to champions league, and won two Italian cups. And I think he should have been given at least another year. Brought back Allegri because it was convenient. They let Bonnuci go to Milan, then brought him back. The team was counting on fabricating a penalty at the end today, and got waved off. Then they get burned on the counter. Change management.

  11. This is the problem with people like the non master and Villarusso always making excuses. Sarri won the title whether you like it or not even just by a single point. Pirlo had more points at this stage of the season and bagged 2 meaningless trophies but that is a fact. The football is still backwards and sideways but even more erratic as he changes formations and personnel more times then his underwear. I will give credit to Allegri for one thing. He never took the job at Real, or Utd as he is smart enough to know that he would be exposed and bigger clubs of Europe would not tolerate this nonsense. Juventus is a big team but a laughing stock and second tier team in Europe. The fans are happy with the 1-0 results which tells me they are happy to live in the stone ages and accept mediocrity. Real and Bayern fans do not tolerate that as they have an elite mentality. That is why they tend to win finals and important trophies.

  12. @Chris I was not bashing Sarri. I hate he ever left Napoli. And admitted he won. I only meant I knew he wouldn’t been seen as “polished” enough for Juve. And I said Pirlo should have been given another year. My whole point was management is the problem in Turin. But they keep looking for excuses. and firing their coaches.

  13. They need a field general, a quality mid fielder that can control the game. They never replaced Pajanic.

  14. My Apologies Villarusso. I am not a Juve or Inter fan either. I am just sick and tired of these Juve fans that keep saying give him time. That is only correct if you have someone inexperienced like Pirlo or Xavi. The truth is this Alllegri was made out to be a tactical mastermind which he is not. He was gone for 2 years and apparently was in a coma as he did not see that the footballing landscape has changed. Playing for a 1-0 is over and Mancini a more seasoned coach could see this. Italy play totally different and they won by merit. Allegri is fully to blame. The players are garbage but Conte had to work with a mediocre team which was far worse in 2011. It is not even about changing the midfield. The whole mentality of the team is weak and scared. They have a completely useless attack, a terrible keeper, awful wing backs and a very old defence. They need to beg Conte and apologise or try to kidnap Mancini. Zidane will stay clear and who would blame him.

  15. Please Chiesa, leave Juventus. Allegri will destroy him. I am sad to see Juventus this bad. This is the worst Juventus side since the early 90s. Even when they were in the series B, Juve was a lot more fun to watch

  16. Where is the hated Ronaldo now that Juve plays slooow boring defensive football. Do we miss his scoring & playmaking ,his ability to create space for others , No.
    Allegri is a defensive minded coach who has always played conservative ball and wins but the Juve wall can’t always be successful when your club can’t score consistently. Time catches up even for Chiellini and mediocrity flourishes.

  17. Calm down guys, as Allegri says “Calma”. All hail Master Allegri, this is part of his plan to destroy the club from within for his sacking 3 years ago. Revenge is sweet as the guy said on a previous post, solidify at least 7th place and play in the European 3rd division. Sell off Chiesa and De Ligt as they will not hang around for that. I think they will even lose their next game as you will not get a reaction I can bank on that. Get 8th or 9th and rebuild with Titus Bramble coming out of retirement to shore up the backline. Jorge Andrade will be asked to come out of cryogenic freezing and Mario Balotelli can lead the line. Just like Inter in 2010 they are looking at least 10 years to get back to the top. 200 years for the CL at the minimum.

  18. Such a joke for all those clowns blaming Ronaldo for our though moment right now. He went away, but the players are still here and the manager too. The problem is right here and right now, Ronaldo is in the past, so move on. Allegri can’t do anything with what he has, his approach is completly outdated and we’re giving up too much because of him. We won’t win anything this year with him. I prefered Pirlo 10 times over Allegri.

  19. Where is the support for McKennie?

    Where is the applause for Rabiot?

    Where is the love for Bernardeschi?

    Relax, 8 points to Genoa in the relegation zone. Should be enough. Allegri-Nedved-Agnelli Masterclass.

  20. I agree with lot of you guys , chiesa needs to leave juve to. Continue his development and with World Cup coming on
    By him staying at juve , this could destroy his confidence same with Locatelli .
    Juve is a management problem
    Nedved and allegri need to go
    Then at least 5 players need to move on as they are not juve players as the standards are poor !
    Team plays with no fluid modern style .
    This will affect our Azzurri players and we need a different mentality !
    Agnelli also needs to go
    But since the super league saga was the time to throw them
    Out !
    More suffering for juve to come unfortunately until clean up happens !

  21. We’ve been seeing for the last year and a half what I’ve been saying for a long time; Juventus won nine straight titles not because they were strong, but because Serie A was weak. Now we are seeing their real strength with the likes of Napoli, Inter and Milan being strong again. Juventus are an average team at best, who when they win something, only win in Italy.

  22. Paratici took this side apart and signed it off with a stupid move for Sarri. Agnelli rubber stamped it so the blame rests with him. Allegri is rebuilding from scratch because Ronaldo papered over these cracks. Totally back to basics of not conceding, playing it tight and then moving closer to attack. Dybala is finding form but is the only attacker. Morata is a plan D disaster so unless Chiesa adapts as a striker, we’re toothless in attack.

  23. “Never again?”


  24. Juve deserve all they get this season which is no respect from any loyal followers.

    The management needs to wake up and smell the expresso ,this project is going nowhere fast.

  25. Need a Top Striker & another top MidFielder. Atleast bringback Rovella .. he’s a solid player.. doesn’t lose ball easily .. too much load on Loca, who looked gassed. Morata, Sandro, Bonucci very poor. Cuadrado looks lost, McKennie confused, Rabiot won’t shoot or score to empty net. Chiesa and Locatelli are being wasted in current positions. No style of play! Horrendous defending leading to 2nd Sassuolo goal! Sassuolo played well, excellent from Berardi ….

    Have to play 4312 … Chiesa wide in front 3 .. good for him, Juve and Italian National Team with last round of crucial WC Qualifiers due shortly! Dybala behind the front 2 …..

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