Allegri confirms Juventus aim to bring in ‘experience’ this summer

Max Allegri insists he is ‘on the same page’ as Juventus directors when planning for next season, confirming they already have enough youth and he’s pushing for more ‘experienced’ players to join.

The Bianconeri ended their campaign with a 2-0 defeat to Fiorentina, decided by an Alfred Duncan strike and Nico Gonzalez penalty at the Stadio Artemio Franchi.

“The first half was good, we made too many mistakes in the final third and should’ve done better in some situations, but there were also players who had practically not trained at all. Now we need to turn the page and prepare for next year,” Allegri told Sky Sport Italia.

When it comes to the first round of the 2022-23 Serie A season, Juve certainly won’t be able to count on Moise Kean and Adrien Rabiot, assuming of course that they will still be at the club.

“Kean and Rabiot were a yellow card away from suspension, so they were booked today. Now we’ll talk to the club and then see what happens.

“I am happy because we are on the same page and many players naturally need to leave, Paulo Dybala and Federico Bernardeschi at the end of their contracts, so we just have to do everything with calm and focus to fix the squad.”

Angel Di Maria was in tears during his final game with Paris Saint-Germain this evening, so Sky Sport Italia joked it was because he didn’t know if Allegri would play him on the right or left next season.

“Every day the papers give names, we need to rest tomorrow and from Monday can start thinking about how to sort the squad out. There are good foundations to build on.”

The coach did effectively confirm that he has asked Juve to bring in more experienced veterans, for example Di Maria and Paul Pogba, to make them competitive immediately.

“We already have five talented young players: Vlahovic, Locatelli, De Ligt, Chiesa, while Miretti had four good games. I think slowly they will improve.

“It’s natural that you need a mix of youth and experience, as it’s more difficult to win just with lots of young players. The veterans also help the younger players to grow and mature. We need balance when constructing the squad.”

This season ends without silverware for the first time since 2010-11, but also with eight fewer points than Andrea Pirlo managed in Serie A last term.

They lost eight games to six, scoring 20 fewer goals and conceding as many as last season.

“It’s also a psychological aspect, because we had to chase from the start and knew once we lost to Inter and had secured fourth place, the results after that didn’t entirely reflect the team and are somewhat false. After that push to get back, once the motivation was lacking, we lost intensity.

“Having said that, we also know that we need to score more goals, play with more intensity, we have to keep the good things from this season and improve those that didn’t work as well.”

15 Comments on “Allegri confirms Juventus aim to bring in ‘experience’ this summer”

  1. Romeo Agresti is reporting that PhD Max has been wooing Montero to come out of retirement to replace Chiellini, and the Marlboro man is willing to offer a £7M, 4 year deal Tevez has no club and can come for £10M. Give him a 2 year deal. Not a bad idea considering he would still outscore Kean.

  2. I’m beginning to think that Allegri is a robot, one with a very limited instruction set.

    He could have the best young players in the world, only to then ignore their quality and character and discriminate against them simply because their date of birth.

    If anything, it’s the experienced players who have mostly let Juve down this season, the players who have made the most mistake.

    It’s ironic, all the hyperbole surrounding Pogba. Most young players put the Frenchman’s maturity, focus and consistency to shame.

    For the good of their careers, I sincerely hope that all of Juve’s talented youngsters get away from the club while the nutty professor remains there.

  3. Yeah, that’s all Juve need is more pensioners in the team to continue to play slow, boring and unattractive football. Way to go Allegri!

  4. @Lord exaggerated but never say never with Juve. I cannot think of a club that keeps bringing back players they used to have on the books. The talent scouting is so thin, that with all the players in the world, all they could do is think of Pogba. Bad habits brewing once again.

  5. This is the worst juve I have seen for a while,I will blame the mgt but largely allegri takes a chunk of the blame.just look how he set his team to play,sit deep and disgusted watching juve play,they are horrible to watch. No dynamism nor hunger,every team now outplays juve.if this is what we are to expect next season then they better sell the club.

  6. 2 setbacks this yr, this Juv and the Azzurri.
    Something is very wrong here.
    But luckily I found a way to eat whole wheat bread, you simply lightly toast it and it’s a complete different taste.
    I have another one- I find Bud is bitter so I pour into my Braun mixer shaker a mere 25ml and the rest right up to 500ml of filtered water with my Brita-and presto a bud light!
    -you know the thing about german products is the other day the super walked in to check the kitchen sink and saw the brita and simply said “Woo look at you, boss” ppl love german gadgets
    why of why can’t we find such practical solutions for Juv and Azzurri

  7. We were outplayed 70 to 30 in the 1st half, no shots and you say the that half was good? It’s been a very difficult season for me. Allegri will finish all of us here. Here in Ghana people ask me why I’m still supporting Juve because we are trash now. How can you stop loving a team you have followed since 1996? What do they see in Allegri? We have groomed Dybala for so many years only to let him leave. He is only 28. Terrible decision all over.

  8. Very unfortunately to think that all of the comments are negative toward allegri (and this also same from me) but these comments won’t even be read by the management

    They have been super idiot to stick with this failure coach. The world of football now doesn’t belong to allegri more

    We could see even ancelotti adopt to a more further attacking football and he got the result, and then we have conte who also adopt to great scheme of play (realistic against the stronger and be dominant against the weaker)

    But this isn’t going happen to allegri, even against 15-20th teams he too will only defend 1 goal margin (so stupidly idiot, seeing the opponents could suddenly fight back and score)

    And ironically, he keep saying the otherwise of the facts

    So super stupid fake of coach nowadays, can’t face the reality of his old game play

  9. Tranquillo. These are the very same PhD cheerleaders who said he needed time and the players. Next season will be more of the same and yet he will be spared the Sarri and Pirlo treatment. The very same fans who dare turn on the King of coaches. After all he is a 6 time Scudetto winner and serial whipping boy of CL won runners up finals. Pogba is now being hailed but next season will be Pogout. The only one that is consistent is yours truly and Medieval Max has always been like this. The 5 Scudetto’s were masking his real ability. Just make a league a bit more competitive and he is left wanting. Even Pioli has schooled him with a fraction of the budget and a thinner bench.

  10. Quagliarella would provide the experience for the youngsters at lower bill, unlike Pogba and Di Maria…

  11. Where can I apply to become a Juve scout? The scouting seems to bring back ex-players. If I were a scout I would bing back Montero, Ferrara, Torricelli, Vialli, Zidane, Boksic, Vieri, Inzaghi, Del Piero, Baggio. All within Juve “free” transfer policy. How about it, do I get the job?

  12. @magyar you forgot Edgar Davids. Heck, lets drag Carlos Tevez back too, also Trez looks like still in shape. And with a strict diets and luck we can even resurrect Ronaldo Nazario.

  13. @Lord You’ve made your prediction. Next year he won’t win anything. OK, my prediction is that Juve will win the league. See you then.
    You’re awful quiet on here today… Must be too hot to think in sunny Florida. In case you didn’t notice, your super attacking Inzaghi lost it at the end because he couldn’t find consistency after taking over a winning club. Too bad, at least he can console himself with a coppa Italia…. Which Allegri won 4 years on the bounce together with the league but who’s counting because that was all Conte’s doing, right? Just like Inzaghi’s win was just taking over from Conte? Go back to watching your boring 100 commercial sports.

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