Minister for Sport Andrea Abodi and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini both warn the 15-point penalty for Juventus cannot be the only repercussion for the abuse of inflated capital gains in Italian football.

The Bianconeri were docked 15 points for artificially inflating transfer fees and therefore boosting their capital gains to balance the books, making it look as if more assets were being moved around between various clubs.

Juve were the only club penalised due to new evidence provided by the Prisma inquiry, including wiretapped conversations, but more could follow if there are new charges.

“The issue is not Juventus, it is the whole football system in its entirety that needs to have a profound look at itself,” said Minister for Sport Abodi at an event in Cesena.

“I have always been very cautious, as it seems people believe the Minister for Sport can control and decide everything, but there are roles to be respected.

“What is happening is far more than a game of football. Some things cannot be done alone. The technicalities used in these deals need to be explained to the general public so they can understand.”

Deputy Prime Minister Salvini also commented on the situation to news agency Adnkronos and outlined his credentials as a lifelong passionate Milan supporter.

“As a Milan fan, I am no defender of Juventus, but it seemed strange to me that a system where lots if not all clubs used certain methods, only Juve were truly tackled.

“They acted as if it was purely a Juventus problem and that seemed strange. If someone did wrong, then they should pay, but you need two clubs to falsify the value of a transfer, you can’t do it with just one.

“So if only one gets punished, either the system is cross-eyed or Juve are irritating someone.”

Juventus have lodged an appeal to the CONI court of appeal and hope to make these points, whereas the reasoning given by the FIGC judge was that while many clubs do these deals, the Bianconeri made a real system of it.

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  1. Reallyyyyy? The whole premature league operates on inflated player values . Spain too.. but their prosecutors are interested in crippling their leagues at all costs

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