Agnelli message to Juventus employees: ‘Unity was lost’

President Andrea Agnelli sent out a message to all the Juventus employees after the entire Board of Directors resigned, insisting it was necessary because ‘unity was lost,’ but hinted he still believes in the European Super League.

Agnelli, vice-president Pavel Nedved and the entire board tended their resignation this evening, as the investigation into inflated capital gains and the falsifying of player salaries is intensifying.

Following the news, Agnelli sent out an email to every employee of the club that vaunted his achievements since taking over in 2010, including the construction of the Juventus Allianz Stadium, the foundation of the Women’s team and the nine consecutive Serie A titles.

He also dropped a hint that he still believes in the European Super League project, one that only Real Madrid and Barcelona are still attached to, by quoting Friedrich Nietzsche.

Here is a translation of Agnelli’s message to the Bianconeri workers in full.

“Playing for Juventus, working for Juventus; one objective: Victory.

“Those who have the privilege of wearing the Bianconeri jersey know that. Those who work in a team know that hard work beats talent if the talent doesn’t work hard. Juventus are one of the biggest clubs in the world and those who work or play here know that the result is thanks to the efforts of the whole team.

“We are accustomed for our history and DNA to win. From 2010 we honoured our history by achieving extraordinary results: the Stadium, 9 men’s Scudetto titles in a row, the first in Italy to have Netflix and Amazon Prime shows, the J|Medical centre, 5 consecutive Women’s Scudetto titles from day zero. And more, the deal with Volkswagen (few know about it), reaching the Champions League Finals in Berlin and Cardiff (our greatest regrets), the agreement with Adidas, the Next Gen Coppa Italia, the first club to represent teams in the UEFA Executive Committee, the J|Museum and much more.

“Hours, days, nights, months and seasons with the objective of always improving in sight of certain instances. Each of us can call to mind that moment before stepping onto the pitch: you leave the locker room and turn right, around 20 steps up with a grate in between, another 10 steps up and there you are: ‘el miedo escénico’ and in that moment you know the whole team is with you and the impossible becomes feasible. Bernabeu, Old Trafford, Allianz Arena, Westfallen Stadium, San Siro, Georgios Karaiskakis, Celtic Park, Camp Nou: wherever we went when the team was united, we feared nobody.

“When the team is not united, then that opens the way for opponents to hurt you and that can be fatal. In that moment, you must have the sharpness of mind to contain the damage: we are facing a delicate moment as a club and that unity is lost. Better to leave all together giving the opportunity for a new team to overturn that game.

“Our awareness will be their challenge: being up to the standard of the history of Juventus.

“I will continue to imagine and work towards a better football, comforted by a phrase by Friedrich Nietzsche: ‘And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.’

“Remember, we will recognise each other with a glance: We are Juve people! Until the end…”

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  1. More importantly this is make or break time for PhD Max. Will he resign… Doubt it as it’s his only way of getting a paid. No big or even medium sized club will want the CALMAAA!!! Stay with them and he will be a legend of Serie D.

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