Allegri: ‘A lesson for Juventus, Ronaldo…’


Massimiliano Allegri says the draw against Udinese must serve a lesson for Juventus and explains Cristiano Ronaldo’s omission.

The Old Lady threw a two-goal lead away at the Dacia Arena, picking up one point in their Serie A opener.

Udinese 2-2 Juventus: Old Lady throw points away

“We played a good game. Unfortunately, that’s what football is about. We should have done better in the second half, we were unable to manage unexpected events. This must serve us as a lesson,” Allegri told DAZN.

“We lost too many balls in the middle of the park in the second half. Perhaps we were a little tired. Still, you can’t concede these kinds of goals. We defended well, we hadn’t conceded a shot on target.”

New signing Manuel Locatelli entered the pitch in the second half along with Cristiano Ronaldo who had started the game on the bench amid rumours he still wants to leave the Bianconeri.

The Portuguese ace played 30 minutes and managed to score a late winner, but his goal was disallowed for offside after a VAR check.

“Locatelli can play as a playmaker or mezzala, he is not 100% fit yet, Ramsey played a good game as a deep-lying playmaker, but we had to manage certain situations in a different way,” Allegri said.

“Ronaldo is feeling well. I had talked to him before the game, telling him he would start on the bench. He made himself available, he did well when he entered the pitch, he also scored a goal, but it was disallowed,” the Old Lady’s coach explained.

Wojciech Szczesny caused a penalty kick and can be blamed for Udinese’s equaliser as he tried to dribble Stefano Okaka on a Leonardo Bonucci back-pass, got caught out and Deulofeu was ready to tap into an empty net.

“Szczesny is a great goalkeeper, he didn’t make a technical mistake, we should have understood the moment and don’t be ashamed of throwing the ball in the stands,” Allegri explained.

“There are many games, I still need to understand how to use five subs, it was the first time I can use them, I don’t know if I used them correctly or not. I need to adapt,” the Tuscan concluded.

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  1. I thought with Paratici gone our miserable transfer strategy would go with him. It’s boggles my mind how we let a young Italian in Donnaruma who can become the best keeper in history, go by on a FREE to keep Szczesny just because a coach – who could be gone in 12-24 months – said he wants to keep him. Just unbelievable. Szczesny‘s best days were at Roma.

  2. Paratici may have been the only one with a brain, Juve is a joke a brand stripped of it’s identity to appease S.A. fan boys playing playstation all day with their cr7 and Messi tee shirts,lol Italian clubs were trying to hand Juve the title this year, be funny if they fumble it away,, Romero and De Ligt should be the center backs not these two senior citizens.

  3. Lol you understand the economics of the game right? juve couldn’t sign him because they couldn’t afford him. He wasn’t free as his agent netted 10 million Euro.

    Also it’s easy to say sell this player and that player but who wants to buy the garbage at inflated salaries.

  4. I’m not a Juve fan (obviously!) you guys (two people above) need to stop fantasy football and check Serie A dire economic situation. Juve really wanted Donnaruma and I believe that causedhim to consider leaving Milan (for more Money) but again money talks and PSG got him. You don’t think Juve could match with PSG, do you? Unless Juve let CR7 leave and open up some budget. How PSG and clubs like ManCity gets away with FFP shows how UEFA is corrupt, esepcially since Ceferin made PSG owner his new muppet (read backward!… Nasser and co have them in their pocket!)

  5. I hope the lessons learnt is only for the players but also the decision makers at Juve. They don’t have any excuse for missing out on Donnarumma. Now all the rumors surrounding the sale of McKennie and Juve doing everything possible to bring back Pjanic should die a permanent death. It’s time for the men making vital decisions at Juve to do the right things and take the right decisions.

  6. Juve have big wagers rabiot and ramsey who no one wants to buy for zero euros, now we have 7.5mil salyry goalkeeper who also not needed for noone from today even for free, silly juve so poor… If perin will not be in goal for all remaining season from next game than its looks like suiciders team

  7. Allegri took Udinese lightly and that’s why he didn’t start Chiesa and Ronaldo ‼️ He should’ve atleast brought them on earlier and given Locatelli atleast a 15minutes run 😠

    How come Juve didn’t go all out for Donnarumma. No way Szczesny can be No1. post Gigi who is still miles better than him. Perin too is better and should start .. though he won’t and has been wasted. They should have got Rui Patricio, smart move by Roma though. Still time for Juve to get a good goalkeeper on loan .. if not Donnarumma .. why not get Keylor Navas 🤔

  8. God, I hope we start Perin from now on. Szczesny has been atrocious since two years ago. He’s not reliable as firt option keeper. Perin had such a good season last year at Geona, too bad the defense was horrible and he couldn’t catch a break.

  9. Imagine going from Buffon, Pirlo, Pogba, Vidal and Marchisio to Szczesny, Bentancur, Ramsey, Rabiot and Arthur – then expect them to win Serie A and Champions League

  10. Do I think Donnarumma was offered to Juve. Yes. Do I think he wanted high wages and a nice agent fee. Yes. Can Juve’s balance sheet pay for that as well as Ronald, Ramsey, Dybala, Rabiot and Locatelli. Nope. Because we couldn’t sell we are stuck with Tek. Covid has hurt Juve more then the other big European clubs, as serie A does not have a good global TV deal.

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