After banning green shirts, now the Lega Serie A has introduced more changes and limitations to the design of club kits.

The decision to forbid green in jerseys for this season already caused a great deal of controversy and confusion, but that won’t be the end of meddling in what players can wear during the tournament.

According to Calcio e Finanza, some more adjustments to the rules and regulations are planned for the 2023-24 campaign.

Clubs will be encouraged to focus on a single colour in order to avoid confusion, especially if their kit has different colours of shirt, shorts and socks.

This will in theory help provide alternatives should the away kit clash with those of the home team.

The Serie A rules will also note that the goalkeepers must have at least three different kits to choose from at every team, easily discernible from one another and from the outfield players.

Another change will limit the use of ‘decorative elements’ in the kit, which can be used to mark special occasions or anniversaries.

These elements must not include letters, numbers or a combination of the two, must not represent any sponsor or commercial product, and need to be embossed or in a jacquard that does not compromise the chromatic aspect of the shirt.

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