ADL announces plans of a ‘Maradona Cup’ between Napoli and Argentina

Aurelio De Laurentiis

Napoli patron Aurelio De Laurentiis revealed he’s working to arrange a match between the Partenopei and Argentina at the Stadio Diego Maradona. ‘We’ll call it The First Maradona Cup’.

The Maradona Cup will be played on December 14 in Saudi-Arabia to honour the Argentine legend, one year after his death.

Barcelona and Boca Juniors meet for the Maradona Cup but Napoli were surprisingly not involved in the tournament to honour the legend’s memory.

Barcelona and Boca Juniors meet for Maradona Cup

But when America TV was interviewing Maradona’s brother, Hugo, the Azzurri President intervened on a link and took the opportunity to announce a new project.

“We are working with the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, and the Argentine Ambassador, to host a match on May 24, 2022,” De Laurentiis said, according to Il Corriere dello Sport.

“A match between Napoli and Argentina will be played here in Naples. We will call it ‘The First Maradona Cup’.”

Serie A concludes on May 22 and De Laurentiis wants to honour their former talisman before the players go on holiday.

The Napoli President wants to end the season with a big party in honour of Maradona, who died at 60 last November.

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