Agents complain that some clubs don’t pay commission

Agent Paolo Busardò claims it is unfair to blame them for the financial problems in football when ‘too often some clubs don’t pay us.’

The spike in fees and commission for agents has seen them come under fire from fans and clubs in the transfer market.

Speaking at the Festival dello Sport event in Trento, Busardò – who amongst others represents Juventus defender Gleison Bremer – said the situation is not what it seems.

“People talk about the commission we get as intermediaries, but what they don’t say is that too often some clubs don’t pay us at all.

“Not only that, but we also have to pay taxes on the money we don’t get, because otherwise we will be sanctioned. So if I am waiting for €1m and it doesn’t arrive, I am nonetheless forced to pay taxes that would be almost €500,000 on that sum.”

Present on the panel was Sassuolo director of sport Giovanni Carnevali, who did not deny this is a problem in the world of football.

“It’s true that this happens and we ought to see the clubs who don’t pay get penalised, because saving money on agents’ fees can also alter the sporting competition.”

3 Comments on “Agents complain that some clubs don’t pay commission”

  1. Why should clubs pay them? They are working on behalf of the player. The player is their employer, not the club.

  2. I agree with Gianluigi. Let their pay come from the players. But if this agent feels he being slighted maybe he should find another profession. That will really give him a taste of reality.

  3. supposedly they act on both parties interest on creating the deal/ or extending it.

    i do agree with you

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