Il Fatto Quotidiano reports that 17 players were involved in Juventus’ secret salary payments, amounting to almost €60m in total. 

The report details how the club publicly stated that four months of wages would be forgone by the  players during the early stages of the COVID pandemic, but in reality the club set up secret agreements to pay their squad under the table.

Giorgio Chiellini seemingly admitted to this in a series of WhatsApp messages sent to the Juventus squad’s group chat in the latter stages of March 2020. 

The Guardia di Finanza – the Italian financial police – found the agreements between Juventus and 16 players, totalling between €56.6m to €61.8m, to secretly pay their salaries. 

11 of these agreements were filed, for just over €30m. In six of these cases, private agreements signed by both parties were found, in four they were only signed by Juventus and in one there were no signatures. 

The Bianconeri are in hot water and risk being handed severe penalties for this, explaining why president Andrea Agnelli and the entire board of directors resigned on Monday. 

6 thought on “17 players and almost €60m involved in Juventus’ secret salary payments”
  1. Got to hand it to the McD’s of Europe. A small time club that had to fake it to make it.

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