Vincenzo Montella is the new coach of Turkish club Adana Demirspor, but the same club warned Mario Balotelli to ‘grow up or don’t come back.’

President Murat Sancak confirmed the news after sacking Samet Aybaba last night.

“We have agreed terms with Montella and he is coming,” Sancak told Haber Global.

The Italian tactician has arrived in Turkey today to sign the contract.

Adana Demirspor were promoted to the Super League this season, but have not won any of their first three games.

The patron also confirmed to Beyaz TV that the reason for Aybaba’s dismissal was not because he “does not get along with Balotelli,” who was visibly furious after a substitution at the weekend.

However, that angry scene on the bench, with Balo hitting a teammate on the arm during his rage, will have consequences.

“It’s obvious they didn’t get along. He’s on leave right now, but we told Balotelli either he grows up and learns not to react like this or he may as well not come back.

“Balotelli didn’t know about our talks for Montella, but Fenerbahce also wanted to bring the coach in.”

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