After Pogba and Di Maria, Juventus turn to Jorginho

by | May 21, 2022 16:38

After Paul Pogba and Angel Di Maria, it’s now reported Juventus are stepping up negotiations with Chelsea for Italy international Jorginho.

Multiple sources are confident that Juve will pick up Pogba and Di Maria as free agents from Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain respectively.

Their revamp of the midfield continues apace and the next target is Italy international Jorginho.

It’s hardly the first time that he has been linked with the Bianconeri, especially during the Maurizio Sarri season, having worked with the coach already at Napoli and Chelsea.

According to, talks are stepping up with Jorginho and the midfielder is encouraged by the idea of coming back to Serie A.

Director of sport Federico Cherubini was in London this week to begin face-to-face talks with Premier League clubs.

Those include Arsenal, who could again be in for Arthur Melo, a man who almost made the move in January and is not part of coach Max Allegri’s plans in Turin.


  1. serie a lover6

    juve aint playing around this year. if juve get jorginho it is over for the rest of the league. pogba-jorginho-locatelli. zakaria, and i feel juve will promote miretti. that would mean either rabiot or mckennie will get sold. arthur melo is gone forsure. juve also got to get a left back too

  2. Mikkel

    Signing a lot of oldies!?! No thanks. De Ligt and Chiesa were really good signings. It’s not too late to keep Dybala.

  3. Brian

    I like Pogba
    But Jorginho and Di Maria ? super overrated
    I prefer Fagioli over Jorginho and Soule over Di Maria

  4. Az

    Yeah, collect all those dead legs… Milan will run over you.

  5. Juve 11

    This is Juve! All this talk about old is bs. These players are the elites and champions of the highest level. We don’t need a team of all young players we need experience champions mixed in between that’s always been Juve.

  6. Bianconero

    Brian why don’t you just support the under 23 team. I think you’d be happier. Serie B is a lot different to serie a and there’s a lot of unproven youth players you can enjoy there

  7. Ali

    Please please please don’t get Jorginho !


    Pjanic round 3. Now this is a player PhD Max will like. Slow, cannot run, shaky penalty taker but better then Arthur.

  9. Brian

    Why don’t u support over 30 ?
    Why are u so concerned with numbers and name of the leagues ?
    How old is Tonali ?
    How old is Haaland ?
    What about Vlahovic and Chiesa ?
    Young talents will grow crazy if they get the chance to play at senior level. Just look at Miretti, just 2 senior games at 18 and he plays better than Arthur , Rabiot , Bentancur , Ramsay .
    Brush up on your fossil mentality a little bit

  10. Jid

    @BRIAN you can’t judge with two games. He started playing after the ucl qualification was sealed, can’t compare the intensity to when it wasn’t sealed.

  11. Naz

    Brian you are correct. Juve should not go after old players. Football is more intense now and we need youth and energy. I always frown when juve are linked with has beens. It reflects on the short term mentality of the juve recruitment system.

  12. Cris

    Angel di Maria? Dany Alves 2.0!

  13. FERBAN

    May as well change their name to Has Been FC

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