Abodi warns Juventus and Serie A clubs: ‘You can die and be reborn’

Minister for Sport Andrea Abodi sends out harsh signals for Serie A clubs, warning he’ll block tax breaks and come down hard on Juventus. ‘In sport you can die and be reborn, Juventus did it already.’

The former Lega Serie B President recently took on the role of Minister for Sport and is already dealing with huge issues, including attempts by some clubs to get extensions on the COVID tax breaks allowing them to pay outstanding debts in instalments.

The Government decree is being worked on by Lazio President Claudio Lotito, who was recently elected to the Senate, but is opposed by clubs like Napoli and Fiorentina who have balanced books.

“We are against ad hoc rules for sporting clubs and in particular Serie A,” responded Abodi today.

“Football clubs are still businesses and we are not in a position to give them exclusive instruments to make their lives easier. Public opinion would not accept that.”

As for Juventus, they face a separate investigation by the Turin public prosecutor, the FIGC and UEFA over allegations of financial irregularities.

While the inflated transfer fees to boost capital gains are very difficult to prove and also a widespread phenomenon in football, if reports are confirmed of paying players under the table, then that could lead to massive repercussions.

When asked about the situation, Abodi did not give a reassuring reply to Juventus fans.

“It is not up to me to say who is guilty or not. The great thing about sport is that you can die and be reborn. Many clubs have already been through it, such as Napoli, Palermo and indeed Juventus went into Serie B.

“Some might say I’m a dangerous dreamer, but I do believe we need to reach the moment of clarity and responsibility.”

Napoli and Palermo were declared bankrupt and had to start again from Serie C2, climbing their way back up with new owners and whole new clubs.

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  1. Well, this is a more neutral response than Guido Rossi’s “we’ll see who has the last laugh” comment. Guess it’s us, Guido.

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