While the organisers insist the Africa Cup of Nations is going ahead, the Italian authorities warn COVID restrictions could keep players out for even longer than previously thought.

There had been reports in RMC Sport today that the tournament could even be cancelled due to spiralling COVID cases in the continent.

The Confederation of African Football announced this was ‘fake news’ and assured the competition in Cameroon will go ahead as planned in January.

That isn’t the only concern, though, as when clubs do release their players, the number of games they’ll miss could vary.

Fabio Ciciliano, a member of the CTS (Technical Scientific Committee) that decides COVID regulations in Italy, explained to Radio Punto Nuovo that even the current rules are problematic.

“As things stand today, the return to Italy of citizens coming from Cameroon requires a negative test 72 hours before the flight, then respecting a 10-day quarantine, after which they must have another swab.”

That means if a player does finish his Africa Cup of Nations experience, he must wait at least another 10-13 days before returning to training with his club in Italy.

2 thought on “AFCON players must quarantine upon return to Italy”
  1. Napoli will lose their core, Koulibaly in defense, Anguissa in midfield and Osimhen (if they let him go) in attack. It’s a catastrophe for them.

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