AC Milan is Italian football’s top global brand

The YouGov Football Index report for 2022 shows that Milan are the strongest Calcio brand globally, followed by Inter, Juventus, Roma and Napoli.

The annual Buzz Report tracks the way various football club brands are seen in different global markets.

Milan were further boosted by winning the Serie A title last season and progressing to the Champions League Round of 16 this term.

The Rossoneri are the top football brand in the Italian market, followed by Real Madrid and then Napoli climbing into third place ahead of Juventus and Inter.

Roma come in sixth, it’s a run of foreign clubs with Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester City, PSG, Manchester United, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea and in 15th Atalanta.

When it comes to the United States market, Milan are the top Italian side there in eighth place, but Real Madrid are top, followed by Manchester United, Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Bayern Munich.

The top 10 is completed by PSG and Inter.

Serie A is increasing its influence in China, where Milan are second behind Real Madrid and Inter come in fourth after Barcelona.

Manchester United are fifth and Juventus in sixth place, while Roma are 13th.

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  1. Unlike the 7/9 also known as the Wendy’s of Europe. A small time club that had to fake it to make it with acquisitions that they couldn’t afford.

  2. RIght MG, imagine if we’re doing much better at CL, we’d be keeping that spot for the next decade. Thanks for pointing out how much potential is there 😉

  3. MG who do you root for? ACM is in the Champs Lge and in the final 16, and has the 2nd most CL Titles of all time, which not worthy Italian team do you root for?

  4. Teams have more interest in global brand now than they do in winning trophies.

    What a wretched sport it’s turning into.

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