Il Corriere dello Sport fears Taylor conspiracy

Il Corriere dello Sport editor fears the assignment of Anthony Taylor as the match official when Italy play Austria at Wembley is part of a wider Euro 2020 conspiracy against the Azzurri.

The newspaper’s editorial by Ivan Zazzaroni points out that the Italian government asked to move the final stages of the competition out of London and asks questions regarding a possible vendetta by UEFA and England.

The commentary points out that the Italian government called into question the organisational structure of UEFA and that the English Prime Minister Boris Johnson responded by increasing the capacity of the stadium from 45,000 to 61,500.

The article also mentions that Italy made fools out of themselves when all 11 should have kneeled to gesture their support with Black Lives Matter against Wales.

The newspaper then asks if England and UEFA might have collaborated to make sure Italy struggle in the competition, at least after learning that Anthony Taylor has been assigned the match official of the game against Austria on Friday.

“Is it a simple coincidence? Pure randomness?,” the newspaper asks, before giving Taylor the benefit of the doubt, because Carlo Ancelotti told the writer once that he considered the 42-year-old among the best in the Premier League.