Agnelli’s men about Juve’s capital gains case: ‘Only Calciopoli is worse than this’

La Repubblica reports two of Andrea Agnelli’s men were overheard talking about the investigation into Juventus and the capital gains case. ‘Only Calciopoli is worse than this’.

The Bianconeri are currently under investigation for false accounting and the newspaper reports the short quote from a phone conversation between two of Agnelli’s men.

Juventus capital gains case | latest news: Arrivabene questioned in Turin

“Only Calciopoli is worste than this,” is how the two defined the current accusations of false accounting in the capital gains case.

Juventus directors Federico Cherubini and Maurizio Arrivabene have been interrogated by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office as persons informed of the facts.

Three other hearings are expected before the Prosecutor’s Office call in the suspects – President Agnelli, former sporting director Fabio Paratici and Vice-President Pavel Nedved.

There are several clubs involved and the documents from the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office will be completed within the next 15 days and passed to the FIGC, who will verify the possible presence of sporting offenses.

17 Comments on “Agnelli’s men about Juve’s capital gains case: ‘Only Calciopoli is worse than this’”

  1. Spoiled fans. We won 9 in a row and are rebuilding. This crap investigation won’t amount to anything.

  2. You’re right ” Louch “. An icon of cheating and corruption. They have sunk Serie A, like the Titanic, into the lowest depths. No wonder no-one wants to go there to play anymore, unless they are bribed with tax incentives. TV audiences, would rather watch cartoons. They have killed Italian football.

  3. Please drop these investigations immediately. Juventus are in decline and they will use whatever penalties that are levied as an excuse for their decline as the did in 2006. God knows who will be blamed this time for their own director’s wrongdoings. On the bright side – cheer up Italian National fans, the National team usually win something when Juventus are under investigation!

  4. But but…Calciopoli was a hoax! And now once again, the evil mastermind Moratti, has conspired with the police and judicial system, to attack our innocent club! What’s wrong with a little false accounting? it’s just inflates the clubs value and gives more room for investment, nothing to investigate here. They should be investigating Moratti instead!

  5. Soon the Italian Government will be calling in Marco Branca and asking him “you sold Coutinho for 8 million but he ended up being worth 120 million” not knowing full well that he’s an idiot not a cheat but i miss you very much! Yet When Inter has Pinamonti and van Doodie on the books for 33 million that’s OK right ? well sure it is cuz let’s face it ….if you bought Kondogbia for 40 mill then Pinamonti and van Doodie have to be worth 33 mill right !!!

  6. @Rube 4ever

    Juve were punished severely and relegated just like what the prosecutors are trying to do now.

    This has nothing to do with Calciopoli being a hoax or not.

    The punishments being floated around are the same. Hence the comparison.

  7. I can only guess if this has something to do with Agelli’s fight in the super league against UEFA. why? how about manchester city? psg? and other rich clubs?everyone knows there is a bigger scandal. I don’t think it’s Inter, because the club owners have different businesses. football is an investment business, think again, suppose you have money and you don’t take profit directly, but later on or use it more as prestige and marketing branding. I don’t know why you guys want to destroy the league for a bit of truth? too naive. Juventus is the symbol of Italy. I’m just trying to think rationally. including calciopoli. maybe it’s proven. is it possible the premier league doesn’t do? whereas there sponsorship of the gambling business is legal. I’m just trying to guess from the side behind the stage. the fact that Serie A is on the way to its peak for the next few years, and that’s certainly not what the lanningters will like.

  8. Massimo Moratti must have fitted in cooking the Juve books in between starting global warming and starting the pandemic. Busy guy.

  9. Once again the little man at the top is responsible for everything bad happening to Juve, not Allegri. All agnelli (doesn’t deserve to have his name capitalised) cares about is money and it’s disgusting. Pushing out club legends and fan favourites like Del Piero, trying to push for a Super League where fans will have to spend hundreds of Euros, Dollars and Pounds to watch a single match, and now with this transfer nonsense which came from his decision of getting rid of Marotta, clearly the best SD in Italy, in favour of this fool Paratici who has ruined the club.
    Juve will be made an example of because the other clubs involved are irrelevant and just like Calciopoli, they will get away with light punishments.

  10. The deals for Pinamonti, Radu, and Zinho were essentially buy back clause. Inter paid several clubs to nurture their youngsters. Sell them and then resign the players with higher price. The profit received by those clubs are real money and can be considered as nurturing fees. It’s different with loan deal because inter are the one who need some clubs to give minutes to their young players. It’s basically the same like Morata, Diaz or Reguillon with Real Madrid. It’s not to manipulate the player value.

    With that being said, Inter arguably overpaid some of their players and cover the extra fees by including youth players. Bastoni and Skriniar were under such deals. But then again their value right now are double what they were paid for. There is argument that Inter simply made high cost investment at that time

    Totally different case with Juve because there is no way in hell that Arthur is worth 70 mil and Danilo is worth over 40 mil. Juve have too many of such deals, it couldn’t be more obvious. Come on everyone knows about what Juve did and what they were trying to achieve here. Napoli did the same with Osimhen but that’s it.

    Since Juve is a publicly traded company, the sin is even bigger. It’s accounting and financial sham to make their asset look higher than they actually are. It’s unfair to the investor and sponsors.

  11. Lmao even they know they’re screwed. That comment is pretty much an admission of guilt. Turns out this whole thing isn’t a super secret conspiracy by the evil government officials who are secretly Inter fans. Juventus really are just a bunch of crooks who think they can break actual laws. I mean how dumb can you be? it’s one thing trying to cheat sporting rules but quite another to mess with government audit. Did they seriously think they can artificially inflate their stock price and get away with it? It takes a special level of incompetence, stupidity, and arrogance to even attempt that.

  12. When you buy a player you spread the cost of buying that player over his contract period. That means that if you buy a player for 20m sign him to a 4 year contract you only have to report a 5m loss in the books that year, but when you sell or loan out a player you can report 100% of the transfer fee or loan fee in the books also that year. Inter sellin Pinamonti generated 20m in profit for Inter. They then bought him back and gave him a long contract spreading the transfer fee costing them around 5m. So all in all the deal generated 15m for Inter’s books. Also Pinamonti’s market value at that time was 13m. So his price was inflated by 70%

  13. @Google,
    I have explained it to you in the other article. I understand how amortization work, don’t need your accounting 101 lesson. The question do you actually understand what ‘plusvalenze’ is being investigated here?
    That pinamonti deal is not plusvalenze, otherwise Juve sold Moise Kean for 30M and bought him back for 35M would be under investigation as well.

    Oh come on, Pinamonti’s market value was 13M and someone bought him for 19-20M, that’s just 6-7M higher. You really want to call that plusvalenze?? how silly…

    And it seems you’re using transfermrkt as source. Remember that their valuation is only subjective opinion. BUT I believe 99% people would AGREE if I say 70M for injury prone Arthur is waaayy above his market value. Even most juve fans might agree, well except for few delusional fans like you.

    Don’t bring Inter into this, just enjoy further investigation news about Juve plusvalenze case. I also wonder if there will be any meaningful punishment applied in the end.

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