Max Allegri is reportedly ready to reshuffle Juventus after Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure, making Federico Chiesa a striker in the 4-4-2 formation or adopt a 3-5-2.



The Bianconeri inevitably have to change following the exit of their top scorer, as CR7 contributed 36 goals in 44 competitive games last season, 29 of them in 33 Serie A appearances.

It is difficult for Allegri to perform too many tactical experiments during the break for international duty, as he has very few first choice players in training right now.

According to the Corriere dello Sport, the coach is tempted to move Juve to a 4-4-2 formation, but not with Alvaro Morata as one of the strikers.

Instead, the plan would be a more rapid, free-moving pair upfront of Dybala and Chiesa.

Morata can then be considered an alternative to break down more defensive teams and bypass the midfield with a long Leonardo Bonucci ball over the top.

There is another option, as outlined by La Gazzetta dello Sport, which is to bring back the three-man defence with Matthijs de Ligt, Giorgio Chiellini and Bonucci.

That can allow Chiesa to play in his usual role on the flank and cutting inside to shoot, with Dejan Kulusevski or Juan Cuadrado on the other side.

20 thought on “Allegri considers Juventus tactical reshuffle”
  1. What the heck is Allegri thinking,
    Bonnuci ball over the top, he is no midfield maestro with a deft touch,
    Allegri not inspiring me with confidence,
    juve have a great squad they need to pick up the pace of the game for full duration,
    & get the rest of the team to play at Chiesa pace he is the template,
    Allegri needs to
    tell Bonnuci , Chiellini Deligt to stop passing the ball between themselves, get the ball up to the forward and play the forward pass as soon as possible.
    Their current playing style is just to slow &
    gives the opposition to much time to get organised.
    or Chiesa talents will be wasted if they carry on the they are.

  2. What are you even saying. That is the worst tactics I ever heard. My apologies for even calling those tactics. Your right they should throw for a touchdown. 🤦🏻‍♂️ oh my lord..

  3. The fact that you guys think you know anything about the sport and that you should tell allegri ( a professional coach ) what he should and shouldnt do is absolutely amazing to witness how stupid you are. If they ever hired you in the next life, Juve would be playing in serie D. If they are lucky.

  4. I don’t understand. Why having Morata and Kean, when his tactics might not even involve this kind of a striker. Kaio Jorge still not counted.
    Just put Locatelli and McKennie as CMs, left Chiesa and right Cuadrado. Behind the lone striker Dabala and Kean, Morata or Kaio up front. Bernardeschi and Kulu as subs. By the way, hopefully Soulé will hit soon and maybe gets a chance in the first team.
    Back Danilo, de Ligt, Chiello and Sandro, but check out Pellegrini as well.
    Seems like not many options left anyway as Fagioli and Ranocchia loaned, like Frabotta and Dragusin.

  5. lmao what a bright idea. Change a dumb 4-4-2 to another 4-4-2. Are you sure this isn’t Pirlo wearing an Allegri mask?

  6. Best tactical reshuffle he can do is a hair implant. That would definitely change things around.

  7. We have good strikers you have alot of chioce to select dybala hardly find net chiesa love to score , Kean don’t waste time to find net, kaio is very young striker that can enter defense and score max be wise ….4-4-2 or 3-5-2 is the best for now

  8. Lol pirlo can’t even get the arsenal job.. his son has burned all bridges in any case. We need to relax. We have to de-program from playing whatever pirlo thought he was doing and playing as a team after the primadonna left. It took Real a while to get back to a team way of thinking. Allegri had underused Locatelli disastrously but I think his inclusion of Berna is to get that mentality and approach back even though he isn’t the level we need

  9. i am glad that allegri is realizing that the midfield is average. however i feel like playing chiesa as a stiker is not the best option. the best system would be a 4231. to me if you are going to be playing chiesa and dybala up top i feel like you going have a situation where no one will be in the box for tap-in. it is good that allegri realises that a 3 man midfield is not the way to go. but a 4231 would be best.


  10. Mr. Allegri if you want to remain this hot seat you should change the tactics you used tha last two games as we know juve can not fit the formation of 4.4.2 because they accustomed 3.5.2 formation.


    Bannucci. Rugani. Chiellini

    Cuarado. Locateli. Bentacur. Arthur. Kulusisci.

    Morata . Chiesa
    If we use this system we can win the Squdeto

  11. Allegri must be thinking :
    ” emm.. I get paid soo much therefore I must always think and act differently, even the simplest things.
    Ok let me see..
    Im gonna play chiesa as a striker now ”

  12. The earlier Juve sign Zidane the better…All this tactical whatever is not needed…
    Just get Zidane

  13. All the formation mentioned does not help to win one bit
    if u keep playing at cart horse pace against quality teams

    I agree with [email protected]
    Juve need to up the tempo mentally physically for the whole game and when they loose the ball win it back quickly
    Basically it’s easy the players need to up their work rate and think quicker and not doze off.

  14. With Allegri coaching Juve, this yeta will prove that it was never Pirlo’s fault last year.

    They needed a rebuild 3-4 years ago. Not buying Ronaldo. We now find ourselves here. Best thing Juve should have done was KEEP Pirlo and let him continue using players from the u23 and integrate his system.

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