Abraham delivers message to Zaniolo after Rome derby loss

by | Sep 27, 2021 09:38

Nicolò Zaniolo and Tammy Abraham took to their official Instagram accounts to comment on the loss in the Rome Derby.

Goals from Roger Ibanez and Jordan Veretout were not enough for the Giallorossi as Lazio beat them 3-2 in the Derby Della Capitale on Sunday.

It was a thrilling game with controversy on and off the pitch.

Video: Zaniolo hits back at Lazio fans with rude gestures

Zaniolo earned a debatable penalty kick before being subbed off in the second half. The Italian starlet reacted to insults from Lazio fans with some rude gestures, but he wasn’t the only one to overreact after the final whistle.

Lucas Leiva trolls Roma and appears to hit back at Mourinho

The Italian midfielder had a more measured reaction when he took to his official Instagram account to react to Roma’s loss.

He wrote ‘With our heads held high’ receiving thousands of likes and comments.

Among those is the former Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham who has two goals in eight appearances so far, but failed to find the net in the derby.

“We’ll be back,” the Englishman wrote.

On Thursday, the Giallorossi return to action when they face Zorya in the Conference League before hosting Empoli at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday.


  1. Eric

    Tammy Abraham has great potential as a striker. Goals will not come to you. You must be hungry for opportunities. Please review the recorded game against Lazio. You positioning yourself to receive assists and passes were not there. Tammy you walked alot instead off running into positions. Your soccer sense was very low. Maybe you were injured. Watch Ronaldo’s games and watch how he runs into perfect posotions. You are very tall but do not want to use yoir height for corner kick set pieces. I saw all yoir games with Chelsea. You werr simply great. You must call, scream, yell or wave for the ball. You are too passive. If you use your heigjt, skills and speed you will be world class.

  2. Matthew

    Hey Eric, true however Zaniolo playing the role of Pellegrini as attacking mid was not a good choice. Zaniolo is a very gifted player but his decision making is poor at best. All he had to do was see Abraham and play him a thru-ball in each scenario lol. For as good as Zaniolo is, he’s very individualistic and Abraham looked bad out there because he couldn’t understand the runs his teammate was making. Abraham is a great passer as well, I thought he deserved better and took a lot of flack when it was really his teammates who made him look bad. Just my opinion but I hope you can see where I’m coming from.

  3. Osei

    Let me congratulate Jose lead Roma for their performance so far. They need a lot to add up to be the best we want . Abraham, Salute you for your personal development so far in Italy . You have been good but very lazy for the past two years irrespective of your achievements. I entreat you to watch Drogba, Costa and Eto on how they reacted after the centre line heading towards the opponents area, they look for the ball not run and walk anyhow. You need to speed up for you are our own brother whom we Cherish.Tammy goals await you only you work 15% harder in the opponents area. God bless you.

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